Silk Stockings

Silk Stockings

A musical remake of Ninotchka: After three bumbling Soviet agents fail in their mission to retrieve a straying Soviet composer from Paris, the beautiful, ultra-serious Ninotchka is sent to complete their mission and to retrieve them. She starts out condemning the decadent West, but gradually falls under its spell, with the help of Steve Canfield, an American movie producer.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:117 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   dancer,   dancing,  

A musical remake of Ninotchka: After three bumbling Soviet agents fail in their mission to retrieve a straying Soviet composer from Paris, the beautiful, ultra-serious Ninotchka is sent to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kathie H (jp) wrote: I don't know why the critics don't like it....don't much care. I cried my eyes out and it was a way better movie than a couple Oscar movies I watched this week. If you like Shia you will not be disappointed.

Derek S (de) wrote: Watch this movie. Pay attention, but watch it.

Walter M (nl) wrote: You must excuse Eli(Jesse Eisenberg) for being late to his audition. You see he has had a tough last 24 hours that began with him getting drunk at a jock party he crashed the night before. The following morning he gives a ride to his mother(Melissa Leo) to a rehab clinic. Except in a bit of logic that would make Joseph Heller smile, they will not take her because she currently tests clean for drugs. So, Eli has to get drugs from local drug dealers Sprinkles(Tracy Morgan) and Black(Isiah Whitlock Jr.). And before he knows it, Eli is their new translator. "Why Stop Now" has certain things going for it like a neat cast(Sarah Ramos proving that 'Parenthood' was no fluke) and a tried and true comedy premise that should work. Except it really does not. Apparently, there is only so much mileage one can get out of putting Jesse Eisenberg into jeopardy. Along those same lines, it is the kind of situation that the television series 'Mom' succeeds at every week. In other words, it is always a good idea to rely on professionals for writing and directing your comedy needs, else you could just end up with a whole bunch of random bits(like the reenactors) and a resolution that is more than a little preachy.

Nayurin C (mx) wrote: The first was much much better...

Dan P (ru) wrote: I think everyone can relate to someone here and it gives you a chance to ponder for yourself... What does it all mean?

Salah A (mx) wrote: simply smart, still didn't feel enough.

Noname (ag) wrote: Well it was a quite okey animated movie but not in the same level as many other similar movies. Story is about animals goofing when the farmer doesn't see them.. Overall a well made one with a few funny scenes but nothing more.

Ryan M (ru) wrote: This movie is extraordinarily bad. Utterly ridiculous plot, horrible acting, horrible dialogue. Just lots of old Irish men giving gruff nods... what a waste of time... Never letting Jordo pick the movie again lol...

Tom R (ca) wrote: I should hand it to Snow Day for handling intertwining stories in a family movie, even if a few of the stories feel like filler in an already short film. One involves weatherman Tom (Chevy Chase) in a very petty rivalry with another weatherman, which you think would be funnier, but it's not. It uses an excuse to have Chase sled down another hill like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Another involves the lead Hal (Mark Webber) in a very cliche love triangle, in which you can tell from the first shot who he will end up with... but I'm sure the kids who are watch this movie aren't exposed to a lot of romantic comedy. Then there's sister Natalie (probably the most intriguing story of the film), who's on a quest to defeat the evil Snow Plow Man (Chris Elliott). She's so obsessed with snow days that I wonder what she does in the other three seasons. Finally, there's businesswoman mother Laura, whose crime is that she's too busy to be a homemaker. I wonder if the message of this story is "being a career woman is bad." Some of the humor is funny, some is lame, but . Snow Day is worth watching if you're under 14 and I think a lot of 90's kids will be nostalgic for the film since it's made by Nickelodeon (and the original story was supposed to be an Adventures of Pete & Pete movie). Snow Day is more engaging than a lot of family movies and I like and dislike certain elements of the movie.

Wolf K (br) wrote: it's not like others I like it

Jake P (nl) wrote: I love Goldie Hawn and this movie shows why we love her. It's funny it's cute and it's sweet.

Velma S (us) wrote: yuk....thats all i have to say. They should have never made it but hey it has some amazing actors in it.

Tom W (ag) wrote: Didn't watch the entire thing, admittedly. But I think it's fair to say what you see is... better than what you get. What you get is pretty terrible. It does get... better... as it goes on, though. A tiny little bit...

Timothy S (it) wrote: When you're a member of one of the biggest rock groups of all times like the Beatles, you get a lot of free time on your hands when the band dissolves. For instance, if you're Paul McCartney you form a new band like Wings and make a lot more hit records. If you're John Lennon, you write and record "Double Fantasy". And if you're poor Ringo Starr, you make "Caveman", a silly and unnecessary comedy filled with fart and poop jokes. Much like the recent "Quest For Fire", the dialogue was all apparently made up strictly for this film. That's where the similarities between the two films end, however. I didn't understand the film's special effects. The dinosaurs are all made out of clay, and while I wasn't expecting convincing prehistoric creatures, I don't understand the decision to make them this ridiculous. Kids may be entertained by them. The jokes I did get. I just didn't laugh. Shelley Long, of all people, is engaging and likable in her movie debut. The rest of the cast hams it up, to no avail. "Caveman" can best de described as a curiosity from days gone by. It does not merit being unearthed.

Nick C (mx) wrote: Grossly underrated film from George Romero features a traveling caravan of pseudo renaissance jousters who use motorcycles instead of horses. As their show grows in popularity so do their in-house problems.GREAT performances from Ed Harris, Gary Lahti, Amy Ingersoll, and especially F/X whiz Tom Savini (while he has done smaller roles before, KNIGHTRIDERS proved he could act as well as he creates monsters and does stunts).The Anchor Bay DVD features really good commentary from Romero, Savini, John Amplas, Christine Romero, and film historian Chris Stavrakis, plus some nifty "home movies" shot during the filming.Perhaps 20 minutes too long (IMO), KNIGHTRIDERS is a must see, especially for the Romero completist.

Morris N (kr) wrote: I think this is my favorite movie about music as a general subject, but since it's Fellini, it's about a lot of other things as well.

girlybat h (ag) wrote: aw, man! Netflix sux. =(

Joel A (br) wrote: A classic vintage chick flick staring Vivian Leigh & Robert Taylor about a newly enlisted soldier who falls in love with a ballerina on the eve of war.Filled with some beautiful shots of London that most likely where shot when the war was actually on.It's beautiful yet doomed love story that will always stand the test of time, gorgeous performances, clever dialogue & timeless romance all on the Waterloo Bridge.

Scott K (ag) wrote: Exciting, entertaining tale based on Rudyard Kipling poem and taking place in colonial India. Witty script and expertly staged action set pieces make the somewhat boring middle section worth sitting through. The first 30 minutes and last 30 minutes are classic Hollywood movie making at its best.

lisa s (ca) wrote: i really loved this movie