Silent Movie

Silent Movie

Aspiring filmmakers Mel Funn, Marty Eggs and Dom Bell go to a financially troubled studio with an idea for a silent movie. In an effort to make the movie more marketable, they attempt to recruit a number of big name stars to appear, while the studio's creditors attempt to thwart them. The film contains only one word of dialogue, spoken by an unlikely source.

Once-famous comedy director returns to Hollywood with plans for a comeback with his faithful assistants Dom DeLuise and Marty Feldman. And that plan is to produce the first major silent feature film in forty years. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian B (jp) wrote: Below average espionage thriller starring Aidan Quinn and Andy Garcia

Thomas J (us) wrote: its alright, yay Liz Hurley's naked!

Alex M (us) wrote: A road trip, a little bit funny, a little bit dramatic. The characters evolves during the movie, but the story is nothing really special. There is a few nice ideas, but nothing more.

Mark D (br) wrote: Instead of writing more Ill just quote another user review... I honestly dont know how to rate this movie. I really loved it until the end and then I was just totally confused. I was ready to give this 4 or more stars, but the ending was a total f*** up. Im a gay male that is very tired of the live in the moment mentality. Relationship is wheres its at. Or at least where Im at. If it wasnt the main character they f***d up, I would have overlooked this. ***SPOILER ALERT***The main character should have gotten the man, and the roommate should have dumped the boyfriend that left him handcuffed to a bed in a strangers house. ***end of spoiler*** Well, thats 1998 UK filmography I guess. I enjoyed seeing Kevin McKidd in this role. ...that is, except for the storyline that led to the bad ending. I first saw and enjoyed him in the (unfortunately) short lived TV series Journeyman. The 3 stars are for the actors, not the story. Had the story had a better ending it would have been 4 or more. Had the actors not made up for it it would have been 1 or 2 stars.

Sean M (es) wrote: Good comedy for it's time.

Ryan S (us) wrote: This one's not too bad, for a very simple story. Basically a guy just keeps catching on fire due to the experiments done on his parents done by the goverment. There are some great performances here, especially by Dourif. Pretty creepy.

April W (ca) wrote: Gah! Another Carrey movie! *dies*

Benny B (br) wrote: Part urban western, part comic-strip, Walter Hill's cult classic is rollicking good fun, and has lots of style.

Daniel K (us) wrote: 2: A Private Function actually made me think of the BBC television series "Foyle's War". It isn't even remotely in the same league in terms of quality, and it is certainly not in the same style or genre, but it does highlight a rather interesting reality of WWII/post-WWII life in England: food rationing and the inevitable blackmarket it spawned. It seems hard to relate to this kind of environment as a contemporary privileged American, but it certainly was the reality across much of the Western world 50 or 60 years ago. The actual story here is quite ludicrous, but only in how it is handled; the barebones plot is probably fairly plausible, apart from the hijinks and complexities involved in actually stealing, finding, and slaughtering of the pig. There are some great lines, such as Maggie Smith saying in a deadpan and straightforward manner "Well, Gilbert, I think sexual intercourse may be in order", or something to that effect. The marriage proposal scene is pretty amusing as well. On the whole, I think this style of humor just isn't quite my thing. However, I'm sure it would be better with an audience. It's a funny little picture.

Mike L (nl) wrote: dinosaurs and women in fur bikinis, what glorious fun. The dinosaurs are mainly stop-motion and there is no dialogue, they use some made up language but it still is enjoyable campy fun. The story, as usual revolves around a girl in distress, gets rescued, gets in fight with other girl, gets chased, becomes a dinosaur baby, and eventually gets together with the guy who rescued her. Done in typical Hammer style and efficiency it strives to be nothing more than it is, a B-movie.

Kevin W (ru) wrote: 'The Mississippi Mermaid' is an unconvincing attempt at marrying the styles and traditions of the two film makers most beloved of Truffaut's; Alfred Hitchcock and Jean Renoir, to whom the film is a tribute to. Made during his mid-period, considerably after the opening run of terrific films that included 'The 400 Blows', 'Shoot The Pianist' and 'Jules et Jim', the film has the feel of a director who has lost his way and his creativity. Despite being one of the most widely known and influential directors of the French New Wave, Truffaut has been accused by many of this and certainly by the mid 70s was stuck in a rut with the Antoine Doinel cycle, which he never seemed to escape from.'The Mississippi Mermaid' is based on the Cornell Woolrich short story 'Waltz Into Darkness'. The Hitchcock association is enhanced by the fact that 'Rear Window' was written by Woolrich. The film obviously has noirish aspirations, which is contrasted by the bright colours and location shooting in Reunion, an French colonial island just off Madagascar in the Indian Ocean (amended from Woolrich's original American setting). A plantation owner, Louis Mahe (Jean Paul Belmondo) advertises for a mail order bride and the woman he's been courting and has offered to marry arrives on the boat which the film's title is named after. Julie Roussell (Catherine Deneuve) is a beautiful woman whom any man would fall in love with, but her story doesn't add up. She doesn't resemble the photo she sent (she says it was her sister), the ring doesn't fit (Julie tied string around her finger to indicate the size of the wedding ring) and she drinks coffee, when she originally stated in her letters that she only drank tea.In spite of these lies which completely destroy her credibility, and it's surely clear that Louis is aware of these lies and accepts them, they marry. The marriage is of course a scam, as Julie clears his bank account and returns to France, pursued not only by Louis, but a private detective hired by Louis and the real Julie's sister. When they are reunited, she explains that her gangster love devised the scheme for her to impersonate Julie (hints of 'Vertigo' perhaps) but that he took the money. Given Marion (as her real name is) has lied before, why should we (and Louis) believe her? Whether he does or not, he's so hopelessly in love with her that he'll forgive anything and do anything for her, even commit murder.Not only does the film hint at 'Vertigo', but also 'Marnie' perhaps; we have two emotionally damaged protagonists engaged in a perverse love affair that's dangerous to them and a female lead who changes identities. As a tribute to Hitchcock, it doesn't really work, lacking any depth or subtlety. The narrative itself is pretty flimsy and the motivations of Louis and Julie/Marion are too contrived. Where 'Vertigo' explored love as self-delusion and obsession convincingly and traumatically, this just seems like a poor tribute to that and seems completely half-hearted. The other later period Truffaut films I've seen; 'Two English Girls', 'The Woman Next Door' and 'Finally Sunday' were also quite frustrating. They were clearly well made and competent films by a gifted film maker but lacked spark and finesse, and were obviously flawed. The same accusation could easily be levelled at 'The Mississippi Mermaid'.

Heri C (br) wrote: La sra, Masina, la misma de la Strada, en otra interpretacion memorable, en un filme colorido, surrealista y bello.

Drew R (ag) wrote: This is like a match made in Drew heaven... a musical starring Anna Karina from the 60s?! Sadly, the music is just not as catchy as I would like. The story itself is pretty basic and silly. Anna is a total twee / hipster / Manic Pixie Dream Girl... complete with Harry Potter glasses and bangin bangs. It's a pity this is not on DVD or Blu Ray. It's stupid that society lets relics and gems like this waste away by letting them fall out of print. I suppose being a made-for-tv film didn't help. Thank goodness for YouTube. I may watch this a second time down the road to see if I enjoy the music more.


Austin W (br) wrote: while a pretty unique spin on the penguin animated genre this one is in the middle of lets say the pebble and the penguin and happy feet not as good as happy feet but better then pebble and the penguin. it teaches a strong lesson and has a few laughs but for the most part its weird and boring id give this a pass.

Kyle S (au) wrote: My Manchester United history is admittedly a little fuzzy, but I don't think of Mr Beckham as a poster boy for challenging gender roles within certain cultures and religions. He lends his name and likeness (albeit briefly in stock footage and smiling poster form) to the film because of his innate ability to curl a ball, in other words 'bending it'. The heroine of the film, Jesminder Bhamra (Parminder Nagra) does her own sort of bending too but far from simply learning to emulate her favourite footballer, her story is a surprisingly considered view of a girl challenging the social and cultural norms or her upbringing.Bend It Like Beckham follows Jesminder Bhamra, an 18-year-old Indian girl from a family of Punjabi Sikhs living in West London. Jess is mad about football and clearly possesses talent but she's only ever played in the park until a chance meeting with the feisty Jules (Keira Knightley) introduces her to the local girls football team. This is not exactly what her family expects from her as a young woman and this conflict of interest generates more than a little household tension.I went into this film thinking that it would be a standard coming-of-age tale, complete with a lead that rises up the ranks of the sport. Scenes of football action are obviously present, and they have a refreshing amateur feel to them, but football is merely the framework for a story that deals with challenging conventions. Bend It Like Beckham is ambitious as it touches on friendship, family, tradition, gender roles, homosexuality and religion. Ok, so it doesn't plumb the depths of each of these but they are all present, weaving an interesting tapestry that is Jess's world.It has been said that one of the great taboos is religion, and its presence and portrayal in cinema has arguably not been in the best light (although that's probably a subject for another blog post - opinions are plentiful and varied!). What can be said for Bend It Like Beckham is that it's never disrespectful, poking fun in all the right places. There's a reverence in the humour that is reflected in Jess's character too, and that's down to writer-director Gurinder Chadha clearly playing to her strengths and drawing on her own background for some authentic family drama. I'm well aware that this film was made around 12 years ago but the dialogue especially makes it feel dated with plenty of moments to make you cringe. Were the early 2000's really like that?For all its ambition and topical nature, Bend It Like Beckham is still quite plain and only sporadically enjoyable. It starts well enough but unfortunately still feels the need to go for a Hollywood-style ending that ties up all the loose ends along with the weak romantic thread, and ultimately it doesn't do justice to all the interesting elements of society and culture that it wants to address.

Alvin Y (nl) wrote: First of all, the major problem of the movie is how the police force deal with the motorists outside the tunnel, ha? Then, we see some Stallone heroic act than a Stallone characteristic or the tension and suspense towards the people trapped there in that tunnel. Poor film.