They were fellow travelers...Yusuf was working for a company that brought out sunken ship wrecks and sold them. His beautiful wife, Meryem, is a modest teacher giving private lessons and ...

They were fellow travelers...Yusuf was working for a company that brought out sunken ship wrecks and sold them. His beautiful wife, Meryem, is a modest teacher giving private lessons and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lloyd B (us) wrote: GREAT story for the Man of Steel! Something they really should consider taking to the big screen!

Sascha S (au) wrote: Well another UK Movie with Teenage Kids loosing control. Whats wrong with that?

Ian M (ag) wrote: Nothing like a good possessed by a demon story to get the juices flowing!

Well A (es) wrote: Vi no cinema, mas de forma alguma consegui me conectar com ele. Toda a direo me pareceu confusa demais, o tempo todo eu me via voltando tona e perdendo o fio narrativo ou a compaixo pelos personagens. Pena.

Samuel J (nl) wrote: "When we say we're in love, what does it mean? Could it be that this complex, dazzling, transformative feeling is just an illusion? Could it be just a trick? A trick played on us by nature just to make us fuck? We imagine that love is meaningful. But, could it in fact be... meaningless?" Director: Roger Michell Starring: Daniel Craig, Samantha Morton, Rhys Ifans, Bill Nighy Running time: 100 minutes Country: UK I must say that Enduring Love is one of those underrated British films that haven't really been shown to the world all around where everyone would watch it. However, it does have a story that does have a lot of similarities with other films so I would call Enduring Love a mixed combination between Fatal Attraction and Cape Fear but not as suspenseful as either of those two films nor as gripping as expecting. Joe (Craig), a college professor, is out on a romantic picnic with his long-time girlfriend, Claire (Morton), a sculptor. Joe seems about to propose marriage to Claire when their world is upended by a freak accident. A hot air balloon lands in the field behind them -- its passengers in obvious distress. Joe and a handful of other men run to help. Despite their efforts, a man falls to his death. Standing helplessly over his shattered body, Joe is joined by another would-be rescuer, Jed (Ifans), who suggests they kneel and pray. Joe, strictly a rationalist, does so reluctantly. Joe tries to get back to his routine, but he can't get the incident out of his head, and he is haunted by feelings of guilt and by ruminations about how things might have gone differently. Jed calls him out of the blue and urgently suggests that they meet. Jed soon makes it clear that he feels a connection to Joe that goes beyond their shared participation in the traumatic accident. He begins turning up everywhere Joe goes, sitting outside Joe's apartment at night. Worse yet, he insists that Joe is somehow sending him secret messages and leading him on. This potentially dangerous stalker begins to put a strain on Joe and Claire. As their relationship starts to disintegrate, Joe finds himself being pushed further and further from the rational, secure life he lived before that fateful day. Enduring Love was a film released around the time before Daniel Craig began his role as James Bond and was released in 2004 which was the same year Daniel Craig's crime film Layer Cake came out. I did like Craig in this film and I did like how he slowly loses his mind at the hands of his stalker and that pushes him away from his girlfriend but I think we have seen too many of the character kind in the past but where it would have been brilliant and rather shocking to the audience watching would be if he actually does kill his girlfriend and gets with this stalker but I knew that it was a very predictable film. Despite his hilarious performance in Notting Hill, I wasn't too fond of Rhys Ifans' performance in this because he wasn't exactly a terrifying villain out for the one he loves no matter what (like Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction apart from that was a heterosexual attraction but this was a homosexual attraction). He was just a stupid stalker who literally got nothing out of it. Plus, the way the character went out of the film was like a ''Wait... and that is it?'' kind of situation. I didn't like the performance from Samantha Morton very much at all, really. There could have been a much better actress for the role! Roger Michell was chosen as director of the film based on Ian McEwan's novel who previously was director of critically acclaimed British romantic comedy Notting Hill. He goes somewhere slightly different with a thriller but this lacked what most films like this have: gripping suspense and strong character development. I did like the screenplay and there were some pretty good lines aswell as some quite cheesy ones too but was decent enough for me. Overall, Enduring Love is an underrated British thriller that I did enjoy but didn't find as tense as I was expecting so was just entertaining, nothing else. It is just another victim-stalker film that showed us nothing different or new but despite that, I still liked it but probably wouldn't watch again.

Peter M (es) wrote: WEASLY SNIPES doing WEASLY SNIPES and the fight scenes were nice :/.

Jess R (gb) wrote: This is an amazing movie. While it is a little unrealistic, it is still relatable. The messages are beautiful, the kids are adorable, and the situation makes you cringe. I do not know why the ratings are so bad! I love Daddy Day Care!

Rhonda B (gb) wrote: Really enjoyed movie, as always love Denzel Washington. Recommend watch before March 1st. on netflix

Joe S (au) wrote: My only question is why couldn't Gettysburg be the movie sequel to Gods and Generals which are both great movies and depictions of the Cival war.

Ryan M (gb) wrote: K2 tells the story of Taylor Brooks (Michael Biehn) and Harold Jameson (Matt Craven). Longtime climbing partners at two very different stages in life. Taylor is a brash lawyer with few responsibilities while Harold (or H) is a professor and family man looking to please both his family and best friend. A chance encounter with billionaire Phillip Claiborne (Raymond J. Barry) presents Taylor and H with an opportunity for one last big adventure: K2, the second tallest mountain in the world.The movie offers some classic one dimensional characters, stellar scenery and a story that will keep you entertained throughout. The perfect choice for those jonesing for a climbing movie not set on a mountain called Everest.

Stuart K (gb) wrote: Gene Wilder's 4th film as a director, and this was a film made on the fly in little over a month. It shows sadly, and the film ends up being more amusing than funny. It has a good cast, but unfortunately, they can't prop up the films shortcomings, despite having good ideas and slight gags, the film can never figure out what it wants to be. Set in the 1930's, it has New York radio actors Larry Abbot (Wilder) and Vickie Pearle (Gilda Radner) who are engaged to be married, but Larry has been showing signs of nervousness since he engaged Vickie. Larry wants to get married at manor house in upstate New York where he grew up. The head of Larry's mad family are Great-Aunt Kate (Dom DeLuise), who wants to leave the her fortune to Larry, but then during this stay at the house, nothing is what it seems, there's a werewolf, murders and supernatural goings on afoot. The film seems to repeat alot of jokes from Wilder's directorial debut, The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (1975), and despite a cast including Jonathan Pryce, Peter Vaughan, Jim Carter and Bryan Pringle, some jokes work, some don't and the scares don't work either. Wilder never directed again. Pity.

Yash B (es) wrote: This is a predictable and over the top movie but I have to say, it is full of laughs. I was entertained by it and fail to see why so many people hate it. It's an entertaining road trip movie that ends up exactly where you would expect, but that doesn't mean it isn't a fun ride.