Sikander is a story of contemporary Punjabi youth. The Punjabi youth is being dubbed as drug addict, turbulent and quarrelsome. This film is an insider’s narrative, representing the corrupt practices and cruel politics in educational institutions which degrade these institutions. It is also making poisonous impact on the society as a whole. Living in this vicious atmosphere the characters of this film are not aloof of its evils. They are part and parcel of the ambience around. The youth is advancing to indulge in organized crime. The political structures as well as socioeconomic conditions are responsible for such violent degeneration. Despite the dominantare drug addicts, turbulent and quarrelsome but they understand life very well. Rather they are very close to life.

Sikander (originally titled 'Sarsa' prior to release) is a story of contemporary Punjabi youth. The Punjabi youth is being dubbed as drug addict... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maggie L (es) wrote: Was the most pleasing movie since the first and second in terms of vision. the books had gold visually. it was watching a puzzle build and unfold in a world with different rules and different possibilities. this movie got pretty close.

Luke S (jp) wrote: 3 for da show n away we got lol

Joe G (us) wrote: Odd....And with this trilogy, that's saying a lot. If you like your fused monsters to have dildo heads, this movie is for you.

Russ B (br) wrote: 6/28/2016: Meh. A good cast, but only an ok movie at best.

Dave H (it) wrote: Another Malcolm Ingram documentary that was produced by Kevin Smith, a pretty decent flick.

Kellus S (gb) wrote: This movie was a good, but I could not stand it. I can't stand it when people use color to justify everything. Why must people still go by this rule? Children are happy with whom they love, not by people of a certain color. These people were fit parents to be with him, not because of color. "...and a child shall lead them" was a PERFECT quote to end to movie with. This was just one reason at why I could not stand this film, the other reason was why must they make it African Americans that are always the ones that are poor, hopeless, drug addicts, or anything negative. It is always the Caucasians that tend to "swoop" up and take care of them. This is not the truth, and I feel that the media is making it seem this way. Regardless...the end quote was beautiful, and people should start looking at this movie for the way that the child will be better off with, and not by someone of the same color skin, for "that will cause better psychological development"...umm....sorry, that bull-crap. I've studied this, and that has NOTHING to do with it! UGH, sometimes, just piss me off...

Pankaj P (de) wrote: A very thought provoking movie. It has its glitches but overall very impressive. Gene Heckman absolutely killed it.

Private U (us) wrote: Oh dear this is bad. The lighting is terrible and the dialogue rubbish. It had a little potential but that was lost very early. Bad acting with the odd funny bit and obvious mistakes. Thankfully extremely short but even so definitely not worth watching but not the most boring film of all time. Big-budget-film fans should stay very well clear.In one word: Inane

Kevin E (us) wrote: it started the 'bigfoot phenomena' suprisingly, a fun film that i cherish... the scene in the bathroom is classic... total guilty pleasure film, total guilty pleasure XD

Alan W (mx) wrote: beautifully shot but didnt feel terribly original even though it is based on real events, with a slightly bewildering ending that tonally didnt gel with the rest of the film