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Silvia Prieto

A woman in her late-twenties called Silvia Prieto wants to improve herself. Her discovery of a second person also called Silvia Prieto will change her life forever. Maybe not the changes she hoped for.

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Silvia decides to take a trip to Italy; once she's there, she meets a man who politely informs here she isn't the only woman named Silvia Prieto listed in the phone book, which starts her wondering about the others. On her 27th birthday, she decides some changes are in order, but the most she seems able to decide upon is buying a canary as a pet. Silvia (Rosario Blefari) works in a cafe and is less then thrilled with her life, which seems to be going nowhere

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Users reviews

Anthony W (br)

econd planned!. Awesome, sweet, and funny movie

Austin G (jp)

A little, but not really. I did not enjoy that at all

brodie o (us)

pretty good ice spiders these scienest make these giant spiders in the snow and they escape and start killing people

Chris N (ag)

ed the water, awesome fight after fight after fight though. . . . they were all blown away when he slings a stone and all way too stupid to use bow and arrows. . . Random apocalyptic lone gunman comes to town with swords

Divyu G (gb)

. Nice story but moves a bit too slowly

Joe J (us)

i think i fell alseep to this

Justin A (jp)

Maybe not the worst movie in the series, but that doesn't say much. Just not the most original movie, too many characters making dumb decisions and conclusions, and it was boring and slow to boot. Andre Toulon as a zombie looked pretty good, and the They Live puppet people at the end look nice and creepy. The makeup was pretty good though. It was a much lower budget, so they weren't able to shoot at a location as visual as the hotel used in the first movie, so instead we get some cheap looking sets. Outside of small changes, it's basically the first movie all over again. A slow, boring, and cheap version of the first movie

Lee V (mx)

It left me with an odd feeling, but it's got an almost hypnotic quality to it that I can't quite shake

MEC r (kr)

To bad. This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks

Michael W (fr)

The kind of film you don't mind staying up late for to catch on cable. Agents posing as exotic dancers attempt to procure valuable computer chips vital in the war against terror. The standard Sidaris formula applies here and doesn't disappoint