Silence Like Glass

Silence Like Glass

True story of two diametrically opposed young women dealing with terminal illness.

A ballet dancer is affected with cancer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay J (us) wrote: Because David Tennant.

Hassan K (de) wrote: From the producers of "Taken"...Jean Reno stars in this suspenseful revenge thriller in French with English subtitles. I thought it was very well done - I've always been a fan of Jean Reno. I liked this movie much better than the "Taken" movies.

Aaron G (es) wrote: Felt more like a documentary than a movie, even if it was acted well.

Valria V (kr) wrote: Drama familiar ,mas eu achei que faltou emoo .

Fernando D (jp) wrote: One of the best existential films ever made!

Ashon M (ag) wrote: An young Larry Fishburn

Ryan G (gb) wrote: For a 50's movie with no plot twists and mostly bad acting, Thunder Road does a fantastic job of telling a simple story. Mitchum is the best part of it and I only watched it because of him. This is a movie that people who lived during the 50's (like my dad) love. I'm a fan of Mitchum's and he does a great job with the character. A light 3 stars, a c-, or a d+.

Laura M (it) wrote: This movie is perposturous, even for the 1950s. Come ON. This woman is ridiculous. What condescending writing! Cary Grant is good, though, as usual.. and it does have some great things to say about the medicalization of health, self-esteem, and self-worth.

James B (ag) wrote: Definitely had the feel of the comic IMHO. Visually stunning, well written & directed, great performances. Absolute improvement from the previous attempt.