A group of scientist take Simon, a psychology professor, as a test person for a brainwash experiment. After that they try to convince him that he was a living-being from another planet

A group of scientist take Simon, a psychology professor, as a test person for a brainwash experiment. After that they try to convince him that he was a living-being from another planet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timm S (ru) wrote: The Dark Satire Is Missing In The Second Installment. There Is Still A Solid Story, Acting & Setting To Boot..But Much Of It Appears As Homage To The Superior Original.

Torion O (br) wrote: Less of a compelling story than the first, though makes up for very intense and great fights.

Walter M (de) wrote: As anecdotal, reductive, and repetitive a documentary that "Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo" sometimes is(although you have to love that title), at the same time, there is a fine sentiment buried here about respecting nature, using Japan's blend of Shinto and Buddhist philosophy as a model. According to the documentary, this is why insects(even the creepiest and ickiest of them) are so widely accepted there. So much so, that the songs of crickets are enormously popular and an entrepreneur buys a Ferrari solely from the profits from capturing beetles for stores. Except it does not tell the whole story and is a prime example why bringing up the idea of national identity is to say the least, wrong. If you don't believe me, check out "The Cove" about how some Japanese fishermen have a total lack of respect for nature. So which picture is right? Both? Neither? Just remember that this is a complex world we live in.

Pia K (jp) wrote: Draamaa ja komediaa sopivassa suhteessa. (Suom. Sunshine cleanig - sisarukset rikospaikalla)

Ian M (br) wrote: Sounds quite interesting. May be worth checking out!!

Mark C (ru) wrote: "Lost In Translation" meets "The Girlfriend Experience", starring what might well be the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. A gorgeous & slightly sinister slice of Tokyo.

Devilish G (jp) wrote: As far as I remember, this is quite mo liu.

Lee H (ca) wrote: An odd little piece of cinema, part-plotted, part documentary. Hot guys though. DAMN YOU MACCARTHY!

Natasha M (ag) wrote: Amusing. Very adapted from Louis Nowra's play. However, it is good in its own right. Watch the non-American version of this movie!! The American version has altered a very funny rap performed by a pyro mental patient. Hillarious! "Go burn a cat!" " " There are pigs everywhere. I thought this one might like to be by the fire." LMAO!!!

Clay B (jp) wrote: EUROPA EUROPA (1991)

Bura (au) wrote: -SARI ZEYBEK: ATAT?RK-

Miguel R (br) wrote: Powerful, memorable, and idealistic, Frank Capra's Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a masterpiece of classic cinema!

Mark W (it) wrote: Basket Case is a perfect example of a low budget treat... As a whole the film was actually quite intriguing, it's very different from the normal type slashers from the 80's and with such a peculiar plot, makes a pretty gripping film. The special effects were all pretty good, even the eccentricities of the clay animation and as a whole Kevin Van Henenryck is a pretty average actor, but he fit the part.

Andrew F (fr) wrote: It's an oddity. Jack Black is miscast. I liked the first 45 minutes. Then it gets a bit pretentious, 'cos we have to be told that the quest for the Gorilla is like Heart of Darkness. Then we have to forget about all that because now Jackson wants to give us an hour's CGI-fest for the hell of it.Billy Elliot, who has never handled a weapon, turns out to be the world's only marksman with a tommy gun (even if you wouldn't look at him twice in this movie, he is pretty superb in Nymphomaniac vol II).Currently the gorilla is looking at the sunset, down in the dumps after having had both arms bitten by Tyrannosaurus Rexes, and a midget is trying to cheer him up by juggling. I'd have knocked her over the fucking cliff-top.So then we get back to New York and the temperature is 10 below and Naomi Watts is more skimpily clad than Marilyn Monroe in Florida, but it doesn't matter, because Naomi is more in love with the Gorilla than he is with her. That's good, because otherwise the wind up the Empire State building is going to play havoc with her nips. Mind, he kills or maims half a dozen platinum blondes looking for her, which kind of dilutes the beauty tamed the beast message. But the real message is that Jackson wants some platinum blonde to love him, big ugly gorilla that he is. Maybe you should eat fewer pies, Peter.

MrScoreCrave (it) wrote: Sure it's melodramatic and a little bloated, but Edward Zwick is an amazing director and the cinematography is stunning.