Silent Night

Silent Night

The police force of a remote Midwestern town search for a killer Santa Claus who is picking off citizens on Christmas Eve.

The police force of a remote Midwestern town search for a killer Santa Claus who is picking off citizens on Christmas Eve. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Farah R (de) wrote: A satisfactory indie drama sustained by the heartfelt performances of its adept cast and sentimental story. There's much to be entertained by as the music or songs are enjoyable and it's rather simple to connect and relate to the emotional aspects of the plot.

Merchy R (nl) wrote: I saw it and it was soming to thank about later down the line.....

Bruno V (ru) wrote: I liked almost all the actors , also Bale but he did stay a bit to relaxt , wanted to see more fury and balls to revenge his brother . Bud good movie . SOMDVD

Frank J (kr) wrote: ...Rvolutionnaire. 13 Tzameti est rellement un chef-d'oeuvre cinmatographique, une ralisation profonde qui choque et qui dstabilise l'auditoire. Imaginez le meilleur de Saw, Hostel, Lady vengeance, Battle royale...! Non, j'exagre un peu, mais a reflte bien l'tat d'esprit de Babluani, qui nous a littralement servi une petite merveille, probablement mme un classique cinmatographique qui continuera de se louer pendant des dcennies, voire mme des sicles (si la Terre existe encore), et je le pense sincrement. Pour visionner 13 Tzameti, il est vident que l'on doit tre prt tout, et surtout bien ouvert d'esprit, puisqu'on n'aborde pas le thme du dsespoir et du sacrifice aussi lgrement que l'on ne le fait dans des films comme Hostel et Saw. Ainsi, quand on retire le disque du lecteur, on ressent un malaise de vivre. Un profond malaise.

Geoffrey T (ru) wrote: Uhhh...I like this movie. There are specs of brilliance all over the place. The acting is really good, and the writing is really good. But, I have to say, the fact that this SO closely resembles Before Sunrise and Before Sunset ruins it a bit. It's not a bad movie or anything, but I fear it thinks it's innovative when the exact same thing has been done before.

TR J (nl) wrote: Stupid. Unfunny. Downright insulting to anyone with at least half a brain. But maybe I'm being too harsh. Some halfwits might laugh at this krap. Awful writing. Phony acting. Did I watch it all to come to this conclusion? Hell no! A few scenes of this forced humor with Baby Jesus prayers and redneck lampooning ad nauseam is more than enough to draw conclusions.

Darrin C (au) wrote: Wow! Better than the 1st movie which was still quite good. This film has even more ridiculous stunts (remember, on purpose) and a more focused story in my opinion. Very good! The action is just as good, but paced better.

Mathias S (nl) wrote: Wer Cthulhugeschichten mag, den drfte dieser Film interessieren. Ein Okkultismusgeladener Film, der mich an Chronos erinnert, sich aber leider nicht ernst genug nimmt. Die Figurentypen sind so daneben, dass sie fast wieder an Authentizitt gewinnen, sind aber im Spiel nicht hinreichend tief. Ein guter Cast htte den Film um einiges aufwerten knnen. Zu faul spielen die Darsteller das bersinnliche. Fr infizierte ok, fr den Rest wahrscheinlich eher eine Niete.

Tanya (br) wrote: Very good,Very good!!

Mari s (ag) wrote: I am a lesbian, and I really want to see this movie! I love the snatch!

Eric A (mx) wrote: not what I expected and not what I hoped for.

Sam R (ca) wrote: Underrated. Big year for fictional NBA films with this and Celtic Pride coming out within months of each other. Whoopi's kinda funny, but the NBA cameos and tough guy Dennis Farina as the asshole coach (as he also played in Little Big League) give film rewatchability.

Clark P (it) wrote: Scott Grimes was already a veteran of the comedy horror genre when he appeared in 'Night Life', having already starred in the suprise box office hit 'Critters' and it's first sequel. He had the distinction of being one of the few juvenile leads who never came across as annoying and here he puts his likeability to good use as put upon high school student Archie who works part time at his uncle's mortuary. A sort of cross between a John Hughes movie and 'Return Of The Living Dead', 'Night Life' has Archie battling for his life when the school bullies, killed in a tragic accident, are reanimated at the mortuary and continue to torment but in far more ghastly ways! Tongue-in-cheek and with some grisly special effects, 'Night Life' is an overlooked gem for zombie fans.

Joel S (jp) wrote: Probably the best adaptation of an Agatha Christie novel that I've seen. It's certainly better than the ridiculously overrated Murder on the Orient Express.

Atom J (us) wrote: this is like the "reefer madness" for "lesbianism". it has barely anything to do with acid, and it's soft porn meets nancy reagan PSA BS. but for sheer entertainment value, you gotta love the intention and overall effect of flashing boobies in the pre-Deep Throat era... before it became a cliche, this may have helped define the "porn music" sound... hilarious and boring at the same time.

Wes S (ag) wrote: Relies a little too much on Lugosi and is weak on plot and characters, but it has some good attributes and elements. It's a decent crime story that doesn't drag on too long. Nothing too memorable, but still. it's not awful.

Facebook U (ru) wrote: This comedy is not serious at all. Maybe too playful. I still wasn't bored and liked all that crazy stuff worthy of Saturday Night Live. Jessica is so beautiful and delightful in this.