Side Out

Side Out

A law student comes to California for the summer and ends up playing professional volleyball.

A law student comes to California for the summer and ends up playing professional volleyball. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff N (ag) wrote: In line with what DC has done updating the character (in spite of the failure of the live-action movie), this DC Showcase short embodies the aura, mystery and fear of the disfigured bounty hunter, perfectly voiced by Thomas Jane. While not a huge western fan, I could definitely enjoy more like this.

Frances H (ag) wrote: The most stupid and unfunny film I have ever seen. Makes Cheech and Chong movies seem like Academy Award material by comparison and Jay and Silent Bob seem like intellectual giants. But mostly it was just oppressively dull.

Jessica S (de) wrote: this is a cute Christmas movie

John C (gb) wrote: A masterpiece. An overlooked gem when it came back in 1990. Filled with gritty action and great performances from Sean penn, Ed Harris, Gary Oldman and John c Reilley. What an ending.

Majeeda G (de) wrote: So it's cheap and cheesy but sometimes cheap and cheesy can still be a blast, I enjoyed this movie as a teen yeah I always noticed the cheesiness but somehow I still enjoyed the movie for what it had to offer just simple fun. sometimes you just have to relax and enjoy the movie and not take it too seriously some movies can still be fun and entertaining even if they are not big box office. it's a typical story of a teenage girl with geek syndrome she discovers that she's not an average girl she's actually a witch with magical powers and you can pretty much guess the rest. would I have paid a movie ticket to see this? no, but I'd sure get the popcorn ready for a fun night on the couch with friends watching this one.

BJ V (nl) wrote: A few quotable lines, but just not that funny.

Edith N (ru) wrote: What Would You Do For Your Art? Fritz Lang and Marlene Dietrich ran to the United States. Leni Riefenstahl made propaganda. Some people, like Peter Lorre, didn't have a lot of choices. Others, like Richard Strauss (whom I thought was long dead, but never mind), made it to the so-called [i]Gottbegnadeten[/i] list, the list of those with "God-given talent." (Though it appears that Strauss hated the Nazis, and he was mostly trying to protect his Jewish daughter-in-law and his grandchildren, and the Nazis just knew they couldn't risk the bad publicity of killing Strauss.) In fact, the movie and the book by Klaus Mann on which it was based are considered to be thinly veiled portrayals of the life of Gustaf Grndgens, a possibly-gay actor who made it to that thirty-six-page list. I have long maintained that it's impossible to say what you would do under such circumstances, though it's also true that some of us wouldn't have much choice in the matter. Hendrik Hoefgen (Klaus Maria Brandauer) is a German actor with interesting politics, even by the standards of Germany in the 1930s. He finds the Nazis tedious at best, and their racial policies cause him no few problems, given his mistress, Juliette Martens (Karin Boyd), was born to an African mother and a German father. And there is the questionable sexuality of various members of the cast. And, of course, there are Jews, more on which anon. Naturally, Hendrik is best known for playing the role of the tempting demon in [i]Faust[/i], and the possibilities opened for a young actor who is willing to be a star in the Nazi firmament are certainly tempting enough to Hendrik. Who, indeed, is already hiding his true nature; his real name isn't Hendrik. He's Heinz; the implication is that he has lower-class roots that he's trying to avoid. It wouldn't be surprising if there were Jewish roots back there somewhere. But will the demon Goebbels overcome this Mephisto's better nature? It is, of course, a long-held prejudice that the Jews control the media. And it's certainly true that, in the United States at least and in the film inudstry at least, there are more Jews than there are as a percentage of the population in general. It's also true that the European banking industry was heavily skewed toward Jews. I think they're for the same reason, though. I think the Christian majority only allowed the Jewish minority to be in certain business banking? Christians weren't allowed by their religion to charge anyone interest, so banking was a Jewish profession. Theatre? As the line from [i]Fame[/i] has it, once upon a time, people didn't even want to bury actors; the profession was disdained enough from the beginning that a little more wrong with you didn't matter. And Hollywood? It was a new industry a hundred years ago, and it wasn't dominated by the Old Money Gentile families who ran so many other industries in the US. There was a place for Jews, and Jews filled it. Well, and of course there were all those Jews fleeing Europe in the '30s. Various characters in [i]Mephisto[/i] escaped Germany, and the problem for many of them was that they didn't go far enough. Juliette fled to Paris; well, the United States would not have been terribly kind to her, after all. But I believe it was Hendrick's wife (possibly Barbara Bruckner, played by Krystyna Janda) who fled to Budapest. Of course, those who took off to Vienna when the Nazis took power weren't anywhere near far enough away. Unlike a lot of other people, too, most of the characters in this movie would have found refuge in various other countries which did not fall to the Nazis. These weren't just any refugees, after all. These were famous refugees, people who had a show business history to draw upon. It's worth noting that half the extras in [i]Casablanca[/i] could also have been characters in this movie. And I don't mean those characters, I mean those actors. The problem with the movie is that Hendrik is a cipher. I think we're supposed to project our own thoughts and motivations onto him, but there's nothing there to see. The force of his switch to a Nazi career doesn't have the same impact it could, because I could never quite believe that he believed in the politics he was espousing before. His betrayal of his friends didn't have the impact it could, because he really only seemed interested in himself anyway. I admit that I can't believe any actor of talent would ever get behind a theatre wherein they just kind of pull actors off the street because "that's real, man!" Oh, I can list famous actors who would, but at least half of that would probably be because that would make them the center of attention amongst all those hacks. Besides, we all know there's a difference between "famous" and "talented"; they aren't mutually exclusive, but they aren't necessarily the same, either. And we never get enough of Hendrik so that I'm sure which he is, or if he manages to be both.

ClaRita C (es) wrote: It's an adventurous comedy as usual, Bond tries to do some dumbass shit, gets distracted by a girl, nobody kills him, they just wanna feed him to some animal, goes for three days or more without contacting his superiors and everyone assumes everything is fine and dandy, and of course everything is, because no matter how impossible the situation is, there's always a way out for bond, which always escapes everyone else, haha!. Some of the fight scenes were boring and repetitive, but overall entertaining and amusing.

Jason B (ag) wrote: Hey, you know what this scene needs? More fog!

Pavandeep S (de) wrote: It's like ether, the feeling of watching this is like having felt something so beautiful, really beautiful and then have it snatched away, an exchange of temporal pleasure in the stead of transcendant symphony. Absolutely beautiful.

Matth M (ag) wrote: bleh. cheesy, terrrrrible ending.

(gb) wrote: Fashionably fun film. Isla Fischer is adorable and hilarious as Becky Bloomwood. One of my favourite movies ever.

Kirk G (kr) wrote: It's Toy Story. How could you not like it