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Sikandera torrent reviews

Dhaval P (it) wrote: #MadrasCafe is a good film about bad memories!

Dave J (au) wrote: Monday, January 14, 2013 (2008) Meskada MYSTERY/ THRILLER Straight to rental and as the film called "Meskada"- it's really a name of a town where a particular sheriff works at, his name is Noah Cordin (Nick Stahl) whose been assigned to investigate a murder/ death of an eight year old infant. It is soon found out that the perpetrators lived in Hilliard and that it was only an accident since it was only supposed to be a robbery where they assumed no one was inside. Hilliard also happends to be the town where Noah the sheriff grew up in. Much of the town's residents eventually reject his presence and the negative reputation that evolved within the community since their was supposed to be some employment attraction and the result of this death kind of prevented it from happening. All I can say is that the police not caring about how that last person was killed was totally stupid and a total contradiction about how the police really operates. It also has some similarites with "Mystic River". Written and directed by Josh Sternfeld. 2 out of 4

Tracy W (ru) wrote: NO IT IS NOT GOOD YES I LOVE IT ANYWAY I CANNOT BE OBJECTIVE ABOUT THIS FILM I LOVE IT. i mean up to and including the commentary track.

Jacob D (br) wrote: One of the best thrillers ever and the best villain in a movie EVER.

Dyron W (us) wrote: Better than 'The Fast and the Furious'? Kiss my black ass.

sydney g (nl) wrote: the sweetest a movie can get

Roxanne H (ag) wrote: Different from what Ive become used to in Bollywood movies, but very good just the same. Great acting!

Stacy M (kr) wrote: As an overall movie it was just okay. I did really enjoy the "musical numbers".

MaryJo O (kr) wrote: Seriously funny, albeit flawed, this film is a family favorite. Hilarious!

Chris M (gb) wrote: While most would consider this film to be a huge failure, there is enough here to qualify as a good film. Ball might not be a good singer and might have been too old for the role, but all things considered, she makes for a good Mame Dennis. Bea Arthur reprises her famous role from the stage version with style and grace to spare. The rest of the cast is equally good and the film is well shot. It's worth giving it an honest chance.

Marat P (de) wrote: An affair between a 55 year old Holden and a 19 year old Kay Lenz was quite disturbing for me to watch. If you can get over this, and the dated values it presents, the film is pretty sweet and touching. And Kay Lenz is amazingly beautiful.

Fran P (br) wrote: I enjoyed the campiness factor of this film. The creepy crawlers are not scary, they're disgusting and I think that's why this movie's comedic nature worked. I did like the simple storyline and the fact that the film makers made fun of people that live in mid-America were more droll than flat-out mean. Even though the main lead characters were not fully explored, the side characters made up for it. For instance, the mayor was interesting because he's satirical yet still somewhat likeable. Think of the film as an alien film turned into a zombie movie. Although a little more focus on the alien lifeform could have elevated this picture in a new level, it's still not bad. This movie will suit anyone who is easily disgusted. It reminded me of the 80's with films like "Dead Alive."

Victor M (it) wrote: Upon its original release, film critic and future director Franois Truffaut praised the film, stating that "Out of the worst crime novels I ever read, Jules Dassin has made the best crime film I've ever seen"

Robert S (fr) wrote: Love this movie. That is all.

Jamie C (es) wrote: Not bad.. Shitty ending

Audie E (us) wrote: In what universe would Sharon Stone and Sophia Vergara need to pay a dude that looks like John Turturro for a good time?! This is definitely a movie to skip.

Steven G (mx) wrote: this was a long way off of doris days usual films. had a very hitchcock feel to it at certain parts while maintaining cliche upbeat music of most 60s movies during other parts

Nathan F (ru) wrote: This is the movie that made me a Walken fan to begin with, it's just that Walken's performance as the Hessian is so haunting and alluring, this whole movie in general is very haunting and beautiful. Perfect for halloween too.

Devin L (au) wrote: very disturbing but powerful and seductive. unforgettable performances. glad i finally got my hands on this. only negative is people that don't like ambiguous endings will be pissed, some of the 80s music is so dated.