Silent Partner

Silent Partner

Gordon Patrick, a young CIA analyst is assigned to investigate the mysterious death of a major Russian political figure.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English,Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:thong,  

Gordon Patrick (Nick Moran), a young CIA analyst is assigned to investigate the mysterious death of a major Russian political figure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Silent Partner torrent reviews

Mohammad K (au) wrote: A really touching movie. Reflects the reality of Lebanon. Amazing. Just loved it :')

Emily H (gb) wrote: One of my favorites.

Victor V (es) wrote: very unbelievable cast and story

Erin B (ru) wrote: To marevalo83: Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt this is a childs move just cause your a lonely 23 year old bitch with a stick up your ass doesn't mean you should go trolling and putting bad reviews on one of the greatest movies of all times. FUCK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY. This movie is excellent.

Jagruti S (ca) wrote: Aamir Khan's most memorable performance. Very well directed movie. I must have see at east 40-50 times

MattChu P (it) wrote: Absolutely amazing!!!!! Great music as well!

Eric B (de) wrote: It's not just a movie about shakespeare, but it is also a fascinating documentary about acting. And who better to give us insights into serious acting than Mr Al Pacino himself?

Gerard D (gb) wrote: A killer/rapist gets infected with Ebola and spreads the desease by serving infected meat. This is over the top, misogynistic, perverse, bloody and WRONG cat-3 Chinese exploitation. Mutilation, cannibalism, rape, and much, much more. Not exactly the average sunday afternoon flick for the whole family. Seeing is believing.

Andrew W (nl) wrote: Exellent film with an exellent ending!!

Lisa E (de) wrote: Not technically the most well made film ever, but very sweet - and has a place in my heart as the first lesbian film I ever saw.

Sanford R (mx) wrote: This is an excellent film. I really enjoy the Pacific Northwest scenery.

Timothy M (ag) wrote: I had to suffer through a pan-and-scan version, which was not pleasant at all, but I think the film is well made enough for it to work, even if I've only seen half of it, technically. Or less. Bill Holden is excellent as usual, but a little too old for the role I think. Actually the whole ensemble is great, but Kim Novak is a dubious talent indeed. Acting-wise anyway. It's surprisingly frank for a Hollywood film about sexual anxiety in the 50s.

Matthew D (es) wrote: Had some good laughs. It was quite worrying that I could identify with Sean William Scott's character so much... I am a broken man.