Sin of a Family

Sin of a Family

Detective Cho is incompetent and always fails to be promoted. His only pleasure in life is spying on his neighbors who are having affair.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
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Detective Cho is incompetent and always fails to be promoted. His only pleasure in life is spying on his neighbors who are having affair. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sin of a Family torrent reviews

Tony S (fr) wrote: Entertaining Nordic revenge thriller with some great visuals and pitch black humor.

David L (jp) wrote: Very interesting, had some of the same premis as in "Walking with Dinasours, but never the less a nice story line to engage the viewer. I felt some what transported to that time and area with such Eat, or be eaten confrontations. LOL!

Melissa L (mx) wrote: I got this one to watch when I had some time to kick back by myself. I wasn't disappointed. Not sure my husband would have stayed awake for this though. More of a "chick flick", I imagine.

Arpita M (kr) wrote: Another Madhur Bhandarkar dud. 2 and half stars for Kareena, looking lovely as ever, and for some worthwhile cliches.

Sam J (au) wrote: Bill Murray holds together this original plot by Harold Ramis. What starts off as a comedy slowly has a romantic element titrated in, so that all audiences can watch and enjoy Phil (Bill Murray) learn selflessness, community and what's important in life.

Tim E (mx) wrote: A brave and revolutionary retelling of political oppression.

Brad S (it) wrote: I had somehow never seen this Brian DePalma comedy from the 80's, so decided to give it a shot. I am glad I did, I found it to be pretty entertaining. Danny DeVito and Joe Piscopo star as two low level gangsters in New Jersey who work for a crime boss played by Dan Hedaya. They continually get into trouble with him and are pursued by the enforcer played by none other than Captain Lou Albano who is over the top, but hilarious. Harvey Keitel also has a small supporting role, and even Martin Scorsese's parents briefly turn up in this. The film didn't get good reviews upon release, and DePalma has somewhat disowned it, but I find sometimes some distance from a film's release can help it, and for me that was the case with this film. I found it to be a fun easy watch and think that it's worth checking out.

Micah H (kr) wrote: It's was an ok movie. The story is very predictable and the music was not that good.

Chris H (it) wrote: When the first publicity you hear about a film is the fact that accomplished director Paul Schrader (Wrote Taxi Driver and Raging Bull), Academy award winning Actor Cage and Producer Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive) all denounce the film by wearing matching shirts quoting their contracts that say they are unable to publicly denounce the film it doesn't inspire confidence in the final product .This is because the director and co were booted out the edit suite and the backers edited the movie to there liking. I suppose one way or another you really do get what you pay for. This might explain the slightly mis matched film in front of you. In future maybe just have a better contract before you take the King's shilling..... And so the story goes... Evan Lake (Cage, sporting his probably natural grey hair) is a seasoned CIA agent looking at a terminal illness that will rot his brain is suddenly given the chance to take down the terrorist that tortured him decades earlier. After he sales pitches his mission to his boss who points out to Cage that the now elderly terrorist his after hasn't been active in 20 years, is now terminally ill, facing a painful death that will kill him soon anyway so what's the point? Fuck it Cage loses his shit, then his job, then goes rogue with a young weird voiced colleague (Anton Yelchin) who's willing to risk it all (His Job! His freedom!) if its gives him some field work! In a nutshell.... After a slow endeavor, then a semi meaningful confrontation, comes a random violent and crazy rushed conclusion with all diplomacy out the window with Cage even declaring " Salam alaikum asshole!" in his deadly showdown with a heavily crippled elderly terminally ill terrorist! The random action packed four minute sequence of the film, eight minutes from the end.Afterthought..... I had read that perhaps the initial intention of the story was showing the effects of burnt out agents, or post traumatic stress who knows, no answers here. The film doesn't back up the plot really despite how hard it tries in its last shot of quickest plot tidy edit I've seen in some time. More disturbingly perhaps the title was given the most literal meaning it could of done in the last three minutes so any metaphoric idealism over the title's true meaning can be brain energy better saved for Sudoku or Candy Crush on the ipad, these editors want to give you exactly whats on the tin. There was brief bit of acting delight from Cage where he denounces his boss's and CIA's actions in modern American history after his lifetime's dedication to the service, that to me was the height of the acting and script writing in this film, unfortunately it was near the start.\Summary... What had potential is now a strange unbalanced film that will never quite show us what the filmmakers were planning. Would love to read the original script to see exactly what the true intention was. One thing is for sure I bet the director's commentary will be fucking hilarious.Take it for it is.... it's ok....2/5 Did you know?... Harrison Ford and Channing Tatum were originally set to star with Nicolas Winding Refn to direct. Ford walked out due to the Script's ending apparently (not the first time either, did the same on The Sum Of All Fears) and Refn left to direct Drive (In retrospect a rather good call) but stayed on as a Executive Producer.