Simon Says

Simon Says

Five college friends choose to spend their vacation debauching at the riverside. They find the perfect place to camp out, but end up crossing paths with twin brothers, Simon and Stanley. The twins then begins to knock off the campers in some extremely creative (and extremely gruesome) ways.

The pothead Zack; the sweethearts Kate and Riff; the slut Vicky; and the spoiled Ashley travel by van to the backwoods to camp. They meet two strange gravediggers that advise them to leave ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Turkiu2008windowslivecom T (ag) wrote: Rate "Life Is Hot in Cracktown"

Sean D (ru) wrote: Fuckkkkkkkk that was creepy! But awesome!

Alice T (nl) wrote: Gritty, but flimsy, hollow narrative.

M W (br) wrote: This movie is darkly gorgeous; in the book the events are seen from Jeliza Rose's point of view so are seen through innocent eyes which you can't really get in a film as you just see what's literally happening. She doesn't see her parents being drugged as odd because she's never known any different and makes bits of her own reality to improve what's around her. I thought Ferland's portrayal of Jeliza Rose was excellent!

Gabriel K (ag) wrote: Excellent cast and a story that could have worked if it had any sense of reality. Unfortunately almost everything in this movie is contrived and blatantly artificial.

Kadee J (jp) wrote: ***Spoiler Alert***Amy Heckerling's Clueless, is a creative reenactment of all the high school stereotypes, and a humorous storyline about high school love and drama. While this romantic comedy may not be as well produced and directed as Parent Trap, it portrays the intriguing and entertaining lifestyles of the high school "social status." Clueless is about a stereotypical, rich, and popular girl, named Cher, and her experiences in high school. Cher and her best friend Dee, friend the new girl named Tai, and give her a complete makeover to become popular. While Cher plays match maker with her friends and teachers, she realizes that she is searching for love herself. Cher realizes she is in love with Josh (the step-brother) because of the jealousy Cher feels when Tai tells Cher she is in love with Josh. This movie portrays the stereotypical rich and popular school girls perfectly. From scenes of shopping endlessly at the mall, and eating lunch in their own 'click' groups, this movie captures your attention and makes you laugh. Tai, being the ditzy skater girl, helped bring this whole movie together. Cher teaches Tai that she can't go for the skater boy 'click'. Cher teachers Tai that if she wants to be popular, she needs to go for guys in the popular 'click'. Once Tai becomes more popular than Cher, Cher realizes how jealous she is of Tai. Even though this movie seems cheesy, there is a good moral taught. We learn from Cher at the end of the movie, that it doesn't matter how popular you are in high school. Cher teaches us that true friends are important, and they can come from different backgrounds, no matter what 'click' you are in. This movie is great with expressing each person's unique personality. Cher's best friend Dee, wears different types of hats with her outfits every scene in the film. The hats range from top hats to colorful beanies. Even though her sense of style is so different, Cher (the most popular girl in school), is best friends with her. Diversity is shown through each character, and really resembles how things work in 'Cher's' high school. Girls at the high school walk around with bandages on their noses because of their nose jobs. They give notes from their surgeon to the gym teacher saying that they aren't allowed any physical activity because they want everything to heal perfectly. This shows the comedy that is based throughout the entire movie. Every boy and girl over- dramatize their high school roles throughout the film. Hilariously, Cher and Dee set up their debate teacher and English teacher with each other, so Cher can receive a better grade on her report card. Cher's father wants her to use the 'Power of Persuasion' to get what she wanted, and that's exactly what she did. Luckily for Cher, her teachers end up falling in love and get married, and Cher receives an A minus instead of a C. As Josh (Cher's step-brother), hears about the "good deeds" that Cher has been doing, he tells Cher that she should stop focusing on herself. Throughout the whole movie Cher shows that she is disgusted with Josh, but ends up falling for him. That may sound odd that she would date her brother, but don't worry, Cher clears up the sibling relationship between Josh and her in the movie.This movie is a must-watch. Not only does it have humor, romance, originality, and spunk, it's an entertaining movie that keeps you captivated for the full hour and 37 min. The actors and actresses picked for this film play each character perfectly. Clueless is a must watch movie, and both male and female would enjoy this movie.

Yash B (us) wrote: I was never really impressed by the book so this movie was just an even greater source of boredom for me.

Andrey B (jp) wrote: Even though it's an obvious blend of different noir movies the final product is brilliant.

Sean D (ca) wrote: It was fairly solidly bad and useless. The whole plot was just a mess. A bunch of hot girls in a mess of a revenge slasher, a completely crapier version of I Know What You Did Last Summer. Even when they made the sequel to that film, it was useless. It couldn't top the original. Anyway, it's an okay movie and hot girls will keep girls and guys both peeled to make it through the entire film.