SIM: Sorry I'm Mad

SIM: Sorry I'm Mad


  • Category:Drama
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  • Uploader:Dat1Phit
  • Country:India
  • Director:Deepan
  • Writer:N/A

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Brad S (br) wrote: The films is very heavy and I just wasn't much in the mood for it. It didn't help that the script was predictable and it just seemed like a project that was mounted to garner Oscars. The performances of Phoenix and Ruffalo saved it for me, but no need to seek it out.

Eric S (us) wrote: Refugees from Sudan are brought to America where they experience electricity and modern society for the first time. It's astounding how everything we have and take for granted every day can be so completely alien to others. It's at times lighthearted and humorous, yet also very serious, poignant and inspirational. Watch it.

Sean F (de) wrote: I was once told by a film professor that movies more more similar than they are different. I believed him at the time, and I still do to a certain extent. One of the fun parts about going to the movies is being surprised and excited for anything that's new or different. I can think of a few movies that I've recommended to people- movies like Talk to Her, The Cooler, Rocket Science, and Undertow- that are worth seeing simply because they seem to play by different rules than everyone else. Movies like this are interesting because they show us something we haven't seen before, be it a superstitious casino owner, two women in a coma, or high school debate.Diamond Men starts out as a movie like that, and it's very tempting to recommend it on that basis alone. The movie, for example, stars Robert Forster, that excellent and underused actor, as an aging diamond salesman who has a heart attack and has to train his replacement. His replacement is played by Donnie Wahlberg, in an unlikable but very interesting performance as a hip young upstart without a clue. Forster starts out by hating the kid- for God's sakes, he's being replaced!- but soon realises that he should be taking this job seriously, since it could be his last.The scenes at the beginning of the movie, dealing strictly with the diamond trade, are fascinating simply because we've never seen them before. Forster is perfectly cast in them as a veteran who has seemingly always known his trade. Because the movie starts in such a unique situation, we immediately wonder what will happen next. The movie does contain several surprises, and I don't want to spoil any of them by hinting at what they might be. The performances by the two leads are top notch, and play off of each other very well. The movie is paced about right, too, I think, revealing its surprises carefully....but...There's a mis-step made about 2/3'rds into Diamond Men, where we meet a character who is never really defined. She's Katie, an older woman who catches Forster's eye. She's played by Bess Armstrong, an actress with whom I am not familiar, and on the basis of this film, have no strong desire to be. She's written very bizarrely- she has touches of supernatural beliefs, but they don't pan out into the story or into how Eddie (that's, Forster anyway), sees her. Armstrong's performance doesn't lift the material out of b-movie material, either. She should have been played by Frances McDormand, or any other slightly older actress able to add some weight to the role. She feels like a plot device in a movie that feels bold and original.Is two-thirds of a good movie worth recommending? I don't know. I can't say. If you're interested in something different, I guess I'd say check Diamond Men out. It's not great, but at least it's not like everything else.

Micheline S (br) wrote: Love Ashley Judd, great thriller.

Jim T (ag) wrote: I have a soft spot for this movie. It has its flaws, but the acting is impeccable, the dialogue is clever, and the story is enjoyable, albeit predictable. (But isn't the happy ending of every fairy tale predictable?)

Pl F (es) wrote: Fet old-school-kung-fu

Patrick G (de) wrote: while "One Million Years B.C." was boneheaded, it was also exotic and fun. And while this movie is boneheaded and, to a certain extent, exotic, it's not very fun. The stop-motion effects for the dinosaurs are arguably some of the smoothest ever created, but with the deplorable acting, the overuse of the caveman word "akita", and just a ridiculously phony atmosphere, this is just a nail being hit by Hammer into the bad movie coffin.

Anthony W (ru) wrote: The message isn't that bad but the actual look of the creature leaves much to be desired.

Thomas W (kr) wrote: Battle of the Year is a 3D dance film from Korean-American filmmaker Benson Lee that is itself "inspired" by Lee's own 2007 documentary 'Planet B Boy' about an international dancing competition that shares its name with the title of this film. In the film Battle of the Year, Hip Hop mogul Dante Graham (Laz Alonso - Avatar, Jarhead) wants to win Battle of the Year, a crew dance competition held every year in Paris that has never been won before by an American dance crew even though the competition and the origins of the dance styles are both American. Although winning would be nearly impossible, Dante believes that using a coach (Josh Holloway - 'Lost') who has put together and coached championship basketball teams in the past would be America's best bet at winning the BOTY. So ... there is a lot of dancing (some is actually pretty awesome) and rivalries and squabbles and personal demons and poorly-written melodrama and dialogue on display here. The film is highly predictable and it is one of those movies in which everything just falls right into place. I have not seen Lee's original documentary but I will make the assumption that there is more there than there is here - at least there would be some substance there (and Chris Brown wouldn't be in it). The Battle here is even caring.

Yash B (mx) wrote: It is definitely one of the better sequels in the series. It does pretty much follow the formula you've seen countless times, but it is still fun this time around. I think it handles the family drama much better than the 5th one does which was good. The story is formulaic and it isn't a necessary sequel but it is certainly a fun one that pays tribute to the whole series. Overall it is an enjoyable sports movie that fans should find enjoyment watching.

Sebastian B (mx) wrote: If you have an IQ below 70 you will enjoy this movie.

Mark C (kr) wrote: A very nicely done ghost story, that manages to be intensely creepy without resorting to the typical horror film, over the top theatrics.