It is autumn and the people in the otherwise peaceful small town Ystad settle down. But for Kurt Wallander broken idyll of a young woman burned to death in a cornfield. Soon after hitting a serial killer with a series of increasingly brutal murder. What is the relationship between a retired attorney general, a successful art dealer and an ordinary petty thief? Why scalp killer his victims?

A Kurt Wallander mystery told from the perspectives of police and criminal. A foreign teenage girl burns herself to death under inspector Wallander's eyes. Several homicides take place ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sidetracked torrent reviews

Shireen Hakim R (au) wrote: Amazing. So hilarious. Weird, but hilarious. That scene with the little kid stabbing Ben Stiller did it for me.

Ronda D (ca) wrote: Well, this was quite a shocking film. Gerardo Taracena is extremely hot though.

Hal M (it) wrote: Fine drama revolving around the relationship between an aged writer and a very young female 'fan'/critic. A little like Harold and Maude--they're such an unlikely pair. Also important though is the writer's daughter, played by Laure Nambrose, as she tries to figure out what next in her romantic life, as she approaches 40. Like everyone else I applaud the acting of Frank Langella (the writer), but the female leads are terrific too! I think the young girl, played by Lili Taylor, had an even more difficult role and played it perfectly. A soft-spoken, thoughtful film.

Steve S (jp) wrote: 1/2 (out of four)I am not much of a fan of animated sequels, even if they are straight-to-video ones. "Brother Bear 2" benefits from better than average animation on a cheaper budget. That helps somewhat. Ultimately, however, it pales in comparison to the original and is unneeded and unwanted.


Lissi S (es) wrote: Ingen jul uden mongoland<3

cindy e (mx) wrote: i love this movie (you are Elvis)

Orlok W (ca) wrote: A disturbing movie that crossed many barriers.. Breaks from the View Askew norm with amazing style--Not your daddy's bad clown movie. A Violent Comedy!!

Tony D (ag) wrote: Flynn is phenominal in this movie, one of his best performances.

Scott C (it) wrote: A little bit primitive by today's standards, but I'm a sucker for a WW II espinage movie. A cut above most.

Graydon B (us) wrote: Honestly, a well-done superhero film, not my favorite marvel film, but I have to admit that the action and story is good enough to keep you entertained!

Matt C (jp) wrote: Twists, gore, cool plot. I have to say I am impressed.