Signori si nasce

Signori si nasce

All'inizio del '900 il barone Pio Degli Ulivi possiede un'affermata sartoria ecclesiastica mentre suo pratello Ottone detto Zazà ha sperperato tutto e si dà alla bella vita e al gioco. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy H (fr) wrote: Wow what a story! Love the ending. But it was a bit slow and you feel like you were watching HK version of psycho! Different!

Arijit M (es) wrote: A poetry in motion..a near perfect movie. After "Udaan" Motwane proves he is a master filmmaker. Cinematography is really breathtaking, Acting is perfect, story is beautiful, dialogues are fantastic, music score (specially the background score) is enchanting. The film is a contemporary classic. The film could not have been better made.

Joey S (es) wrote: This is a must for anyone into hip hop

Eva L (mx) wrote: Beautifully written and acted film

Jesse O (au) wrote: See, I wanted to like this movie. I liked the movie being set in a small village in Romania, it's a unique place to set this movie. The problem I have is with the actors performing in English instead of Romanian. It just makes the movie look bush league. Not only does it strain credulity that every person in a SMALL ROMANIAN VILLAGE would speak English, it just makes the performances of the actors even worse. I would almost bet that this movie would be better if the actors were speaking in their native tongue, probably not much better, but it'd be an improvement. The movie also has a good idea and I was intrigued by the strigoi and how it fits into Romanian mythology, but the movie just sort of comes and go without any real impact. You feel the same at the end as you did at the beginning. Maybe it is supposed to be atmospheric, but the direction and cinematography doesn't match the atmosphere at all, so I just didn't get into the movie at all. Having the actors perform in English was a terrible idea, there's no real comedic timing or delivery from ANY of the actors, and the atmosphere is shit. So really this movie fails on almost every ground, when it could've been much better.


Kerry M (ag) wrote: This disturbing film from Hong Kong shows the extremes some people will go to to stay young. This is not a horror film, though it is definitely horrific, yet totally captivating and beautifully shot. Kudos to cinematographer, Christopher Doyle! Not everyone will be able to watch this film, due to its shocking nature, and I would advise that you never watch this whilst eating!

cara (de) wrote: this film inspired my celibacy

Paigueayahoocom P (ru) wrote: I liked character-play and the emotional of the characters, the story is so simple and i like the main characters (both Annabelle and Simone) and very deeply, the movie and the quality of the story

Dan M (br) wrote: This was absolutely painful to sit through. Seeing Warren Beatty try to act all 'hood' had to be one of the most stupidest moments in cinematic history. Nope nope nope, a thousand times nope.

Neil K (nl) wrote: Few animated films can bring the emotional impact necessary to generate empathy with the audience. Fortunately the subject matter & voice characterizations of 'When the Wind Blows' are so powerful the viewer is reduced to tears by the final moments. Watching a retired couple attempt to understand why the recent nuclear war is so radically different from any previous wars they've endured by reading government-issued pamphlets creates a sense of despair rarely achieved in cinema. Both live sets and animation are utilized to create the sense of place, and incidental music by Roger Waters provides a sweet-yet-sad tone throughout the picture. 'When the Wind Blows' conveys its message more effectively than any other post-apocalyptic story available, and is the sort of film which should be shown to everyone in the hopes that it will encourage a more peaceful future.

eileen p (us) wrote: want to see this movie, love musicals