Silence of the Forest

Silence of the Forest


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Silence of the Forest torrent reviews

Katarina I (de) wrote: Terrible movie. The story line seemingly went nowhere

Kaya H (ca) wrote: Even if the Animations sometimes look too much like a dated Videogame, "Battle of Gods" is a great Throwback to one of the best Animes of all time

Kane G (jp) wrote: 1 of the best Scooby-Doo movies ever made

Lisa R (de) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this and was moved by it. Rather formulaic in parts and I had some issues with the male love interest character (i.e it was ludicrous that they were together at all), but it still felt like an original and necessary Australian story to tell. It also features what I think is an important queer sub-plot. I hope it gets a wider release in Australia soon.

Rolando M (it) wrote: It was very interesting and it have a good performances.

Emma V (us) wrote: un film sympa voir ! Il est bien structur.

Kevin T (ru) wrote: If this movie doesn't warm your heart and make you cry, then you're a fuckin robot, man!

Ahmed M (it) wrote: Fun, entertaining, action-packed and a great script has made Men In Black worth a watch.

Senor C (nl) wrote: When I had originally seen Wild Orchid @ the show there was a couple of old hags behind me getting wet @ some of the beef cake in this. I should have returned the favor & told then how fucking hot I thought Carre Otis was & I had a raging boner for her. Mickey Rourke tries to repeat his success that he had w/ 9 1/2 Weeks but sadly this one's not up to par. The plot is almost nonexistent & the acting for the most part is atrocious. Thank God Otis is so beautiful, has such fantastic sugar boobies & a wonderful thatch almost all would be lost. Rourke tries hard to be as cool as Bogie & is probably the best thing about this..except for the nudity. Did I mention the nudity is the major selling point? Pretty bad but an extra 1/2 * for Rourke & Otis's sex scene @ the end & if your going to bother to watch it make sure it's the uncut version so you don't feel like you've wasted the previous 2 hours of your life.

Patrick C (br) wrote: Probably the strangest vampire movie I've ever seen. Count Dracula, under a worse pseudo-name than Alucard, but played by David Carradine decides to try to make good by God by creating a vampire community out in a sun-blasted desert ghost town where they try to create an artificial blood processing plant...Only some of the vampires don't think it's such a hot idea and in the end there's a big western town-wide shoot-out (wooden bullets). Bruce Campbell plays a Van Hellsing descendant who adds quite a bit of light-hearted comedic elements to the movie. Otherwise it's a fairly camp early 90's movie with a few camera moves (a few western-inspired sweeping crane shots to show off the setting) & a musical score that are both clearly bigger than the movie itself.

James H (it) wrote: This is a wonderful, warm and very simple film. Very pleasant performances and Judy Garland sings "Zing Went the Strings of My Heart". What more could you ask for?

Pedro G (ag) wrote: Unfortunately , Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor distorted the whole story of what "should" have been a sequel to the first movie and put unnecessary comedy in history and Nicolas Cage's character . Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance lost all the magic , maturity and seriousness from the 2007 film .

Charlie 7 (mx) wrote: Innocent popcorn entertainment

Aaron C (au) wrote: A tale about youthful choices, mistakes, and determination. not your standard moral tale but pretty well-acted and directed. the ending leaves a bewildering taste though.