Silk, the toughest cop in Honolulu, busts small time smugglers only to reveal a larger syndicate smuggling Asian mobsters into the States by buying the identities of Hawaiian citizens.

Silk, the toughest cop in Honolulu, busts small time smugglers only to reveal a larger syndicate smuggling Asian mobsters into the States by buying the identities of Hawaiian citizens. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kairi F (it) wrote: a movie that has good actors and great potential, but falls short of the big picture. it's what happens when adult life becomes reality, that whole story could have been told better

Trey B (ca) wrote: Not as bad as critics say.

Vance F (kr) wrote: It takes FOREVER to get going. The build-up is about 20 minutes too long. Too much time is spent trying to make us care about these characters. It was marketed very poorly. So I get why it failed. However, when the action starts, when the aliens show up, I'm not ashamed to admit I was entertained as hell. It didn't try to be more than what it was, just a little entertaining action movie with a little cat/mouse chess match like drama. It was cheesy as hell when they brought in the grid system like the board game, but this was an occasion where I ate up the cheese.

Emod L (au) wrote: 62%Solomon Kane falls prey to some of the typical fantasy cliches, but the gore and action eye candy are glorious enough to entertain.

Can O (ru) wrote: I didn't read the book, but I could understand what is coming next. Also shotting is awful and there is so many emptiness between scenes. Nothing to watch except for Monica Belluci.

Manny C (es) wrote: The only other thing more prevalent on primetime television now than singing is dancing. This doc from Marilyn Agrelo goes deeper into that topic than say, Dancing With The Stars, and it's a pleasure and tremendously entertaining. Her doc follows a school of fifth graders from New York City, all of them representing different income levels and all of them learning to bust a ballroom move during a ten week course. It's swinging and inspiring, especially listening to the kids themselves and watching them stut their movies.

Billie W (us) wrote: Kind of more like a poem than an actual movie.

Nikki C (kr) wrote: I actually liked it for a action film. Aaliyah was d best!

Law C (kr) wrote: Say what you will about the silly plot and over-the-top acting, I still think this movie is just plain #*%&ing fun. [Law C you are fined one credit for a violation of the verbal morality statute]

Courtney C (ru) wrote: When you watch the movie "Cars" you and you are from the Ozarks you feel a connection. The ways that the characters from Radiator Springs speak, act, and live are so familiar feeling. There are some characters who are more educated than other or who are able to do work that others could not. That is just how it is here in the Ozarks, there are many different people who live in this are but, we need all of those people because if we were missing one of those parts we would not function as we are now. Working together to get through the rough times is how they survive. They are there to help assist and encourage each other. I would give this movie a five out of five stars because it is a movie that touches close to me and I believe that it is a movie that, no matter what your age is, anyone can enjoy this movie. There are parts of this movie that anyone can take from to learn or simply appreciate. I believe that every person can relate, at least a little, to one of the characters. The major theme of this movie is that you can connect to someone no matter how different you are because in the end we really have more in common than we usually think. This movie showed me that people who come from different places and seem to be so different but in the end, if you pull together, that group can make something great. I have noticed that we seem to bypass things that use to be so important because it takes too long. Personally, I enjoy taking the long ride (sight seeing) because I like to take a step back and see what most never will because they are too worried about time. Why does it matter if you have "all the time in the world" if you do nothing with it. I could not imagine going through life worried only about the little moment, like Lightening McQueen in the beginning, because then you will never enjoy the small things, as Mator shows. The characters in this movie, though it may be a cartoon, remind me of many people that I know. My friends and family could make up the fine people of Radiator Springs because it is so accurate for the people in this area. I believe that the characters are very believable; in fact, I learned that the characters are loosely based on real people. My husband reminds me a lot of Doc because he knows more than he lets on but he will also show people what he can do when he feels that he needs to. My husband works his normal job, does mechanic work on the side, and is always there for people when they are in need. The music in this movie has a way of speaking to the people as they watch the movie. I very rarely feel a connection to a movie because not many movies can capture the feeling of living in an area like the Ozarks. There are people who come here and believe that we are nothing but simple rednecks who know nothing because of how we speak or do certain things. It is important for people to realize that just because the people in smaller towns may do things different doesn't meant that it is wrong. "Cars" is a movie that can touch the lives of many. I believe that this movie is something that can show people a new way of thinking when they see someone who may be different. Even those people that you see as "bad" can change if given the chance and shown the beauty in what is around them.

Camille L (au) wrote: Ce qui est tres beau avec ce film de David Zucker, c'est qu'il parvient a etre pathetique de bout en bout, sans jamais arracher le moindre sourire a son spectateur. Si Terence Stamp n'est pas trop mal, le reste du casting est abominable (il va vraiment falloir arreter avec Molly Shannon), le scenario est affligeant et parfois meme clairement offensant par son manque reel de discernement, la mise en scene faineante (triste de la part du realisateur des deux premiers Naked Gun...) et comme toute bonne comedie moisie qui se respecte, les Barenaked Ladies sont a la BO.

Marah R (fr) wrote: The movie holds a profound uniqueness that gives this type of horror originality in which it stands out. It does however lack an impactful ending after the roller coaster it takes.

Cooper H (es) wrote: Not even one semi good chase sequence can save this debacle of a Mad Max film. Without the grit and the action and the infusion of multiple random kids, this is a boring and for the most part unenjoyable movie.