The story of Karen Silkwood, a metallurgy worker at a plutonium processing plant who was purposefully contaminated, psychologically tortured and possibly murdered to prevent her from exposing blatant worker safety violations at the plant.

This drama is based on the true story of Karen Silkwood (Meryl Streep), who works at a nuclear facility, who was purposefully contaminated, psychologically tortured and possibly murdered to prevent her from exposing blatant worker safety violations at the plant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jevon P (nl) wrote: I super weird movie but somehow kept me watching. Props for that.

Grant S (it) wrote: Disappointing.A sequel, of sorts, to The Housemaid though it is not at all necessary to have watched the Housemaid before seeing The Taste of Money.Like The Housemaid, the movie has heaps of potential. Family intrigues, corporate corruption, general seediness. The introduction of a new character, Joo Young-Yak, allows for a fresh view on the evil family we met in The Housemaid. Also allows the movie to be watched in isolation.With this setup, you think that the story should be quite interesting, and initially it is.However after the good foundation, the movie proceeds to go nowhere. While the family intrigues continue, they don't all make sense. Things just feel contrived.Ending does nothing to try to tie everything together and is quite pointless.Performances are decent.

Mohamedbaquir N (ca) wrote: Fast paced thriller from Priyadarshan earned it 4 stars. Unoriginal script (Speed meets Pelham 123) reduced it 2 1/2. Devgan shines!

Karsh D (de) wrote: Some GM Vipers escape from a lab and go on a killing spree. Laughable stuff

J M (mx) wrote: A bizarre film featuring the always daring and entertaining Brad Dourif and David Carradine. With more focused direction and a stronger sense of pace, this could have become a cult classic instead of a barely coherent hodgepodge of crudity and gunplay.

Randy L (us) wrote: really enjoyed the unusual structuring of the narrative. somehow, though, as good as the acting was, it got wearying and I was finally wishing for some conventional biographical and historical facts. def. worth watching though.

Dorian J (kr) wrote: It was something to watch. I will say that it did have it's moments though.

Adam S (us) wrote: A gorgeously written Brazillian film that tugs on the heart-strings and makes some powerful political commentary, "The Year My Parents Went on Vacation" is the sort of film that will impress any film fan willing to read subtitles.With the 1970 World Cup used as a backdrop, the film follows the life of a young boy whose parents have to go into hiding due to a harsh military dictatorship and has to stay with his grandfather in a Jewish neighborhood in Sao Paulo.The young boy is played by young Michel Joelsas, and his performance is incredible and powerful in a film-defining role. Meanwhile, the supporting cast that includes Germano Haiut and Daniela Piepszyk put in very strong performances.It's engaging throughout and touches on so much politics without becoming preachy about it. A must-see.

Corey W (es) wrote: She makes Don King look like a saint.

S (fr) wrote: It was maturing into quite a thriller, and then it became a ghost story, and went to the drains. I just realized, Chris Egans looks like Heath Ledger's younger self.

Ziv E (br) wrote: "I just can't wait for the animated Grinch movie by ilumination!"Said no one!

Kevin H (nl) wrote: Caine is unusually intense and Nicholson is unusually controlled--otherwise unworthy of mention.

mike h (ag) wrote: movie magic at its finest, nolte, murphy, hill, and a wonderful cast making 80s magic for the buddy cop genre

David S (br) wrote: The scenes with Paul Tefler running around all sexy with his muscled hairy chest, ripped abs and nicely chiseled arms and legs is enough for some people to put up with the fact that this film basically sucks.

Irene S (ca) wrote: i really did not enjoy this sequel to the original. just as bloody as the first one the only thing that prevented me from giving it a lower score was the bad ass female warriors in this film. great sword fighting and the women kick butt.

Wade H (us) wrote: A decent sword and sandal movie. But nothing is new. The acting, directing, and the fights are worth the watch.

Matthew B (ru) wrote: THIS IS GREAT!!!! IT IS A MUST SEE!!!!!!!