Joe (Alex Campbell) and his siblings have a couple of problems. First off, their stepparents are despicably evil. Secondly, they seemed to have killed them. Now this mixed up mess of half-sisters and step-brothers have to figure out how to dispose of the bodies, cover up the murders, collect their grandfather's inheritance and somehow stick together as a family -- all without getting caught. Not to mention Joe's incessant need to keep tabs on his promiscuous sister, an eye on the precocious little ones and a lustful watch on the girl next-door. Growing up has its complications. Murder's just one of them.

SIBLINGS is a dark comedy about love, lust, murder and other issues of normal family life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ricardo A (fr) wrote: It may have some lazy writing but Fright Night 2 is a pretty entertaining vampire movie filled with great visuals.

John B (br) wrote: Some stylistic editing, helps distinguish Killer Movie (2008) from most other slasher flicks. Director/writer Jeff Fisher?s film is pretty slick looking affair, that features a number of inserted interview type clips to give the film a reality TV look, and also helps advance the story. The presence of sitcom veteran Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory, 8 Simple Rules), adds some spice, and gives the film some balls, as her character, a foul mouthed diva type, is a switch from the ?good girl? roles she is more well known for. A television crew arrives in White Plains, North Dakota, to shoot a piece about The Goldiggers, the local high school hockey team. It seems pretty routine, but what producer Lee Tyson (Cyia Batten) instructs director Jake Tanner (Paul Wesley) to try to do, is also dig up some dirt about the death of a local teenage girl, who was mysteriously beheaded while riding on a scooter. Awaiting the arrival of starlet Blanca Champion (Cuoco), the crew starts shooting interviews at the school. A masked killer also begins to get very busy, arranging an accident for the cheerleading coach, offing the hockey coach, and then taking a pick to a production assistant. A few murders don?t seem to stir things up very much, and even as the bodies continue to pile up, the townsfolk and even law enforcement, remain completely unconcerned. The killer is an enormous Blanca Champion fan, and is bent on proving it to her. Although increasingly shorthanded, the crew pushes on, until there is a final confrontation at the school. There are some nice gory bits, including a near decapitated head flopping, a body strung up on the wall of the gym, and a hanging via chain scene. Almost everyone in the crew falls victim to the very active killer. Much that happens, does not make a lot of sense, as the killer seems to be everywhere, pushing up the body count. Kaley Cuoco seems to be having a blast playing a vamp, and swearing up a storm. She is the best thing about this movie, and makes a seamless transition from being frightened, to a clear thinking and rational. Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries) tries to take his role seriously, but it isn?t easy, as his character Jake is pretty passive most of the film, until the end, when he makes an impossible recovery from a serious injury, that should have left him incapable of walking. Adriana DeMeo (Without a Trace), is funny and quirky, as a member of the crew, and Maitland McConnell (Ninja Cheerleaders) is amusing as an overemotional cheerleader. The acting is a mixed bag, and no one will be willing any awards, but at least the cast features some attractive actors, and snappy aggressive dialog. Attempting to live up to its name, Killer Movie does feature a lot of kills, and the level of violence ramps up with each successive kill, peaking in the final twenty minutes. Not all the kills are graphic or that impressive though. Suspense and tension could be built up if there were more pursuit, or interaction between the killer and his victims, instead of quick strike kills. The killer may be a surprise, although the reason for the murderous spree is rather tenuous. Killer Movie does not offer much that is really original, but if you have a fondness for slashers, and like a lot of victims, you may want to take a look. The film is definitely recommended to Kaley Cuoco fans, as she is having fun with her role. She does not appear until after the 31 minute mark, but that is when things really get started.

Christopher L (br) wrote: While it doesn't accomplish much aside from smiles, "Robots" is a joyous visual spectacle of an animated feature. I enjoyed it very much.

MF J (us) wrote: A weird film, tensed, thrilling but a little pointless when comes the final twist. The cast is excellent though.

t w (ru) wrote: It's really bad but not as bad as people say it is

Nick C (fr) wrote: The least good one of the series.Not bad though.

Aarshin K (gb) wrote: A film that fails by trying to depict a horror story while giving humanity and meaning to its characters. Nevertheless an honest effort, with decent performances.

Dan A (fr) wrote: I don't know why I liked this one but I did.

Andrey B (ru) wrote: An example of a horror movie from the 90's. Somewhat outdated but compelling.

elliot c (nl) wrote: some of my finest formative movie memories come from this film. mario van peebles, the guy who ended up as clay davis in the wire shouting "come on you mothers" from a garbage truck, classic 80s score, visible crash mats on stunts, extreme ultra violence and dreadful fight sequences. amazing.

Mickaw90 (us) wrote: One of the best old school film from Jackie Chan. Earliest films where he found own style and stopped being Bruce Lee and it was really good choice. Fight scenes were more choreogaphy but "the movie magic" is powerful. The plot is simple but some how i liked the story. Sure it is slapstick martial arts film but i doesn`t harm the film and there are lots of drama elements.

Dan P (mx) wrote: Entertaining, especially the Raquel Welch scenes!

Mel L (fr) wrote: Lovely Audrey, I'm so there.

Harry W (fr) wrote: Deliverance stands today less shocking than it was upon its original release in 1972, but its brutal thrills and psychological issues stand as effective as ever.Deliverance is a film that holds a strong cultural line between country and city life which it conveys in an excellent manner. The locations used are beautiful as they convey the more grey side of the country, more dark and gloomy land against a river running rapidly. It explores the land deeply, mainly through excellent cinematography which is used to angle the land in views from all different directions. It conveys the beauty of the natural land as well as the darkness of it, ensuring Deliverance is given a strong setting to be based in, especially as it is conveyed as if the land has never been seen by anyone and is unknown territory, just as the main characters would view it.The atmosphere is masterful, as director John Boorman makes use of silence to enhance the mysterious feel of unknown land. Yet the music used at the beginning of the film is an eccentric and energetic country piece which conveys the type of land the characters have entered. It's an excellent and memorable moment with terrific music, and similar music plays later on in a slower pace to convey the slow moving structure of country life, even when it's used as the characters are rushing down the rapids of a river. It just maintains a constant atmosphere so strongly that we see the main characters as the fishes out of water the normal folk see them as, and John Boorman's role as director is truly deserving of very much acclaim, because his handling of the story takes a laid-back approach to the events so we understand how the atmosphere naturally exists in the world the characters are in. His direction perfectly contextualises the story. And it's special, particularly because handling such a story is rough territory to charter into, but he treats it as the author and screenwriter James Dickey has clearly intended, and in due process turns it into a landmark thriller movie. One reason it does this well is by never tying the characters to the setting. It makes it abundantly clear that the land does not welcome them, nor do the people. It develops into the fear the characters gain of the wild land as they become trapped in it, forced to commit actions which they cannot comprehend doing in their own town. They drown themselves in fear and paranoia of what will happen, and slowly they collapse psychologically. The development is flawless, particularly at one scene where the characters deal with murder. They don't play it off as something that just happened. They actually realise "We just murdered somebody!". How they attempt to deal with it individually is emphasised excellent, particularly since death has grown to becomes such a commodity amongst film and something characters can cause without flinching. But in Deliverance it's different. It's incredible.But what's the best part is how a story as simple as that of Deliverance can be so thrilling and so clever in the manner that it psychologically manipulates its characters, and its truly an excellent spectacle.And the cast of Deliverance keeps it alive.Jon Voigt leads the story strongly in Deliverance portraying Ed Gentry, the character perhaps most haunted by everything, even when what happened to Bobby Trippe would be significantly more scarring. He strongly conveys his internal struggles and psychological dysfunction after a series of cataclysmic events leave him shattered, and the way he frantically is forced to turn strong in a hard situation is an excellent scene for the characters development.And Burt Reynolds makes a breakthrough in Deliverance. Before he became iconically comedic for his work in Smokey and The Bandit he worked immensely into his character in Deliverance, portraying a character with strong physicality but a weak ego in his characterisation of Lewis Medlock. Deliverance is a front for his immense skill at dramatic work very early in in his career and foreshadows some of his most acclaimed work in serious dramatic character roles, such as his Academy Award nominated turn in Boogie Nights.Ned Beatty also worked tremendously hard to secure a powerful performance in Deliverance , and since his character is put through a forcible male rape sequence it's difficult not to feel shocked by the dynamics, but Ned Beatty works with this and conveys the horrific fear from the moment in his character perfectly. The scene is unforgettable and his work is deserving of serious acclaim. Ronny Cox was also good.Essentially, Deliverance is a masterful thriller constructed excellently on a low budget with shocks and fears that are haunting in their imagery and are absolutely unforgettable.

Greg T (ag) wrote: Lesser Eastwood to be sure, but this silly gangster anti-buddy comedy has a certain simplistic charm and is a mild diversion for a rainy evening. Completely forgettable though.