Siberian Apocalypse

Siberian Apocalypse

This astounding documentary delves into the mysteries of the Tunguska event – one of the largest cosmic disasters in the history of civilisation. At 7.15 am, on 30th June 1908, a giant fireball, as bright the sun, exploded in the sky over Tunguska in central Siberia. Its force was equivalent to twenty million tonnes of TNT, and a thousand times greater than that of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. An estimated sixty million trees were felled over an area of over two thousand square kilometres - an area over half the size of Rhode Island. If the explosion had occurred over London or Paris, hundreds of thousands of people would have been killed.

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Michael W (mx) wrote: One of a few good documentaries I've seen about a topic that seems harmless and inevitable, when in reality it is still in our control...but extremely dangerous and forever out of our control in the wrong hands. You'll walk away asking important questions and I strongly recommend you watch this one, and others like it.

Dee R (jp) wrote: Perhaps this is meant to be dark and edgy but for me it was just clunky and slow.Madsen is not the dark man he once was, seems out of place in such a flick. Scenes with Asia barely dressed are stretched out too long. more plot less poncing around...

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Gareth M (kr) wrote: Quite a bizarre, unsubstantial film, with a random cast and ordinary script and direction.David Lind could well be "the edge" on a killing spree. Fab soundtrack though, just a shame the rest of the film doesn't follow suit.

Max M (nl) wrote: Also known as A Stranger Came Home. A rather ineffective thriller from England's Hammer Studios which would soon become world famous for the terrific slate of Gothic Horror films it released.Philip Vickers (William Sylvester), recently suffering from amnesia, returns home to try and figure out which of his friends tried to bludgeon him to death on a fishing trip four years earlier.Interesting Agatha Christie-like story (written by Hammer stalwart Michael Carreras from the book by George Sanders) that is stretched too far and too thin. What keeps it watchable is Terence Fisher's direction. He would go on to be one of the most prolific Hammer filmmakers, directing such classics as The Horror of Dracula, The Mummy, The Curse of the Werewolf, Dracula: Prince of Darkness, and The Curse of Frankenstein just to name a few.

xGary X (it) wrote: One of the earlier entries in the series, this is more in the vein of mainstream 60s british comedy as the formula and team are not entirely in place. Mildly amusing kitsch.

Dane P (mx) wrote: Poor horror flick with nothing but bland written all over it

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