Sign of the Beast

Sign of the Beast

Set during the Second World War in the Finnish war zone.

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KJ P (fr) wrote: "The Art of Getting By" stars Freddie Highmore in the leading role as a very smart loner becomes entangled with his high school crush and begins to slack off in school when he can no longer focus. With themes about the meaning of life, the outlook on the world itself, and how love can find it's way back no matter what, this is a very well-made picture. A very small-budget film with a great script are always my kind of film, seeing as the crew and cast all devote their time to something they believe in. This story works on many levels and the editing style is very unique. The cinematography, mainly the filters used over the lenses for each particular scene, was genius. Although I think the film loses an insane amount of ground when the love interest, played by Emma Roberts, is an extremely unlikable character, going for his friends other than him. The first half is a very enjoyable indie film, but everything good is swallowed up halfway through. The cast is great but the characters are not likeable enough by the end. I really enjoyed the outlooks on life, but the film is kind of a mess otherwise and the conclusion really didn't feel earned.

Rob M (it) wrote: Great horrors are as rare as a white buffalo. Celebrate them.

Lisa L (de) wrote: My mom and I watched it together and we both liked it...although it was a bit predictable. My mom was confused about why the girl would be using a cell phone to kill people and I told her to watch the first one because I couldn't explain it to her

Ross M (ag) wrote: Mystery/ thrillers are so hard to pull off, especially when the script and the film feel like they should have been released back in the late eighties. Jill Rips is Dolph Lundgren's foray into the genre, and needless to say, there were a few snags that prevented success. In Boston, two children are playing on their own and discover a body floating in the water. Flash forwards to Boston in 1977, another body has been discovered, and it happens to be the brother of Matt Sorenson (Lundgren). Sorenson, a former police officer, is back in town not only for the funeral of his brother, but also to find the people that killed him. While in town, he discovers his brother's wife, Irene (played by Danielle Brett) living with his mother. While on his path to discovering who really killed his brother, Matt uncovers the dark world of latex, bondage, and S&M his brother was into, and finds some interesting things about Irene. There really isn't anything that I can praise about this film. With a story coming from the pages of what could easily be a tamed down Cronenberg film, Jill Rips provides little to no excitement for the viewer involved. The only reason this managed to hold my attention was that I had just watched Joshua Tree (the equivalent of taking No Doze after drinking three bottles of Dew) and needed something a little more subtle. Sadly, I guessed the ending the minute the killer walked on screen for the first time (which is about five minutes into the film), and so I spent the rest of the time watching the story further turn to more and more 80's cliches. Ex cop doing better work than the actual cops, check. Twist ending that "no one" would see coming, "check." Current cop helping out former cop by bending the rules, check. Jeez. I honestly think that if the script wasn't good enough to be made into a film back when Cronenberg was making his crazy films, like Videodrome, then it should have just been left alone. Overall, Jill Rips is an anti-climatic "Thriller" that a 5 year old could figure out the ending to without much effort. The acting is dull, the story is dull, and the entire S&M thing was done about thirty times better by David Cronenberg in Videodrome. Watch only if you're a die hard Dolph Lundgren fan.

Larry C (gb) wrote: Depp has made dozens of movies. this is about the only one that i have really liked.

Gabriel K (kr) wrote: The first half of this movie is a rather strait-forward story but it takes a sudden turn into bizarre and and never looks back. Different viewers will interpret it differently, but one thing for sure, it leaves you trying to make sense of its meaning.

Allan C (ag) wrote: Top notch character study, masquerading as a crime story. It's kind of surprising to see director Robert Mulligan ("To Kill a Mockingbird", "Man in the Moon", "Summer of '42") making a seedy crime story, but the character elements of the film are very consistent with his body of work. A great movie if you can find a copy of this hard to find title.

Rachel C (ru) wrote: Lee Marvin's lustful sniffing, Jose Ferrer's blas anti-semitism, Simon Signoret's sweaty withdrawals and Vivien Leigh's lip-stick smeared mid-life crisis are just four of the countless reasons to watch this film. Abby Mann's rapid-fire dialogue and the film's crisp editing are a wonder to behold. But it is Oskar Werner's performance as the ship doctor that is magical.

Millo T (de) wrote: Good ideas about the relationship among human and gods... About the rest, not much interesting.

Michael D (ag) wrote: Mullet at its finest.

Glen W (de) wrote: the dogs made this movie and that is saying something as i am not a dog lover myself, but i watched this with my young daughter who is! The acting however was very wooden and disappointing which holds back what could have been a great movie.

Mohammed A (gb) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Igor A (es) wrote: tesko komercijalno gjubre...nema nikakva vrednost...kako spanska ili indiska serija e...dolgo vreme go izbegnuvav filmov posto smrdese od daleku, ali aj se reshiv da si ja potvrdam teorijata...

Greg H (ag) wrote: A laughable piece of shit- but you know that when you saw who the cast as Jobs, didn't you?

Rob J (ru) wrote: Long and rewarding with repeated viewings

Anna B (mx) wrote: The first act is really pretty bad, especially the travelogue montages, but it has a nice stretch in the middle that ended up being quite affecting, and the last act isn't terrible, in spite of the kooky shenanigans. It's sad to see Payne gradually forget the art of telling jokes that he so ably demonstrated in Election. But at least he doesn't completely despise these characters and delight in their suffering.

Sidney J (us) wrote: Great movie, best movie ever made. So underrated.

Ryan K (it) wrote: What a ride. I laughed, I cried. An incredible story, and instantly one of my favourite docs. If music has always been an important part of your life, you will absolutely appreciate this documentary. No music, no life!! Essential.