Silent Valley

Silent Valley

A sheriff tracking a gang of rustlers discovers that one of them is the brother of his fiance.

A sheriff tracking a gang of rustlers discovers that one of them is the brother of his fiance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Muhammad A (au) wrote: great film, didn't like ending but very enjoyable

Kayla B (au) wrote: HiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioiiiiiiiiiiiiiioIiiiiiiiiiiiooii

Martin J (it) wrote: How can so many quality actors end up making such an awful movie?

Matt G (ca) wrote: Heavy handed and one-sided at times. Still, an interesting film. Also has some unintentional humor and can be surprisingly touching.

anthony b (ag) wrote: Another wack mma movie from kickboxing legend Hector Echavarria, this is nothing more than softcore porn with a few fights thrown in featuring UFC stars Rasheed Evans, Forrest Griffin and Keth Jardine. "Unrivaled" is another in a long line of movies trying to cash-in on the current popularity of the UFC and mr Echavarria has been the biggest offender to date with three such movies now under his belt - please no more!

Colin D (ca) wrote: jay brannan's comic relief saves this from being a big cliche.

Di P (us) wrote: A Christian Based Film, A true story about a Scottish African White Family managing a farm in Africa during a drought conditions. Shows their struggles (ups and downs) and finding Christ in their life. This movie is a little to preachy for me, but I dd enjoy the story line. If you don't believe in a God, have faith in something or someone whether it's the universe, yourself or your own god, and it will get you through the rough times.

Breno B (br) wrote: bem divertido e diferente.

Cole W (ag) wrote: Satisfying for a popcorn flick viewing and for an analytical viewing. Ghost in the Shell is a thought-provoking, complex, and groundbreaking anime movie that would become highly influential to not just anime movies, but to live-action movies.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Tony G (mx) wrote: This plays like a modern day B movie, but it's great if you like to suspend your disbelief and watch something a little silly for a few hours. The special effects are quite bad, the plot is laughable and yet it is oddly entertaining for all that. I got about half way through before I said to myself, "Hey! It's that man from Star Trek!"

Tim S (au) wrote: Considered by director Terry Gilliam to be a part of his "Trilogy of Imagination" (which also includes Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen), Time Bandits was one of the director's first fully-formed films. He had co-directed Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Jabberwocky had established his particular style, but Time Bandits is when Gilliam was running on all cylinders, creating highly visual worlds and stories that, while not all were box office smashes, helped usher in a unique voice in the film world at large. Time Bandits, in all probability, is the most audience-friendly film that Terry Gilliam has ever made. What seemed on paper to be nothing more than a children's story transformed on screen into a grandiose fairy tale that is easily accessed by both children and adults. The film is akin to many of the dark fairy tale films of the 80's but rises above them because of its sheer originality and utter delight. The simple tale of a band of dwarfs who have stolen a secret map from the Supreme Being (Ralph Richardson) allowing them to jump through portals in time with the aid of a young boy never comes close to pretentious or underwhelming. Zeal is dripping from every corner of the frame as the group jumps from one time period to the next, encountering the likes of Napoleon (Ian Holm), Robin Hood (John Cleese), and King Agamemnon (Sean Connery) of Greece. Hot on their trail, however, is someone who wants the map more than they do, by the name of Evil (David Warner). Also a part of the ensemble are Michael Palin (who also co-wrote the film), Shelley Duvall, and Katherine Helmond (the latter of whom worked with Gilliam again in Brazil). Keen eyes will also spot Jim Broadbent as the TV show host. With beautiful cinematography, a wonderful orchestral score, great performances, and a story that is both light and dark enough to reach a wide range of people, Time Bandits is a magical film. It's a bit of a clich to say, but it's the kind of film that the whole family can enjoy. It managed to do eight times its budget in 1981, and I imagine that if it were made today, it might have even done better.

Richard D (ag) wrote: An unjustly obscure gritty police procedural from the producers of "The French Connection". It has the best car chase ever committed to film.

Doug M (kr) wrote: This one started off looking very promising. It has lots of good action sequences, and it's certainly a lot more polished than "Aces High." But what that movie lacked in polish, it more than made up for in compelling writing, strong acting, and character development. This one didn't -- there was no real character development, and its one attempt at romance just kept going over the same ground again and again. Also, by the time of the final battle scene, everyone we cared about had been shot down, so there was really no emotional impact. In the end, the movie felt like a Harry Turtledove novel, with many characters and lots of detailed action sequences, but no memorable drama. It's sad, because they had so much great acting talent at their disposal but did so little with it. 2.5 stars.

Jeffrey B (fr) wrote: Nice adaptation, staying mostly true to the comic book of the same name, although there are some parts missing in the movie while the comic book has it all.

Jason U (nl) wrote: Despite occasionally distracting directing and cinematography, this one will own you from start to finish. Weisz is great, per usual. However, if you say you wouldn't have preferred to see Stallone or Statham ride in and destroy all the bad guys at the climax, you're kidding yourself.