Siamo tutti pomicioni

Siamo tutti pomicioni

Italian comedy in 4 episodes about the Italian "art" of womanizing: "Il Colonello e la Signora" (The Coronel and the Lady); "Gioie della Vita" (Joys of Life); "Pomicioni di Provinzia" (... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jen (fr) wrote: it doesn't sound good


Paul C (kr) wrote: There was a lot of kind words said about this movie that made me want to see it. Once I saw it, I decide it was all a lie. This movie was all about the risky sex scenes. Some almost seemed real and some sexual scenes were real. But not really in good taste. You will see this in the first 5 minutes of the movie. I will give the director credit for he really wanted to make this artistic and in some parts it worked. For the most part it was pretty boring though. I felt like the camera man was just showing off his camera skills. There would be random shots of scenery for no reason and they would last for 5 minutes. It would also be in silence to the point of uncomfortable. There are only two cast members I will talk about here for they are the only ones that mattered. Marcos Hernandez was the lead. You get to see him nude, which is not pretty. But for the most part, he really didn't say anything. I could see him in a good role though as the "creepy guy". The other is Anapola Mushkadiz who shouldn't of been in this movie, but maybe better off in a soft core porn. So this movie had a lot of hype, but I didn't see anything good about it.

Andy C (us) wrote: Caught this on TV the other day and can confirm that it's even more painful than even I'd remembered. Aside from the ace robot of course. A serious Matt Le Blanc was not the best idea a Hollywood ever had.

bill s (jp) wrote: God help me but I liked this movie and though there was a lot of chemistry between the two leads....a guilty pleasure for sure.

UN O (es) wrote: The incredible - I think the BEST dance numbers in ANY musiclal. I'll sit through all the talking parts JUST FOR Pompeii Club, Vig Spender, and Rhythm of Life.

Jose Luis M (mx) wrote: Excelente banda sonora.

Ann S (us) wrote: perfect in every way.