Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days.

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days.

The movie follows a couple of diabetes patients quest to overcome the disease by going on a raw vegetable diet.

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Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days. torrent reviews

Santosh N (br) wrote: Brilliant direction, very natural acting and a feel good story.

Riley O (us) wrote: You can't help but smile when Owen goes around literally shooting them up for an hour and and a half. It's great fun.

Dave H (mx) wrote: A hilarious short piece about a wacky kid and his adventures in trying to help his friends out. The humor isn't corny and it's not even smart, but it makes you laugh nonetheless. A fantastic story, with great acting from the lead. One of his Hispanic buddies understands English yet only says two words NOT in Spanish the entire time (if you understand Spanish these parts are even funnier). The cinematography/editing looks professional -- it's hard to believe that the graininess and such is a mistake, because it adds to the feeling of dullness in a small, rural Idaho town.

The Bad G (au) wrote: Compelling, frustrating, and tragic... Bus 174 is as much about socio-economics and culture as it is about a hostage situation.

Timothy H (it) wrote: now this is why jerry bruckheimer is great a blockbusters.

Carole Ann R (ru) wrote: i loved this movie when i was a kid..! =]

Joe T (it) wrote: The music wasn't bad, but the acting and script sure were.

Daniel P (fr) wrote: Ludicrously plotted and overwrought drama/thriller with a risible music score. Anthony Hopkins is hammy as fuck, and Ryan Gosling has little to work with (though he's enjoyable to watch). Meh.

Natalia I (mx) wrote: A wonderful film that speculates on the creation of one of the masterpieces of Vermeer. A 16-year-old peasant girl becomes the subject of the famous painter's work. Vermeer's wife is jealous with Griet who is harrassed by Vermeer's patron. Neither Vermeer or Griet have a thought of maintaining relationships, no words of love are pronounced, but the viewer understands that both of them have deep feelings which are coveyed through glances, gestures, silence and a few words about the essence of art. The film is a good example of the detals' symbolism.

Jordan T (br) wrote: This looks so good, I can't believe I have to wait until February to see it