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Jimmy P (it) wrote: love this movie, anybody that likes puck needs to see it

Daniel P (br) wrote: Really creeped me out

Chris P (fr) wrote: It's nice to see an Asian remake of a Hollywood film for a change. If you've seen Cellular (and you should, it's fun), you'll know all of the dramatic beats of Connected, but where this film surpasses its predecessor is unsurprisingly in the action department.The story is more or less the same: woman is kidnapped, phone is smashed, she manages to call out to one random person, who becomes a reluctant hero as he races to save her and her family. There's more to it than that, but that would spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen either film. Louis Koo replaces Chris Evans, and the character has become a 30-something debt collector/ single father as opposed to a 20-something layabout pining over Jessica Biel.Louis Koo, whose bronze skin would give the sun a tan, is mostly great in this. There's one scene of overacting, but apart from that he plays it convincingly real. I loved the choice to put Nick Cheung in the William H. Macy "good cop" role. Cheung started his career in pretty lame comedies, but lately he has become one of the best actors in HK cinema. Ye Liu replaces Jason Statham, and while I thought the Stath was a tough sell as the villain in the first, Liu is a sadistic and convincing baddie. It also helps that the film is not held back by a PG-13 rating, which means that when people get shot, blood is shed, and the threat to Barbie Hsu and her younger brother and daughter are made all the more real.Benny Chan always produces a slick-looking actioner, and Connected does not disappoint in that regard. There are breathless car chases, a very cool hillside shootout, some minor fisticuffs, and in true Benny Chan tradition, a very "large" finale (this one taking place in an airport). Connected is definitely one of the most flat-out enjoyable Hong Kong movies I've seen all year.

movie m (au) wrote: Inspired from the female roles of Dustin Hoffman in "Tootsie" and Robin williams in "Mrs.Doubtfire"

Jason S (kr) wrote: Fuck all. He heard Fuck All. Saved you 90 minutes

Bruce H (gb) wrote: Funny, romantic and fresh, with some powerful things to say about racism (in its own subtle way).

Anthony C (au) wrote: one of my all time favorite films

Jim T (ag) wrote: Long, slow and with accents you wish you'd never experienced. Bored me silly. Nice Cinematography though.

Simon D (us) wrote: Pretty good film about the secret political relationships between the USA and the Middle East. Getting a version where the arabic and pakistani is subtitled in English, which isn't that easy.

Ben F (de) wrote: The fact that this movie ever got off the ground is just beyond me. Bad plot, unmemorable characters, corny dialog, dumbed down Herbie is just a few on a long list of complaints. And on top of that: Here's an actual conversation I had with someone: Them: this movie was made in 1980. Me: Really?, Get out, you're kidding, right? Looks more like 1970 or older!Anyway, Herbie's gone south of the border where he's being picked up by