Silent Souls

Silent Souls

Present days. A man and his companion go on a journey to cremate the dead body of the former beloved wife, on a riverbank in the area where they spent their honeymoon.

Present days. A man and his companion go on a journey to cremate the dead body of the former beloved wife, on a riverbank in the area where they spent their honeymoon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sara B (au) wrote: really want to see it

Andy S (jp) wrote: I had heard some good reports about this one and, despite it being in Spanish (with subtitles), I decided to be brave and give it a look. I wasn(TM)t disappointed, it(TM)s quite a compelling story that(TM)s well written, well acted and well produced. Set in Bolivia, it tells the tale of a film crew who become involved with the native population and their dispute with a water company. Here(TM)s a very brief summary before I give you my thoughts.A group of filmmakers led by producer Costa (Luis Tosar) and director, Sebastin (Gael Garca Bernal) are making a film about the early settlers in South America. They are filming in Bolivia and use the local indigenous population as extras, playing the parts of the natives. One of them, Daniel (Juan Carlos Aduviri), is a bit of a troublemaker but Sebastin likes him and he is cast as the leader of the natives, Atuey. It turns out that the natives are in a dispute with the local water company who have cut off their clean water supply. They are not even allowed to collect the rain! Of course this escalates and Daniel is right on the front line. Costa, fearing his film could be ruined if Daniel is hurt, arrested, or injured, tries to persuade him to take a back seat But as he explains, ~some things are more important than your film(TM). The cast and crew all know the natives grievances are justified but can(TM)t seem to get the authorities to listen. It(TM)s all heading for a large confrontation, but who will finish on top?I found it very easy to identify with all of the main players thanks to some great performances from all involved and also a really nicely written script. It(TM)s really well shot with nice big, easily legible subtitles (more like this please foreign filmmakers!). It was interesting to see a film set in that region, we don(TM)t see very much from that part of the world. There are also some historical facts about the conquistadors that I wasn(TM)t aware of and so it even educated be a little! I love the way it slowly dawns on the crew that the mistakes made 500 years previously are still being made today! Over all, I found it well worth a look and it(TM)s one I would certainly look at again sometime.SteelMonster(TM)s verdict: RECOMMENDEDMy score: 8.3/10

Bill R (ru) wrote: The back of the dvd was a littel misleading but it was a good movie. Something to watch. More then just a straight to dvd movie. I was surprised because I've never heard of this movie.

Neil M (br) wrote: Pretty good actually.

Jason H (gb) wrote: Good movie, good story. Go see/rent it.

Countess N (kr) wrote: I think who ever thought up this movie was smoking pot at the time lol!

Silvia F (de) wrote: It may not have the highest production value and has several useless scenes but it still has an intriguing mystery story with interesting twists along with some characters you can really root for.Grade:B

Alok B (jp) wrote: One of my all time favorites

Dustin D (kr) wrote: Tokyo Drifter is a style-over-substance sort of film. It is vividly colorful, but could use more dramatic heft. Good period piece and moderately fun film, overall.

Stella D (ca) wrote: truly bizarre. you'll have to watch and judge for yourself if it's wildly romantic or ridiculously over the top. it's as if the archers had directed 'the fountain'...not quite as good but more fun. a gorgeous looking film. some call this lewin's masterpiece but i'll take 'the picture of dorian gray'

Claire H (es) wrote: It's a really cute movie. Jimmy Stewart's adorable in it.

Nathan A (ag) wrote: Amazingly awesome, a perfectly made film. The single shot battle sequences are jaw-dropping, and after the first 20 minutes you're completely hooked on the story.

Andrew J (gb) wrote: This moved well and I enjoyed the characters.

Jade G (jp) wrote: By far one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It lacked suspense and wasn't even the slightest bit scary. Boring from beginning to end.

Berni E (br) wrote: I can't believe this is Tom Cruise and Sean Penn THIRTY TWO YEARS AGO - omg.

Mira Mohd S (ag) wrote: Wow, this film really took a while to release here in the Emirates, I am guessing it was due to its disastrous performance at the U.S box office when it released back in October 2015. And for people who do decide to watch this film, let me clear this - Bruce Willis is not the lead here (the misleading marketing seems to persist on that), Bill Murray is! Willis appears in about 3-4 scenes in total. And also this is not a laugh out comedy about an American in Afghanistan. Instead its a dark take on the opposing cultural norms between the East and the West. An exemplary concept, no doubt, especially in todays time. On paper, this concept works as a dark comedy with Bill Murray. Playing his usual fish-out-of- water character like we've seen numerous times before, and it works because he's Bill Murray. But despite being meant to be a personality-driven about cultures, director Barry Levinson's film tries to take on more than it can chew and fails. Sure, it has great jokes and fun moments but they are far too distant from one another to be effective. What's worse is that they try to use comedy to send a message, and it fails miserably, to the point of embarrassment of how an American film just mismanaged someone else's culture. Inspired by a true story of young female singer in Afghanistan, the story follows Richie Lanz (Bill Murray), a washed-up Southern California music promoter, overflowing with stories of his relationships with famous rock musicians, but short on recent success. In desperation to please his secretary/ only client /cover singer Ronnie Smiler (Zooey Deschanel), he books her a gig in at the USO tour of American military bases in Afghanistan. Fearing for her life in the hostile country, Ronnie escapes with Richie's money and passport. With no cash, no identification and a two-week wait for the U.S. Embassy to get him a new passport, Richie ends up meeting a bunch of colorful characters like the popular local American-born prostitute, Merci (Kate Hudson), the mercenary Bombay Brian (Bruce Willis) and arm dealers Nick (Danny McBride) & Jake (Scott Cann). Richie also gets some much-needed transportation services, street knowledge, cultural education and translation services (not to mention friendship and good advice) from a kind, young Disco-loving local cab driver named Riza (Arian Moayed). In order to fast track his passport process & to earn some quick cash Richie agrees to make a delivery for Nick & Jake to a local tribal chief Tariq Khan (Fahim Fazli). Late at night, while outside taking care of some personal business, Richie hears the beautiful voice of Tariq's daughter Salima (Leem Lubany) singing in the distance. Enchanted by her voice, Richie uses all his charm and skills to make Salima the first woman to appear on the very popular reality TV show "Afghan Star", which is the local equivalent of "American Idol". These outrages people all over, as woman in the countries culture are not permitted to sing in the public. Even though by helping Salima, Richie has endangered his life, he is ready to go any distance to make Salima's dream come true. The film does start off well, with classic Bill Murray tropes in places. Even though most of the scenes seem like fillers for the upcoming second half, the characters on screen manage to keep you hooked on. The funniest scene would be, when Richie starts singing the 1972 rock track Smoke on the Water, in front of a confused Afghan tribe. The film starts to drag on the moment it dives into the geo-politics of Afghan society, where women are forbidden to sing and dance. Thereby hitting a break to the humor in favor of pushing down messages about liberty down our throats. Most importantly, throughout its run time of 106 minutes, it felt like two unfinished films were plasters together to somehow find a way to work. The set up seems ready to go, but director Barry Levinson (Rain Man, Good Morning Vietnam) never establishes an idea of what kind of film this wants to be. It wants to be a satire on music business, but dwells into dark terrorist War drama, while juggling with a coming to acceptance philosophy and fish out of water jokes. There is no moral to the story, other than just placing Richie from one difficult situation to the next, and using his charm to get out of this situation. The film is supposed to show the struggles with religion, apartheid, culture, and what is acceptable within people's beliefs. It's a dangerous subject to have as a comedy-drama, and here it just doesn't work, despite the best efforts from the cast, and having such a prolific director at the helm, it should have been a safe bet. Not to mention, the environment the movie has us in is in a gloomy, depressing world that would have been fine had it been a drama, but as a comedy, it brings it down even more. And what is with the bunch of recognizable actors/actresses having underdeveloped parts? There's definitely some of that smarmy, irreverent humor that made Murray famous in the early 1980s, but not as much as you might think based on the trailers. The film is an entertaining mix of Murray-esque comedic situations, war-time satire, social commentary and old Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam songs. The main characters are generally likable, while the situations are only pseudo-realistic, but the film is sometimes charming and amusing, if not laugh-out-loud funny. The main problem with the film is that the script, directing and performances soft pedal both the comedy and the drama in an attempt to have it both ways. I've always been a fan of Bill Murray ever since I can remember. Since I haven't seen too many of his films this current millennium, so as soon as I heard about this one, I had to see it. Bill Murray spewing one-liner after one-liner as he has often done in films. The problem was that this time, I didn't think it worked because I did not find any of it to be funny. I guess the big draw about this film was supposed to be just Bill Murray being Bill Murray in Afghanistan. I guess the comedy in this one was supposed to be the contrast between his sleazy, Hollywood-type with the Middle East. I also found it odd that his character had a young daughter considering how old Murray is. Despite not finding any of it funny, I still thought Bill Murray way okay at depicting this. Leem Lubany plays her part well. Despite all the commotion in the background, her character seemed the most relatable. Her scenes were the most exciting to me as I was interested in the cultural issues and I thought Salima was actually a good singer which made it entertaining. Kate Hudson as the sexy seductress seemed apt in her role. Arian Moayed is likable. Bruce Willis, Danny McBride, Scott Caan, Taylor Kinney and Zooey Deschanel appear in small underwritten parts. With such a talent aboard and an idea that could raise plenty of questions about the war, and American influence on the Middle East,the film should have been more interesting and way funnier, but ends up being a disappointment despite the presence of good actors. On the whole, 'Rock the Kasbah' has its moments, but misfires the moment it jumps into geo politics. It's no surprise that the filmed bombed so hard when released, it's not aimed at a specific demographic (it may have got in some hardcore Murray fans), has a strange Three Kings feel to it, and the final scene of the film is more of a whimper than anything else, because the subject matter is nothing new, we see these people's struggles everyday on the news and in the media, we don't need a comedy about it.

Gome A (kr) wrote: Yes I watched this and I'm man enough to admit it!