Sin of Innocence

Sin of Innocence

When two single parents remarry, their teenaged son and daughter begin developing an unexpected attraction to each other.

When David, a widower with a teenaged son, marries Vicki, who is divorced and has a teenaged daughter, it's sure to be a happy family. But the kids, Tim and Jenny, become romanticly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Olaolu A (ca) wrote: A grim and gritty, slow-simmering Aussie crime-thriller that maintains a constant aura of dread without injecting needless action into the narrative. The storyline might invite comparisons to more visceral, in-you-face crime films such as GoodFellas, The Departed and Scarface but in terms of the deliberate, unhurried manner in which freshman film-maker David Michd allows things to unfold, one could just as easily mention this in the same breath as Jean Melville's classic, Le Samourai, and more recent thrillers like Michael Clayton and The Constant Gardener. Moments of violence, when they do occur, are brief and shocking; the ending, in particular, is stark and surprising. While the occurrence that closes the film is perhaps inevitable, especially given the events that lead up to it, the manner in which it's orchestrated still manages to catch us unawares with its starkness. Also, as it proves during its early passages, this film is not beyond disposing of one of its presumably-central characters quickly and summarily. Animal Kingdom gets a fair amount of mileage from the element of surprise, but for the most part, the tension here is generated more by the plot and the increasingly dire circumstances that main protagonist must face, rather than by generic "suspense-building" tactics. In fact, one could argue that this is a much an atypical coming-of-age tale as it is a crime-drama in that it utilizes a such a young protagonist who is forced to undergo a personality transformation and must learn to think quickly if he is to survive life in this often vicious and cruel kingdom. At times when I was watching this, I was reminded of the underrated 1994 American film, Fresh, which highlighted the efforts of an even younger man to break free from very similar circumstances (and like the earlier film, this is one is also the product of a first-time director). And like the protagonist in the older effort, this one isn't given to using many words and oftentimes comes across as a little timid and emotionally cut-off but ultimately bridges the gap with his intelligence and his knack for manipulating seemingly dire circumstances to his advantage. About the only major difference aside from the different settings is that title character in the earlier film started out as being somewhat hardened and streetwise before the facade finally broke toward the end. Here, the transformation is almost the opposite but otherwise, both films could be considered cinematic siblings right down to the understated matter in which the narrative unfolds in each of them.Another similarity in both films is the strength of the casting. Animal Kingdom's acting is solid all around with the standouts being Oscar-nominee Jacki Weaver as Janine "Smurf" Cody, the grandmother from hell who dominates this "kingdom" with a borderline incestuous love for her sons (some of the film's slim dark humor stems from this dynamic) and Ben Mendelssohn as the oldest and most psychotic of the clan. Mendelssohn's character, Andrew 'Pope' Cody, might not seem like much of a threat initially, with his rather calm and collected demeanor, but as the movie progresses, his truer, more volatile personality begins to emerge and it ain't pretty. Lead actor, James Frecheville, provides our entry point into this dangerous world with his solid performance. For the most part, his character, 17 year-old Joshua (or 'J' as he's referred to throughout the film) is emotionless and withdrawn. Some might call his acting wooden but for me, this was the perfect approach to portraying someone who has learned to close himself off from all of the horrors that he sees around him (as the movie opens, we learn that his mother has just OD'ed on heroin, which prompts him to contact his grandma and arrange to live with her and his uncles - all without missing a beat!). As the stakes get higher and higher, the actor becomes more alive. His breakdown when someone he truly cares about finally gets caught in the crossfire is all the more powerful because of the reticence that he has shown for most the movie. The actor in the cast that is likely to be familiar to American audiences would be Guy Pearce, who has enjoyed quite a fruitful career on both sides of the ocean. Here, in his role as Detective Nathan Leckie, the one seemingly honest cop in this story who tries to take 'J' under his wing with the goal of using him to bring down his crooked family, he is steady and reliable but he wisely doesn't try to steal the spotlight. The rest of the cast includes Luke Ford as Darren, the youngest of the Cody clan and Joel Edgerton (who's star was on the rise at the time on both sides of the ocean but seems to have dimmed of late) as Barry "Baz" Brown, a close family friend and partner in crime.As the title would indicate, this is an often volatile and ferocious story and those traits definitely come across here even if it's only in the most subtle of manners. Still, anyone willing to surrender himself or herself to Animal Kingdom's unique and hypnotic rhythms will discover a singularly compelling piece of cinema that's more than capable of enthralling any viewer with the proper expectations. It's a shame that this fine film hasn't gotten much exposure despite all the critical acclaim - not to mention Weaver's much-deserved Oscar nomination for her chilling, diabolical performance - because it richly deserves an audience that can appreciate intelligently-written thrillers that boil slowly but ultimately provide a more-than-satisfying cinematic entree.

Risa C (nl) wrote: very good story. i love amanda bynes.

Ma Leen B (br) wrote: i wanna see it again... but where can i find it..

Michael L (ca) wrote: Re-live the horror of Bush stealing another election, not biased (if that matters to you).

Troy A (gb) wrote: Rockwell at his best. really good movie.

Joshua L (ca) wrote: My kinda weird shit! I really like this movie

Noah H (nl) wrote: Just don't understand at all how this movie got a bad rating from rotten tomatoes, the story line is amazing and the most action drama film packed as you can get. You are right on Scott Green.

Akash S (gb) wrote: Originally shot in 24 countries on six continents, Director Ron Fricke calls his film 'Baraka' "a guided mediation on humanity"; it is, indeed. Even with no narrative or a regular flow of events, the breathtaking shots from around the world show the beauty and destruction of nature and humans. Whether one's high or not high, for an intelligent person who has interests in the fields of art, nature, human life and culture, this film is a trippy meditation on our wide and varied existence on this planet. 'Baraka', in Sufi, means "a blessing, or as the breath, or essence of life from which the evolutionary process unfolds." From meditative slow motion to bewildering time-lapse photography, Ron Fricke (cinematographer and director of the film) captures the scenes with such earnest interest and curiosity, it's like watching memories of places you haven't even been to, and firing various random thoughts in your mind that you never even complete. The incredible soundtrack by Michael Stearns which is sort of a hybrid world-music, and on-site recordings help push us to the dimension where all these thoughts take place.The film begins with a few shots of the mountains, then moving onto showing a snow monkey relaxing in the hot springs of mountains in Japan; it looks so calm and deep-in-thought, reminiscent of human life. It goes on to show so many diverse places and peoples, it's really difficult to list all of them here because there are so many scenes that are awe-inspiring. But just to mention, the most spectacular and memorable sequences include: the Kecak dance (Balinese Monkey Chant) at temple in Tampaksiring (Bali, Indonesia) - dance of Maasai tribe in Kenya - Japanese Buddhist monk on a pavement in walking meditation, with a bell an bowl in hands, asking handout in such a peaceful way - the mass and systematic breeding of chicks in a factory - scenes of photographs and abandoned buildings of Auschwitz in Poland (concentration camp) and Killing Fields in Cambodia (Khmer Rouge torture chambers) - dance of Dervishes in Istanbul (Turkey). And for me, the most powerful and absorbing stretch of sequences start with a father and son on a cycle, on a street in India, and ending with the Butoh dance of Japan; a hauntingly beautiful and enigmatic score accompanies these scenes, which makes the whole sequence out-of-this-world.It's thousands of stories etched into a single movie. Legacies, history, cultures, diversity, pain, suffering, joy, humanity - it's like watching and experiencing so many things at once. It makes you proud to be a part, though the tiniest, of all this. If one can watch only one movie before he dies, this should be it. If an alien race comes to this planet and wants to learn about us, this is the movie they should begin with. Before dying, this is what I would want to see last, thinking all the while - though I may not have been to these places and seen or known them firsthand, but to be able to know of their existence is enough for me.It's one of the best non-verbal documentaries ever made. Watch it on the biggest screen and the best resolution possible, because it's the kind of experience which never leaves your mind, and delights each of your senses. To not have seen this visual masterpiece is to deny oneself the knowledge and understanding of our very existence.

Kit T (ca) wrote: Tommy Sr. was a bad guy?

Simon B (de) wrote: I got this movie for Christmas as a joke (I think), but Lee Marvin and OJ Simpson killing racists is pretty great.

Andy C (br) wrote: D. W. Griffith chooses the French Revolution for this one, making a salient point about not mistaking fanatics as leaders. But we went ahead and elected our own version of Robespierre anyway.

Joe C (ru) wrote: This was not a great movie. I am not sure it is a good movie. However, I was entertained. There were some aspects I really liked about this movie but unfortunately there were some major flaws I have with it as well.Pros: Mickey Rourke is great in this movie as this character. I liked hating his character to slowly peeling back the layers and finding his redeeming qualities. I also liked his brother's character played by Ted Levine. I really like the dynamics of the brother characters in this movie.Cons: I think Tupac was a great actor and I think he was okay in this movie. I just don't think he had much to work with. His character is not very compelling and is pretty much a throwaway villain despite the way the movie was marketed. (if you are thinking this is a Tupac heavy movie you will be disappointed).I really liked the arc of Rourke's character however, I think they could have done a better job of explaining what made reach this redeeming arc at the end of the movie. Lastly the ending, while somewhat enjoyable, I found it to be a bit cheap and wish it would have been done another way.

David B (gb) wrote: candy is another working class heroin addiction movie similar to the likes of requiem for a dream, trainspotting, basketball diarys, and the unique adam and paul which is irish. first off i wanna say i taught this movie was very good with very good performances and abbie cornish is sexy [you see her pretty much naked alot] if i was a junkie i would want to be 1 with her. but yes where was i, I recommend all the above and this movie especially if you have an interest in drug culture/addiction its undeniably a factor the mind is curious about even from the safety of a sofa sober drinking sparkling water, so thats that.

Darrell T (br) wrote: A decent crime drama, that hasn't aged wellIn the last 20 years...due to much better movies that have come along since, like Donnie Brasco, Blow & American Gangster...this is more like a glorified TV show with bad music.

Johnnie W (gb) wrote: Don't ever believe these stupid critics. This movie will make your day or night

Ken S (ru) wrote: Shane Carruth directed the 2004 indie sci-fi film "Primer" which was a complex and creative time travel movie. This follow-up feature is about a woman who is hypnotized and robbed by a powerful drug, and then finds herself robbed and her life in ruins afterward, only to connect with a man who may have had a similar experience. Also pigs are involved. It is a head trip of a movie, one that doesn't explain itself and leaves it to the viewer to figure it all out. It is a slow movie, but I enjoyed it...and it is hard to deny the power of thinking about a movie long after it has ended.

Brendan M (de) wrote: Unique and heartbreaking, this film is one of my all-time favorites. It deserves way more attention.