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Side by Side

Since the invention of cinema, the standard format for recording moving images has been film. Over the past two decades, a new form of digital filmmaking has emerged, creating a groundbreaking evolution in the medium. Keanu Reeves explores the development of cinema and the impact of digital filmmaking via in-depth interviews with Hollywood masters, such as James Cameron, David Fincher, David Lynch, Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, George Lucas, Steven Soderbergh, and many more.

Directors James Cameron, David Fincher, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan and others discuss digital technology's impact on filmmaking. The documentary investigates the history, process and workflow of both digital and photochemical film creation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff B (nl) wrote: There are much better versions of this story than this movie.

Jimmy E (ru) wrote: Nice Skateboarding movie... a Sk8ers must watch...

Evan F (jp) wrote: Pretty good flick with great direction. The story could be a bit sharper. Unfortunately it also has perhaps the worst movie soundtrack ever.

Ray J (us) wrote: "Forget dull", this is one romantic movie.

Ron M (us) wrote: Excellent work - somewhat, but only vaguely fictionalized, account of the Cali-Medellin cartels rivalry. Heads and shoulders above what you expect from a telenovela - series runs 80 episodes. Knowledge of Spanish helpful, but not required as the subtitles get the points across. Believable casting and acting, all the way around.

Ed (de) wrote: Excellent action film, and quite a surprise for me. I really enjoyed this a lot, Chuck Norris knows how to kick ass.

Walter M (mx) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]With an ending that subtly turns everything on its head, "The Chess Players" is a breezy movie about the serious subject of imperialism. It is 1856 in India where two incredibly wealthy men, Mirza(Sanjeev Kumar) and Mir(Saeed Jaffrey), are obsessed with the game of chess, playing every chance they get and ignoring everything else in their lives, especially Mirza's wife(Shabana Azmi), who is frustrated in more ways than one.(Remember this takes place in the days before video games but the sentiment is the same.) One of the things they are currently ignoring is the local political situation which involves an English general, Outram(Richard Attenborough), playing a real life game of chess. The British government having swallowed up every other piece of India, now has its eyes on the kingdom of Oudh, ruled over by King Wajid(Amjad Khan), which it has long extorted funds from.[/font]

Daniel J (de) wrote: True epic of great importance.

Christopher S (kr) wrote: Consider this the beginning of the end for the legitimicy of the hellraiser series. This movie really moved away from anything that made the first to enjoyable. Not terrible but while comparing it to parts one and two it makes it seem even worse

Allan C (kr) wrote: Between low budgets 70/80s cheesy nature-gone-wild films, like "Food of the Gods" or "Alligator," and the SyFy Channel resistance of the likes of "Sharknado" there were a few big budget Hollywood nature-gone-wild flicks like "Lake Placid" and "Deep Rising" that were actually pretty quality, if admittedly corny, films. Taking most of it's cues from "Jaws" for underwater suspense, the film tells the story of a sleepy small town that had a giant crock living in it and eating all sorts of folks. Bill Pullman plays the local Fish & Wildlife official, Oliver Platt plays the quirky crock expert, Bridget Fonda plays the paleontologist, Brendan Gleeson plays the hot headed town sheriff, Betty White plays the colorful old lady who lives on the lake and Meredith Salenger (who I always had a crush on) plays a cute deputy sheriff. And look fast for Adam Arkin and Mariska Hargitay in small parts. There's not a lot to the story, but the film is populated with a likable cast and much better of developed characters that you typically get in these films. The film was written by David E. Kelley, who is more often known for writing smart TV dramas with a healthy dose of quirky comedy, so a monster film is quite a change of pace for him, but he really does pull off an exciting, funny and entertaining films. The film was competently directed by Steve Miner ("My Father the Hero," "Friday the 13th: Part 2," "House").

Ray J (us) wrote: Great casting and Kramer's directing was impalable (??). A romantic and very melodramatic film.

Richard K (ca) wrote: One of Ken Loach's best works to date.

Manch F (ca) wrote: Not really enjoyable, gory, or campy as it could have been. All the characters were idiots and the climax with the grandmother confronting Krampus is a letdown.