Silent Sonata

Silent Sonata

Described as a Slovenian war drama.

Described as a Slovenian war drama. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ming Siu G (ag) wrote: If you ever wanted to see annoying Jap kids get blasted away, this is for you. It can get rather repetitive, though.

Chandler H (it) wrote: Horrible, The plot is unoriginal and not to entertaining unless to like watch inbreds chase around teenagers and gratuitous gore if so this movie is for you. If you like myself, have seen enough of that then don't feel bad for missing this one.

Ben L (it) wrote: I've never wished a movie would do a better job of living up to its potential than I did with this film. The first act of this movie has basically everything I would want in a film. They load it with action, mystery, and even a hilarious voice-over that breaks the fourth wall constantly. I was enjoying myself so much that I was starting to think that this might be one of the best movies I had seen in years. But there was a certain point, and I couldn't tell you exactly where it happened, but suddenly I was struggling with the film. The plot got convoluted, the actions of the protagonists became illogical, and the voice-over became very limited. I was no longer following the story or laughing! This was a huge problem, until it hit the third act and suddenly the loose ends started to tie up and the logical connections were re-established, and the voice-over returned. So if I could judge the entire film on the beginning and end I would be giddy, but that middle section needed some serious help. Unfortunately, this seems to be my struggle with most of Shane Black's scripts. He definitely has a writing style and sense of humor that I appreciate, and he creates the kind of stories I love, but there always seems to be some struggle with the plot along the way. I'd probably recommend Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and it might work better for me if I watch it again, but on my first viewing I found it just short of awesome.

Daniel A (au) wrote: There is some absolutely breathtaking scenery in this film. My kids and I were totally amazed at some of the incredible shots they were able to achieve - that no human eye would be able to capture without some keen innovations, such as bird-mounted cameras, and super slow-motion video. Highly recommended!

Jonathan W (fr) wrote: one if the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. wanted it to stop so bad but it didn't it just went on and on.

Kalle R (fr) wrote: This is a very movig film andRobert Carlyle is a very fineactor, which this feature is thebest showcase of. See it!

Matt M (de) wrote: A lounge sister is put under the witness relocation programme in a convent after witnessing her gangster boyfriend commit a murder. Her presence in the convent shakes the place up. The film is full of implausibilities for fun's sake. Whoopi Goldberg's presence makes the film fun, yet there is no denying the fact that the screenplay seems to do all it can to be as straight forward and unoriginal as possible.

Rob M (ru) wrote: Some cartoonish over-the-top acting at times by Eastwood (when he gets angry while driving in several scenes, he goes bug-eyed and slams the horn several times before stomping on the brakes). Sondra Locke often appears to be in a high-school production, hamming it up as a spoiled, frigid heiress. Somehow it all ends up to be a charmingly entertaining good time.

Christopher H (gb) wrote: Not as funny as one would expect from a film featuring guys wearing garbage bags to pose as leeches. Story is awfully straightforward, the acting is bland, and the monsters are silly-looking. At least it was only an hour long.

Rory C (ag) wrote: This deserves its respect as the ultimate exponent of neorealism through the performances of the non actors peopling the Sicilian village where it is set. It's raw, beguiling, intriguing, with zero pretention, and a sweet naivety to the portrayals. I wonder what success the film would have enjoyed if the original Italian audiences had been given subtitles to the village dialect spoken by the participants...

Vadim D (mx) wrote: It's not nearly as complicated as other Hitchcock films, but could be one of his best and still full of underlying themes and premises that can be debated. Robert Walker and Farley Granger make a perfect pairing, and that is exactly what Hitchcock was after.

Khaled M (de) wrote: Emilia Clark was a huge surprise for me, I read the book too and was really admiring how Clark did a great job playing the character and funny she is.