Sidewalks of New York

Sidewalks of New York

The film follows the marital and dating lives of three men and three women who unknowingly form a tangled web of relationships. Interspersing "man on the street" interviews with scenes from the six characters' lives, the film weaves a humorous and biting commentary on the game of love -- easy to start, hard to finish.

The interlocking lives and loves of six New Yorkers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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CJ C (mx) wrote: Another Indie"feel good" flick. Terri makes a junkie musician friend. I'm glad they made the dad a nice guy. Directed by actor Matthew Lilliard. See TERRI if you haven't.

Zaid W (ca) wrote: a wonderful and great film

Jarkko H (kr) wrote: This can not be true that stars like Owen Wilson, Emma Stone and Steve Coogan have such a rubbish film. Otherwise they have only the sound of the role, but still. Comic strip Marmaduke jumped to the big screen could not be more embarrasing. Once again, the animals are placed in tastelessly move his lips to the computer. Marmaduke is a weepy bad for the whole family to the movies. This will miss the ever-wonderful Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993), which is unnecessary computer effects ruined. None of the stars have to rescue this fiasco.

Andy G (ag) wrote: -Not your typical Ryan Reynolds role.-Messed up in a black comedy type of way.-I'm not sure how effective the intro to the story works. It seems rather pointless in the end.

trixie d (ca) wrote: i look a good freaky scary film havnt seen 1 in a long time

Corey W (mx) wrote: Unknown gem of a movie. Don't listen to the critics. It's great.

Eric R (au) wrote: Mandroid... really? Can we get a more geeky, silly title than that? They couldn't come up with a better name? Well I guess Mandorid is rather fitting as it lets the audience know exactly what type of film they are getting into: a cheap, bad, direct-to-video quickie that only the likes of Full Moon Entertainment could make.Our typical science fiction story opens with a group of scientists test running their new creation which is called...oh here we go again... Mandroid (I can't help but laugh every time I type that ridiculous word!). The Mandroid is an ANDROID that is controlled by a human wearing what looks like a virtual boy helmet. Test run goes well until our head scientist lets his partner know that he's selling the work to the American's which in turn pushes his partner over the edge and he flakes out. He decides to steal the Mandorid and in the process, he gets a canister of mushrooms shot that he was holding (more on that interesting story element later!) which contents splatter on his face and disfigures him. Know even more psychotic, ala The Joker, he gets a mute sidekick to take revenge and by-the-numbers plot devices ensue.There is absolutely nothing original in this science fiction drivel of a film. It's your same basic scientific research partner feels cheated, turns evil, and tries to steal creation bullshit. Knowing the story is the same run-of-the-mill crap, our filmmakers add this odd subplot about mushrooms. Apparently these ancient mushrooms were discovered preserved in rock and they have the ability to cure human diseases when exposed to radiation. The "Mandroid" seems to have been created as it can handle the mushrooms as it can take the radiation. What? They take a tired sci fi plot and add this ridiculous mushroom turn to it?The acting is surprisingly decent but that doesn't make up for the fact the plot is ridiculous, clich, and uninteresting. The film just meanders along without pulling the audience into the plot and by half way into the film I really didn't care anymore. The Mandroid costume also looks cheap and hokey and I almost burst out in laughter ever time it made an appearance onscreen, no matter how hard director Jack Ersgard tries to make it threatening.You can tell Full Moon was desperately trying to make their own comic book inspired film but it doesn't come near the cheesy funness of their other comic inspired film Doctor Mordrid. It just lacks that likeable cheesy goodness of their other films from their classic era (1989-1995). Though Mandroid is forgettable Full Moon material, it somehow inspired a sequel entitled The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight which was promised to us at the beginning of the end credits giving me the impression it was filmed back-to-back with Mandroid. Was Full Moon really that confident that Mandroid would be that big of a hit on the home video market to bank a sequel? Hard to believe...

Jason D (nl) wrote: Ah, the 90's. It was a silly decade that tried so hard to be as awesome as the 80's, especially when it came to movies, but alas, it failed miserably and became probably the worst decade ever for films (though the 2010's are hot on there way to rivaling). One such laughably bad film is the Rodney Dangerfield vehicle, Ladybugs, which has Dangerfield playing Chester Lee, a pushover salesman who doesn't get any respect (go figure) who's vying to marry his love (Ilene Graff) and gain the acceptance of her rebellious son (the very dead Jonathan Brandis), but to do that, he tries to get a raise at work which inadvertently lands him the new coaching gig of the Ladybugs soccer team, a group of inexperienced, talentless girls. Chester hatches a hair-brained scheme to dress up Brandis as a girl as thus begins that classic comedy routine of boy in drag getting into wacky shenanigans. Made in 1992, this film is already atrociously dated, even moreso than Dangerfield, especially if he were still alive and not a rotting corpse. There are a couple of comical moments though, especially from Dangerfield, but he sure is a loooong ways away from his glory days of Caddyshack, Easy Money, or even Back to School. We get to see Jacke (best known as the mother from Sister, Sister) throw in some stereotypical sassy black woman comedy as well. Look for a very young, but still extremely HOT Vinessa Shaw, who plays one of the Ladybugs that Brandis' character has a crush on. At 10 years old, when I first watched this film, I knew she would be incredibly smoking hot as the years went on. See Eyes Wide Shut and 40 Days and 40 Nights for reference. Even more surprising is the bad direction from Sidney J. Furie, who made one of THE best horror films of all time, The Entity. Let's also not forget that he made one of THE worst superhero movies of all time, Superman IVL The Quest for Peace. Anywho, Ladybugs is hilariously bad, with mild entertainment, but only after rooting through all of the dated cheese.

Nick C (ru) wrote: Great 80's Horror movie.

Ryan J (gb) wrote: I have no idea what made me think of this film... I saw this back when I worked as an attendant (?) for the Film Library at KSC. It's really unique, and immediately engaging. It tells a classical Eastern tragedy, which is based on a puppet play from the 18th century. This is where it gets interesting. In a puppet play, the puppets are controlled by men dressed in all black, who appear on stage with the puppets. In the film, in an effort to both reference the origination of the story and to possibly comment on the art of filmmaking (auteur control, functional superficiality, etc), there are moments where the ACTORS go still, frozen in time, until men dressed in all black come on-screen and adjust them. Then the scene will continue. Fascinating, and well done.Not a perfect film, but infinitely compelling. Certainly praiseworthy for its extreme conceptual originality.The breaking of the fourth-wall does sort of negate the otherwise powerful story, but in many ways it is worth it. It might not have worked as well without it.

Deepak M (kr) wrote: Finally, I got to watch Satyajit Ray's masterpiece! What a moving, mesmerizing, and beautiful movie! The originals of this movie were destroyed in a fire, and the Criterion Collection painstakingly recreated it digitally into a 4K version by combining visuals and audio from numerous different sources. Looking forward to watching the remaining two films in the trilogy.

Austin V (jp) wrote: I love both the original novel and Dougray Scott (one of the most underutilized actors working today), so this dull stinker was doubly disappointing.

Francisco S (fr) wrote: As Good as it Gets its a predictable movie, but the beauty in this predictability is that is an original and refreshing predictability, that with the Jack Nicholson's great performances turned into an irresistable romance.

Bradley G (au) wrote: I have seen this kind of story before...I guess I was in the mood to see something like this...and that is rare...the acting, though, was strong.

Anthony K (it) wrote: Piss poor, no-budget "horror". As a genre enthusiast I tolerate a lot of badness...but this movie just feels like a college film class project

Autumn A (es) wrote: frozen fever Netflix