Silent City

Silent City

A young Dutch woman, Rosa, comes to Japan to learn the art of preparing fish from Master Hon, the best fish-chef in the world. Against her expectation Rosa has to work in the cleaning-kitchen, together with other unpaid novices. Here begins her lonely journey through the alien and hierarchic world of the famous fish restaurant. After a while Rosa gets into financial problems and she has to take a job on the side. She becomes a hostess in a night club. Her isolation grows and she discovers that working in the club is like being in an ‘aquarium’ herself. The tempting and delicious fishes from Master Hon, as well as his supreme mastership – he catches fish out of the water by hand - make her stay. But to reveal his secret, Rosa has to descend into her own underworld. When night and day meld and it all comes together, she learns to understand the fishes and to become like the master.

A psychological portrait of a young European woman who faces the harsh loneliness of Tokyo in order to master the secrets of the Japanese art of filleting fish. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim H (fr) wrote: If you can't determine by the title that this was going to be a cheesy B-movie, then you need to watch more horror. Neflix kept suggesting I would like it, and I figured their algorithm should know me by now, so I gave it a go. Thank you Neflix for letting me know about this gem.I will admit I almost turned it off 15 minutes in because of the acting of Officer Lou Garou (Lougarou, in one of various translations, is werewolf in Haitian). He just wasn't tough enough, or cheesy enough to pull it off. But the actor, Leo Fafard, finally found his groove, but suddenly he had the right about of cheese with his swagger.I could see this becoming a cult classic. There were lots of quotable lines, and the blood and gore was completely over the top. When Lou turns into a werewolf, chunks of his skin falls off, as his fur pushes through. And the bathroom after his first turn and kills, is completely covered with blood and guts.Besides Lou, the other characters were just as amusing, and I need to get myself a Liquor Donut shirt!Wolfcop 2 : Breed the Wolfpack! is supposed to be in production, and I know I'll be watching the movie when it comes out. If you enjoy Werewolf puns, Cheesy B-Horror Movies with splatters of Gore, I say you'll have a Howlin' good time with WolfCop.

Josh A (jp) wrote: The movie is not very well thought out, and it suffers from bizarre tonal shifts, bad acting, lame dialogue, and a completely boring and uneventful first half. The second half has some scenes that may catch the horror/comedy fan's interest, but it's not shocking or funny enough, and the fact that you have to suffer through the monotony of the first half is pretty egregious.

Scott B (jp) wrote: This film is awesome. The Aussie Football action is great. An excellent film with heart and a great premise.

Samra M (au) wrote: A movie that falls neither here nor there ...Drona could have at least done better if it was promoted right The super-hero (Drona) has nothing extraordinarily exciting to offer! Action is extremely basic and laughable Love story is thoosoo'ed Song are blah Acting to leaves a lot to be desired ...!!!Poor Show

Alex K (gb) wrote: 1999's Fight Club Is One Of My Favorite Films.

Pej D (de) wrote: for thora birch fans only and not for her acting skills that's fo sho!! boring and uninteresting mystery based on a true story retracing the murders of barb hoffman was the perfect aid for me to fall asleep. basically a poor man's bernardo/homolka case that could have been made more interesting.

Adam R (ru) wrote: The future has arrived! I didn't expect to enjoy Meet The Robinsons as much as I did with it being another odd-looking computer-animated movie, but it was pretty awesome. Disney delivers a touching story with good supporting music, just the way I like it. (First viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Sarah C (ca) wrote: Solid heist movie come dysfunctional romantic drama.

Michael S (it) wrote: Starts out promisingly, focusing on the manic lives of air traffic controllers. Then it quickly devolves into a love triangle story. It never recovers. Given the talent involved, a big disappointment.

Marcus W (es) wrote: Tries so hard to be a psychological thriller, then tries to be a Tarantino movie with the backstories, then tries to tie it all up, trips over its own feet, lands on its nose, breaks its nose, cries and throws a tantrum - furious at its own failures.

Corinna C (kr) wrote: this was supposed to be a comedy? chuupzz

Cooper C (au) wrote: Spends way too much time on the boring human story...

Roy C (mx) wrote: Frankenstein's daughter is hot, and that's one organized mob.

Tim R (de) wrote: The greatest hood movie ever!

Markus A (es) wrote: "Lord of War" is a movie with a fascinating plot and one of Nicolas Cage's greatest performances. All this combined with Andrew Niccol's terrific direction makes it all a nice little package worth watching.

Scott M (gb) wrote: A movie about drug addiction. The rise, and the hard fall. Really well edited. Of course Ellen Burstyn is amazing. One of my all time favorites.

Greg W (br) wrote: I found this 2b very formulaic-here it is 'swordfish' mixed with 'the matrix' plus 'london boulevard'= this one