Silver Strand

Silver Strand

The U.S. Navy selects from its ranks a small group of persons to send through unadulterated hell. If they are able to walk at the end of this period, they become "Navy Seals". Brian Del ...

The U.S. Navy selects from its ranks a small group of persons to send through unadulterated hell. If they are able to walk at the end of this period, they become "Navy Seals". Brian Del ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Morgan K (fr) wrote: Pretty good, inspirational story. Teller' s best performance to date!!! Eckhart was great as well.

Luis M (gb) wrote: La mejor actuacion q e visto de Tom Hardy.

Alexandria G (de) wrote: I don't know why people said this movie sucked...I love this movie. It's entertaining, funny and action packed. I love movies and this is one I watch over and over again. Movies are about escaping the world and getting lost in the fantasy of said film. Movies are not about what's real, they are about being entertained and I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I also tend to like movies that critics dislike.

Peter S (us) wrote: Great action comedy. As you would expect, Steve Carrell is top notch as a bumbling agent, he's like inspector closesau. (If you don't know who that is, stop whatever you're doing and go watch a movie entitled a shot in the dark) With such a game cast, funny jokes and thrilling action, you really can't go wrong. Not necessarily a must see, but you will laugh a lot, unless you only like high comedy.

Tristan M (it) wrote: Good film, the begining with the reduction of color and the flashbacks made me rethink what I was expecting, but thankfully that changed and the movie turned out pretty good. The acting was good, and the characters had some very deep moments that really upped their parts. The action was decent but not amazing and the script was good and contained plenty of swearing. It was nice that try ended it so the cop turned out to not be corrupt, because so many movies already have used that ending and it's become pretty old. So impressive, well done, the characters are all really good, and has great depth, and the film has some sad moments that are filmed well. Really good film, only thing that lets it down is the plot that we've aleady seen plenty of.

Jeff B (gb) wrote: Interesting historical film, and a fine representation of the disgusting political machinations that go on in all countries. Eduardo Noriega is a always a pleasure to watch.

Sarah F (ca) wrote: i would like to see this

Kiger J (es) wrote: foster looks amazing as a girl and cherie currie of the runaways was cool.

Roy C (au) wrote: Enthusiastic instrumentals. 'I'm going to destroy you economically, Charlie Brown.'

Dorianator F (fr) wrote: Fantastic film. Very beautiful and emotional. It's a good film about a man's reflection of life when he gets to the end of his life.

Dean K (mx) wrote: Directed by Alejandro Amenbar, Rachel Weisz stars as Roman philosopher Hypatia at the dawn of the Christian sacking of Roman Egypt. This true story follows her eventual downfall when it is decreed by the new Christian government that all women must be stripped of title and exist in silence. Hypatia was an incredible woman and was on the verge of discovering the Heliocentric model.I love movies about Ancient Rome and Greece so this was right up my alley. The direction and cinematography was incredible. I found the pacing a little off but was still really interesting to see. 3.5 out of 5 So Says the Soothsayer

Bianca B (kr) wrote: I think it is a horrible movie. I thought it was alright at the beginning but there is no real 'story' in it. The story that it shown is way to long with too less details,*SPOILER* and after 1 hour and 20 minutes she goes on a rampage. Thats the whole movie. The most scary thing in the movie is her mom.

James P (it) wrote: Great movie, very inspiring and American.

Logan M (it) wrote: It's not as thrilling as it should be.

Don S (fr) wrote: A clumsy attempt at making a 4-year old's near death experience and his telling of of what he saw into a movie so compelling it will convert unbelievers. It is well acted and the scenarios it presents are conceivable, however the raw emotional value for Christians will probably underwhelm the unchurched masses. Thoughtful and thought provoking but moves slowly and is a bit too long.

Michelle F (jp) wrote: This was a great play by play of the most unforgettable day in the United States, I love how they portrayed something that happened so long ago, in a 2013 format, Ginnifer Goodwin played the best Jackie-O that I have ever seen, Kudos!