Side Effects

Side Effects

America! Built on a better pill. Karly Hert has spent the last ten years selling drugs. Legally, that is. Karly is a pharmaceutical sales representative. She sells pills to doctors. She makes lots of money. She has a company car. She has a nice fat expense account. But there's a growing pit in Karly's stomach. Something isn't right behind the scenes at big pharma. Based on the director's decade working directly for the industry.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   blackmail,   boat,  

A young woman fumbles with love and ethics as she navigates a career with one of corporate America's darlings...the pharmaceutical industry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Crystal C (ag) wrote: Not what you are expecting but it's worth it when you see it. A lots of quotes I will be using from my girl Sharon Leal, who by the way delivers her character with honesty and strength.

Squalid J (de) wrote: My second choice of unofficial Robocop sequel, to replace that vomit-shitting arsepile Robocop 3, is Meatball Machine, a J-horror flick concerning itself with parasitic creatures of unknown origin who burrow into a human host through any available orifices, take complete control of their nervous system and turn them (somehow) into living-dead machines called "Necroborgs". These creatures then fight each other to the point of death, the victor eating the other's parasite in celebration. In other words: BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD, GUTS, GUTS, GUTS, GUTS, GORE, GORE, GORE, GORE, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH, PAIN, PAIN, PAIN, PAIN, SCARS, SCARS, SCARS, SCARS, SHIT'S GONNA FUCKING DIE! And yet, despite the obvious glee with which the sickness and the comic-book uberviolence has been pursued; despite the excellence of the creature design; despite even the fairly decent story, the film remains somehow everso-slightly dull. With the best will in the world to the cast, crew and director, I just don't think the film is all that well made. Still, it's entertainingly sick and the ending is agreeably bleak and nasty. And there are much, much worse J-horrors out there. Most of which will probably get remade for Hollywood pretty soon if they haven't been already. That's one thing this film can say with pride: it's not likely to get remade for the western audience anytime soon. So there you have it - Mr Jessop's unofficial Robocop trilogy, reviewed for your pleasure. Aren't I nice? What do you mean, "no"?

Don S (us) wrote: A gaggle of hot girls all fall for BMOC John Tucker, thinking they are his one and only. When another hot new girls arrives and open their eyes to his cheating ways, the game is on to bring Tucker to his knees. Not original, but well played. Bush, Ashanti, Kebbel and Snow are all capable actresses and Betty Thomas brings out the beast, er best, in them. Enjoyed more that I figured I would, and probably more than I should have.

Eric G (ca) wrote: "She's out of your life"....LOOSER haha

Charles S (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed it,

James H (gb) wrote: What a disappointment! This movie was boring and non stop yak yak yak yak. Dustin Hoffman was very good, but hardly enough to carry the film. It was one of those movies I kept losing interest in, then would have to rewind to see what I missed when my mind wandered to something interesting. The direction by Michael Corrente stinks. Did he go to the Wal-Mart School of directing?

John B (au) wrote: A film that doesn't need the epic length provided to it. Call is Clear and Present Boredom. Dated and dull.

Sarah L (de) wrote: I rememeber watching this movie when I was a teenager, it's so good. Shepherd is so heart felt and funny in this movie with O'Neal and RDJ complimenting her excellantly. A little sentimental but worth watching!

George N (ca) wrote: For fan of old school martial arts films that Wu-Tang would watch.

Elise C (kr) wrote: A very moving story about an unbreakable bond between a boy and his dog. It's also utterly depressing at times. That's one determined pooch.

Lee M (gb) wrote: Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter may prove to be too quirky and peculiar for average mainstream audiences. To be sure, this film is plenty bizarre, but it's equally engaging by way of its beautiful cinematography and powerfully touching performance from Rinko Kikuchi who anchors this haunting, fable-like story of both tragedy and hope effortlessly, balancing the sadness and absurdity.

Jonathan A (it) wrote: One of the lamest "horror" movies ever made. Dull and flat in every regard, this nearly shot-for-shot remake of the original, Let the Right One In, is a joyless and upsetting affair that leaves you in need of a shower by the film's finale. While "joyless and upsetting" is normally a good thing when it comes to horror movies, the fact that this film is largely a love story between a little boy and girl should immediately signal a red alert in your brain. The acting is lifeless, the characters are pathetic, the movie is a steaming piss pile, and it should be avoided at all costs (so go watch the original instead).

Dominic S (fr) wrote: A complete and total waste of Julianne Moore's time and talents, however, this story line was very interesting and I rather enjoyed some of it, and not just because the film also starred such Broadway legends like Nathan Lane and Norbert Leo Butz, whom I adore.This film is about what happens when a lonely high school english teacher runs into a former student of hers, reads his play that he attempted to have produced on Broadway, and decides to have the play put on in the high school. The relationships that blossom, the drama that happens outside of rehearsal, and the reputations that are struck down and brought back up again, all happen as a result.Very interesting story and worth the netflix.The English Teacher, I give you a 60%.