Siddharth: The Prisoner

Siddharth: The Prisoner

An ex-convict/aspiring writer's briefcase gets switched with that of a gangster.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Hindi,English
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An ex-convict/aspiring writer's briefcase gets switched with that of a gangster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bat S (mx) wrote: Even with a low budget they've created credible fx. The cast is somewhat unknown, but the acting is very ok. There's a few clichs, but they make it work. Overall an entertaining little sci-fi-action flick.

Augustine H (it) wrote: Lacks momentum yet authentic, coupled with Isabelle Huppert's great performance.

John C (nl) wrote: Interesting, low-key experimental movie is not for everyone, but will be greatly appreciated by a small few.

Angel M (au) wrote: Nice import from Australia.

AJ S (us) wrote: Utilizing mostly untrained actors who are talented musicians from the underground scene in Iran, while focusing the narrative on such hardships this actual world presents, ??No One Knows About Persian Cats?? is nothing short of extraordinary in its aim and execution. As much as any other materialistic interests in Iran, the music scene faces extreme censorship to the point of individuals being arrested if they are caught creating it in say: recording studios, basements, and rooftop shacks. Director Bhaman Ghobadi (who also has a small acting part) introduces foreign countries to this problem of suppression almost as well as Fernando Meirelles documented youth gangs from Rio de Janeiro in ??City of God??, in both form and content. The acting is amateurish at times, but for the most part entirely believable whereas the hand-held and overexposed camera setups show off the guerilla approach the production had. Every so often the film is laced with music interludes seen in both poetic and music video structures that advance the plot and show Iranian life. Ghobadi does his best to seam all the ends together and almost succeeds if it weren??t for the abrupt conclusion. Yet, there seems to be something magical happening in Ghobadi??s film from the message it releases to the entertaining, authentic music played by the actor-musicians.

Walter M (jp) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]Boy, have Jaap Polak and Ina Soep got a story to tell their grandchildren(and great grandchildren) 60 years after they got married of how they fell in love in concentration camps during World War II. By showing how precious life is, "Steal a Pencil for Me," is a very touching and moving documentary about their experiences. [/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]The two had met in Amsterdam before the Nazis invaded, coming from different ends of the social spectrum in the Jewish community. Jaap was an accountant, unhappily married and ten years older than Ina who came from a wealthy family. All of which is important to remember when Jaap notes the poor were forcibly relocated to the camps before the rich were. Despite their differences, they both ended up in the same camps, Westerbork(which was originally built for German refugees) and Bergen-Belsen. Jaap makes a distinction between concentration and extermination camps which is the difference between Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz. Even though being in Bergen-Belsen gave them a chance for survival, it was still no picnic as food was scarce, while typhus was rampant.[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]By having two people detailing what they had to endure to survive the Holocaust against huge odds, "Steal a Pencil for Me" excels in its recollection of the genocide(The scenes at Westerbork were shot by the camp commander to show off). And today, Jaap and Ina talk to people from Los Angeles to Holland about the Holocaust, so that it is never forgotten.[/font]

Sas D (fr) wrote: Never gets old, an absolute classic with electrifying personality and style. After watching this film it's impossible not to want to head out for a night of adventure with your favourite people. Gold.

Brian E (ca) wrote: Kinda cheesy, but I loved it.

Greg L (ru) wrote: A dark and bleak look at the urban life.

Benjamin M (fr) wrote: A great flick with romantic and comedic elements that make this film very fun to watch as two characters' relationship evolves.

Pablo B (ca) wrote: Why this is rotten I will never understand,