Silver Bullets

Silver Bullets

An actress and her filmmaker boyfriend experience turbulence in their relationship when she accepts a role in a werewolf film.

A young actress is cast as the lead in a werewolf film which leads to many unexpected consequences in her life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael S (de) wrote: Wow. This movie I can almost guarantee will stay with you long after it ends. What I liked most about it was how objective it stayed to it's subject. We see a normal, and for the most part good person, make one incredible mistake that derails the life of himself and those closest to him. It's heart wrenching because it's a film in which you feel for both the victim and the attacker, because at heart this isn't something either side intended for. The main actor Jack Reynor gives a fantastic performance, and the script focuses much more heavily on emotions from acting than from actual words. Watch this one if you get the chance.

Ricky C (de) wrote: If You Liked the First Film, You'll Like this One Too! A Complete Turkish Comedy !

Jolene W (br) wrote: I thought it was pretty amazing, actually. Cool story, excellent effects. It's not going to be 100% true to history, obviously, but it was better than I expected it to be. Mary Todd Lincoln and Harriet Tubman were awesome female leads. Henry and Will were great sidekicks for Lincoln. Lincoln kicked ass, especially with that axe! I also love how they threw in a Linkin Park song.

Lee V (de) wrote: First half is awesome, but then the second half falls apart. Still, it's a pretty unique entry in the horror genre. How many horror movies do you know of that take place in Finland in the 1500's?

Josh M (au) wrote: Acting more horrid than the CGI beast that was most likely created with KidPix, you can't ask for a horror flick so bad it's good! A film taking place in the Floridian Everglades, Razortooth features more blood and fake gore than a halloween shop over the course of a decade! Fun Beginning, long, impatient climax, and predictable ending, this movie is overall decent. SEMI-SPOILER ALERT: Just remember, pack lots of sugar on a camping trip!

l i n d (de) wrote: I really didn't expect this movie to be THIS good. It's awesome, inspiring and full of heart. I love it! And Matthew Perry is as always a delight.

Johanne C (ag) wrote: Is a great movie, if you can't sleep at night. I can tell you, if you watch this, you WILL be able! It is such a boring movie...

Kevin N (mx) wrote: "So bad they're funny" low-budget horror movies are always fun, but not when they're an hour and forty minutes long.

horse c (es) wrote: The money making this movie was completely wasted

Rochelle B (ag) wrote: I first viewed this movie when I was 11 years old. I was infactuated with John Travolta. His dancing, and the music are great. As a grown woman I find John Travolta's character and his friends to be repulsive narcissists and rapests. The women who crawled after him disgust me as well! No self respect! When I was 11 this movie was 5 stars as an adult its two stars that I attribute to the music and dancing.

Spencer S (kr) wrote: Propaganda films of the first part of the twentieth century were usually not so explicit in their message. Many political messages were more often cloaked in storytelling. One of the more blatantly political and thoughtfully directed in propaganda films, "Triumph of the Will" is artfully mastered and generated enough interest in the party to make them seem more a superpower and certainly a threat. Leni Riefenstahl, now infamous and left to live to speak on her work, supposedly was not aware of the anti-Semitism that was exhibited within the party or the proceeding steps of the Third Reich. The film itself is set at the 1934 Nazi Party Convention in Nuremberg. During the film Germany is shown as a free land full of healthy, rosy cheeked young people, adoring crowds to cheer at the Fuhrer's arrival, and long, uninterrupted speeches on the economy, how great their leader's policies are, and the new Germany, strong after its thrashing after World War One. Not included in the film are any mentions of anti-Semitism or the country's view of the rest of Europe, which is strange since it was an obvious point in many areas of the Nazi Party, and seem to be omitted on purpose. The film itself is beautifully shot, relying on a sharp cinematography to weave in and out of shots of the people involved. Every speech Hitler gives is passionate, angry, hopeful for the sake of his peoples, and every time they pan to the crowd or the other politicians, they are always intent on listening. As he passes by in his car the crowd is ecstatic, giving him flowers, children running in the streets unbidden. It's an uplifting view of the party, and the first instance of bold imagery, and using film techniques to envision the world in a way that it is obviously not. Though it drags, and becomes heavy-handed with all the political speeches and how obvious the lies are, it's still an amazing look into the evolution of documentary films and the charisma of a dictator.

Kyle S (br) wrote: Probably the most boring and dull movie I have ever seen.

PY C (mx) wrote: I can understand both the son and the mother's opinion and I just thought it's such a good and heartwarming movie.

Nathan M (ru) wrote: Or The One Where Van Damme Kicks a Tiger in the Face.I don't have much to say about this movie, because I choose to turn your attention to the How Did This Get Made podcast, which did an episode about this film. It doesn't make any sense, and I was very confused most of the time. But if you love bad films, you should totally check this out, even if just for Rodman's terrific performance.