Silent But Deadly

Silent But Deadly

During the night, Wile E. Coyote is sitting in his cave reading a book about ninja fighting. He dresses up as a black ninja in an attempt to sneak into Road Runner's nest and eat him. When he gets to the nest, he grabs the Road Runner by the neck only to find out it was a decoy. The real Road Runner then arrives in a white ninja suit to fight the Coyote. Wile E. and Road Runner begin to fight with their new knowledge of martial arts, however, Wile E. isn't as good as he thought he was. After a sword/bladed weapon fight, Wile E. shatters into pieces from Road Runner's golden razor talons.

Thomas Capper is an unconventional and mysterious serial killer who takes aim at a Hollywood film set, by unleashing his own brand of retribution on the cast and crew. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Judge L (mx) wrote: If you enjoy westerns, this one is well worth the watch.

Ghiuli R (fr) wrote: A great little film about a boy called Zozo, who struggles to find normality after his family is killed during civil war in Lebanon, and has to deal with other problems after his arival in Sweden to live with his grandparents.This is a semi-autobiographical story from Josef Fares, with a touching performance from the lead character.

Jessica H (ag) wrote: A very sweet film grounded in reality with a fairytale feel with the perfect ending for this film. There are also a ton of flaws, but the casting is a dream with chemistry and a unique touch that could not be manufactured easily.

Jim Austin T (fr) wrote: Topnotch. A masterpiece of masterpieces.

Jan (gb) wrote: The plot groes more convoluted and less credible as the movie goes along. The finale is one big "What the fuck?!"

Jake D (gb) wrote: The acting is kind of poor in my opinion, but it does have some ok moments. I saw this movie in high scholl, and was definitely not impressed. I'd say skip it.

Trey B (au) wrote: Batman Begins is a great intro into a great trilogy!

ven p (nl) wrote: A classic that does not need to rely on F-bombs or crude humor to get laughs.