Silver Bells

Silver Bells

Manhattanite Catherine O'Mara (Heche) bonds with a young man who has run away from his father. When the father returns to New York a year later to sell his Christmas trees, he and Catherine cross paths.

A teenage runaway (Michael Mitchell) connects his widowed father (Tate Donovan) and a woman (Anne Heche) who is trying to overcome the grief attending the loss of her husband. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy S (fr) wrote: Normally, I'm dead set against all of the remakes and reboots that have been permeating theaters this past decade or so, but in the case of the low-budget dud "Battledogs," I'll make an exception. There are some nifty ideas here that could have worked in a project with a lot more money behind it and with a better cast, and as bad as this is, you can at least say that it's ambitious.It's a hybrid werewolf movie mixed with elements of "Contagion," but the poor writing and extraordinarily awful special effects sink this at every turn. If I wasn't so bored by it I may have found some of it funny since so much of what transpires here is completely ludicrous. The werewolf effects are shoddy, but the budget is so miniscule that even the shots of aircraft are computer generated.That doesn't mean that some of this isn't fun to watch, like the wolves getting incinerated on the streets of Manhattan and entire bridges blown up with missiles, but it's so poorly done that at times you feel like you're watching a cartoon. There's a better-than-expected cast with several recognizable names, but none of them can convincingly pull off this inept dialogue. The script also has no shortage of cliches, such as the government wanting to use the werewolves as weapons of war, but you still can't help but wonder what some brighter minds would have been able to do with this idea.As it stands now, "Battledogs" is an idiot movie with a few decent images floundering in an astoundingly bad film. There are clearly aspirations of greatness here that could never be achieved due to its limited funding.

Matthew P (jp) wrote: A funny but predictable female drive raunch-fest.

Mike L (es) wrote: hm.. the rating maybe a bit worse than the film's name B+... but still a decent detective movie.

Pavitra R (br) wrote: Such a beautiful, well-made film.

David M (mx) wrote: Magnifique! Enfin un film francais de grande qualite! A mon gout, le meilleur film francais depuis 36 Quai des Orfevres et MR73. Jeu d'acteur parfait, photographie impeccable, scenario travaille... Digne d'un bon vieux Tontons Flingueurs. Longue carriere a Anna Mouglalis et Edouard Baer! Et merci a Jean Rochefort, belle prestation.

Logan M (fr) wrote: Some of "Brother Bear" feels unfinished, but there's enough emotional heft to carry its contrived and fairly predictable narrative.

Rosie N (gb) wrote: About 30 minutes into the movie you'll remember something you already knew: That emulating that which you find unholy is just a passive agressive way of condoning "evil" things. If you are so concerned about society, why give in and re-enact the pain you supposedly witness? Why not put your money towards helping the homeless? These are just a few of the questions I'll never get answers to and don't think that I am down on the lord - I just don't understand some of his followers.

Rute 8 (de) wrote: Otimo para programa familiar. Agrada realmente toda a familia, das crianas at os mais velhos {menos o adolescente metido a cult, claro }.

Dave W (mx) wrote: This movie is pathetically unrealistic and unbelievable. It borderlines as being an ignorant westernized propaganda tool to dumb down the already uncultured and ignorant American public into thinking about horrific thoughts of civil rights abuses in communist red China. Assuming these abuses are true, there still is no realism whatsoever in relation to the plot and premise to this movie. The irony surrounding the plot sets deeply over a decade later as the hypocritical self-righteous United States becomes obviously guilty of torture and abuse in it's own prisons of horror. Any attempt to portray a love story with the attorney is laughable. The pinnacle of the asinine nature of this plot climaxes at the point in which Gere's character leaves the embassy back into the Chinese authority's custody. The chase scene preceding this is absolutely unbearable. It is absolutely appalling that anyone would have spent any amount of money to write, script, produce this film. I find it suspicious that the film is scheduled for programming during a time when strained relations with the West and East grow. It's thoughtless propaganda like this that perpetuates the ignorant hatred and racism that saturates our existence.

John S (us) wrote: Terrific review of the basics of flight culminating with training of the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels flight exhibition team. Spectacular footage from behind the front wheel of an F-18 carrier catapult launch and carrier landing. You won't see footage like this anwhere else. Breathtaking shots.

Jake R (ru) wrote: nothing says '1990' like Bad Influence

Nick V (nl) wrote: Top Gun avant la lettre

Carey L (us) wrote: Good movie which can get confusing and suffers from it's length.

Mark L (es) wrote: This seemed like it could be my dream movie. All the animals attacking! (owls, snakes, bears, dogs, rats, eagles etc) alas it wasn't and not even a topless psychopathic Leslie Nielsen wrestling a bear could save it. Still has its "funny" moments

Emily B (kr) wrote: Cute idea, but ultimately fails to deliver.

F B (it) wrote: A good and enjoyable film.

Tyler D (gb) wrote: A decent romantic comedy.

Justin T (ru) wrote: it's a good story but it was a bit long. Sitting and watching about a lion for over an hour is too much. There were times that was really slow and boring, like watching the lion walking around. The only interesting scenes were the hunting and fighting. Basically the whole mission was to hunt a buffalo. The beginning was interesting, the middle not so much. The ending was nice showing how she reunited with her cub but I find it weird how she becomes friends with her enemy at the end. I give credit to the camera crew who film this. I can imagine the great difficulties and dangers following the most fearsome predators.

Jim F (ca) wrote: Was enjoying this. Especially the overtly friendly and embarrassing Woody Harrelsdon Character. After 1 hour my recording stopped. Will re record when next appears on TV