Simple Men

Simple Men

Bitter about being double-crossed by the women he loved, (and with the police after him to boot), Bill vows to seduce the next woman he sees, then throw her away. His brother Dennis, meanwhile, is equally determined to track down their long lost father, a revolutionary who has been in hiding for 20 years. For different reasons, both leave New York and head for Long Island, out of money, and short on ideas. D:"Long Island is a a terminal moraine." B:"What's that?" D:"It's the material left behind when a glacier recedes." D:"Gee, then what the hell are we waiting for?"D: "She's a bit jumpy..." B: "Jumpy women are great!"

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   escape,   prison,  

Bitter about being double-crossed by the women he loved, (and with the police after him to boot), Bill vows to seduce the next woman he sees, then throw her away. His brother Dennis, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick D (ru) wrote: Just decent as a documentary, but it entertained the shit out of me. It was kind of like a feature length season of a reality show that is actually not just poo.

rajiv 2 (mx) wrote: great great movie, devastatingly beautiful cinematography, one of the best i've ever seen, for real, plus the natural beauty of the landscape itself makes this movie totally pleasing to the eye.,but eyes is not only sense that specially treated by this movie, our feelings will get that too, because the story is very thoughtful, powerful, and has a good depth, and that story is being told by the comical narrative-storytelling style of the movie, which i find very effective, it makes us feel at ease while watching this.,and the acting of the cast is superb, and the narration is also perfect, this is a brilliant and groundbreaking movie, an outstanding and respectful homage to australian aboriginal life, and also a good homage to terrence malick..

Hans J E (gb) wrote: Another quick rating of a Danish movie.

Pamela D (mx) wrote: The worst lesbian movie of all time... so funny! It's cheese and it knows it's cheese. I Truely love this campy slice of stereotype. Sometimes we need a little cheese with our wine.

Jesse M (it) wrote: Once again, I fail to see why professional critics rail what is actually a very good film. Not only is it Gene Wilder's best directed film, but it's also one of his best acted. The cast is fantastic. The chemistry of real life couple Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner is very strong, you could tell they were having a lot of fun making this film. Then you've got the cross dressing, and always great Dom DeLuise as the crazy aunt. The very talented Jonathan Pryce as lecherous cousin Charlie. Bryan Pringle as the hilariously hard of hearing (and drunkard) family butler. The great Paul L. Smith as the psychiatrist uncle. And great British character actor Peter Vaughan as crazy Uncle Francis. The mood, atmosphere, and look of the film is also very good. The pacing and writing of the plot is perfect, and the comedic timing of the many great actors just leads from one zany moment to the next. Unlike many comedies, that tend to be funny in parts, but lull in others, Haunted Honeymoon remains consistent, and strong, throughout. Not to mention that, as the title implies, the movie is also a bit of a spoof on horror and murder mystery films. The scene in the beginning, showing the inner workings of classic early 1900s radio drama (or in this case radio spook shows), is especially excellent. All around, this film is, to me at least, one of the best Gene Wilder films of them all. It certainly deserves a higher score, and what's more, should be remembered for what it was: a fun, silly, yet tongue-in-cheek creepy piece of film, that was obvious a labor of love by Wilder and company.

Angela K (kr) wrote: I liked it and Pacino was pretty sexy, lol.

Maineutral R (jp) wrote: Batman left the darkness and went to an averaqe animated movie. The story has a very unconvincing resolution and it simply doesn't catch anyone's attention. Dissapointing? Yes.

Jake A (jp) wrote: While it doesn't have any thrills like the TV series this is a far more grounded and pleasant outing for Mr. Holmes and it works far more as a drama than a mystery. Ian McKellen is fantastic as Holmes and the rest of the cast support him marvelously, it also looks great, has a plot that may lack thrills but is still wholly engrossing and deals with subjects that the likes of the TV series can't match be it old age, becoming obsolete or suicide. On the whole a solid and well made drama that just so happens to be centered around a past mystery in the life of Mr. Holmes.