Sin retorno

Sin retorno

Mau and Chespi, two lifelong friends, find themselves at a critical moment in their lives. Both are on the verge of their 30th birthday, and both empty-handed. An unexpected event gives them the opportunity they have always been waiting for, to have "everything" overnight. Mau and Chespi embark on a journey that has no map - and no return. In less than twenty-four hours they find eight-hundred thousand dollars and gain the power to access the impossible. However, not everything is destined to fall their way, and their prize turns out to be nothing but payment for a shipment that never arrives.

Mau and Chespi, two lifelong friends, find themselves at a critical moment in their lives. Both are on the verge of their 30th birthday, and both empty-handed. An unexpected event gives ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Judge L (ag) wrote: WOW...this is a BAD one! So tired of these payday movies for these actors that now just put in bit parts. B movies use to actually be fun to watch...they have now turned into D movies. Unfortunately the foreign markets eat these up. Not even worth the watch on Netflix.

Alejandro C (ru) wrote: Una historia muy confusa para mi gusto. Creo que no me he enterado muy bien de lo que pasa al final

AD O (kr) wrote: obviously great imagery and the characters did pull me in, but it could have been half the length and just as effective. your parents' style no doubt!

Anh H (ag) wrote: Just another teen movie.

Javis C (br) wrote: Sometimes irritating, however it is nice.

Laila K (kr) wrote: john smith <3 hahahaha jkjk. but i remember i did like him lmao. his name featured as all my childhood guy's name's in my games lol... and he's still alive!! :D

Oscar H (fr) wrote: Ouf! Vad ska man sga om det hr? En svensk splatterfilm med surrealistiska inslag, musik av E-type och dialog p engelska. Roligaste scenen r nr vr "hjlte" dunkar en bovs huvud gng p gng i sina egna, dyra tallrikar. Mot slutet, efter Gert Fylkings intrde, var det tyvrr fruktansvrt svrt att hlla sig vaken.

Jen L (ca) wrote: So, this film choice happened as my friend was very surprised that I hadn't seen such a classic. This film has recently had it's 30 years anniversary and still remains quite current...I mean, even I've heard of it!!Top Gun contains abit of action, love, sadness and triumph. Pete Mitchell aka 'Maverick' played by Tom Cruise as a young cocky/daredevil Navy pilot aiming to be the best of the best. He is the main man in this film. For me, 'Maverick' does become likeable.There are a handful of known actors. Some of the flying scenes lasted slightly too long for me but as I whole I enjoyed the film. Unsure if I'll be rushing out to buy a pair of aviators - young Tom Cruise carried the look well.All in all - a good film, easy viewing for a Saturday evening and a great soundtrack

Michael T (jp) wrote: Violence, nudity and Peter Cushing in this over-the-top Hammer horror flick.

Maria Z (ru) wrote: The original play is so much better! Pity...

Kevin R (it) wrote: There goes the daughter of Flannel Pants O'Hara Just prior to World War II Europe is slowly getting taken over by the Nazis. An American woman, about to marry the baron of Austria, notices where ever he goes the Nazis follow and the country falls. Meanwhile, an attractive and assertive reporter follows them around trying to get a story. "Don't wait too long. Happiness may pass you by." Leo McCrarey, director of An Affair to Remember, Going My Way, Duck Soup, Bells of Saint Mary, Red Hot Rhythm, and Wild Company, delivers Once Upon a Honeymoon. The storyline for this picture is very good and a nice combination of comedy, espionage, and romance. The character development is excellent and the acting is awesome. The cast includes Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Walter Slezak, John Banner, and Walter Dekker. "You mean it's up to Hitler who has babies?" "Yes. It used to be up to God." I came across this film while flicking through upcoming movies on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). I am a huge Cary Grant fan so I decided to DVR this picture. I can tell you this is an excellent movie with a brilliant theme and outstanding subplots. The execution of this film is perfect and I adored the characters. This is amongst my top 5 favorite Cary Grant movies. "If I didn't trust a woman, Baron, I'd throw her out." Grade: A

Matthew B (ag) wrote: Jason Goes To Hell and he really should stay there so we don't anymore of these movies.

Celeste M (br) wrote: depressing with dry humor

Daniel S (jp) wrote: One of my all time favorite slashes of the 90's, mainly because when I was a teenager, Rebecca Gayheart and Alicia Witt were mainstays of what I considered "good looking" It doesn't hold up well, but it's fun, and above average!