Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

The sailor of legend is framed by the goddess Eris for the theft of the Book of Peace, and must travel to her realm at the end of the world to retrieve it and save the life of his childhood friend Prince Proteus.

The story of Sinbad, a pirate who travels to the end of the world to recover the lost Book of Peace from Eris to save the life of his childhood friend, Prince Proteus, from accepting Sinbad's death sentence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas torrent reviews

John G (jp) wrote: definitely worth it!

Jason M (nl) wrote: Ghobadi refreshes the parts within us that few filmmakers can reach these days. Another exhilarating, poetic experience.

Nicholas V (br) wrote: There was something in this movie that made me say I liked it

Anders A (ag) wrote: Brutal to the core, two girls, one blood. Killing the ghost of the past, stumbling into a more sublime horror than every before. Avoiding the stardard schemes, making it somehow its own. Regardless far down on the french extreme cinema list.

Remote G (it) wrote: by Emily Paget for remotegoat on 24/05/08 Watching 'Timber Falls' was like watching monkeys play chess; inane and a bit daft, but you can't look away on the off chance something interesting might happen. Washington couple, Mike and Sheryl, have set out in to the wilderness of West Virginia. Ready to camp it up, they begin a hiking adventure with no real knowledge of the trails or the forest. Luckily for them they bump into a local woman who's eager to help, and lend a bit of her local knowledge, she recommends Timber Falls, for its beauty and lack of people. The local crazy lady was right, the views are breathtaking, however the tranquility quickly fades, when they're caught off guard by some bored, yokel brothers who force the couple to buy some moonshine (Deliverance anyone?). Anyway when Mike wakes up the next morning to find Sheryl missing he quickly suspects the rifle-wielding brothers from the previous day. However, Mike is very wrong, and in his haste and panic stumbles into a bear trap, which is one of those good old fashion squeamishly grim moments where the sound of crunching bone is much worse than anything visual. Mike is rescued by the lady who they briefly met before (Ida). But all is not as it seems, when Mike discovers Sheryl at the same house. Ida and her husband, the park ranger, want a child but can't conceive so have gone to the extreme length at abducting a young fertile couple to basically do it for them. This film is scary because of it's setting, the backwoods of America scare the bejesus out of me, and if you've seen "Deliverance" or the X-Files episode "Home", you will understand why. It's always a terrifying thought, to be trapped in an isolated place, cut off from society, all bar a handful of deformed, redneck, psychopaths for company. Although Timber Falls aims to use these novel factors as it's basis, it doesn't really push it as far as it could, which basically means, they need a handful more disfigured Leatherface's to gormlessly hack up younglings. The reason this film doesn't work like it should, is because it's so basic. Neither Mike or Sheryl plot or plan or scheme their way out. Their captives are pretty dim, and there are a million moments when they could pretty much, up and leave. I don't mind if there is no real gore, or brutality, but I'd like a bit of suspense and a few proper scares. If they had they filmed inside a dingy house in the daylight, it would have been a lot more unsettling, however, choosing to use the 'cellar at night' approach shies away from any real creepy developments. There are very few deaths in comparison to hack-em-up torture features like Hostel or Saw, which mean we have to focus on dialogue and plot, both of which are thin and weak. There are almost too many chances in the film for it to turn around and shake things up a bit. But it doesn't, it just meanders along, which to me is the reason it is so bad. Because clearly on a number of occasions someone could have made a brilliant spin, but they were just too lazy.

Nick B (ru) wrote: Wow, even as a waiting room flick for a tire change this sucked


Anniina J (br) wrote: Can't believe someone got me to watch this.

Bonnie E (gb) wrote: what in the hell is this? It's laughable anyway. They kind of look like my chinese crested dog.

Michael W (ru) wrote: I really want to love this film. A Michael Keaton gangster farce?! But alas, it is paced way too slow and most of the jokes fall flat.

Jeffrey M (ru) wrote: A really great film, "Teachers" touches up on the problems facing some of our schools in the U.S. The acting in this film is really superb. This movie has a lot of funny and sad moments.

Sanjog S (jp) wrote: From a filmmaker's point of view, it is a nightmarish film to make! A brilliant achievement! But as an audience it does leave you dazed and confused. Surrealism does get a new benchmark.

Blake P (kr) wrote: "The Woman in the Window" is one of the best film noirs! What happens when an aging professor (Robinson) goes to a beautiful model's (Bennett) house? Murder of course! This psychological thriller is just great! Fritz Lang made another great movie with this one, and even as silly as the plot is, it really can't go wrong. Edward G. Robinson is great in an unusual softy role, and it shows how much of a range he had. He is very convincing, and the other Robinson/Bennett pairing "Scarlet Street" also puts him in a similar role, and yet again: well done. Joan Bennett is definitely one of the most underrated actresses of the '40's. Though it's easy to see why (she didn't always make memorable films), she still should have won an Oscar for this, because this is really one of her best roles. Even though this movie is over 60 years old, it doesn't fail to impress. The suspense, the action, the cinematography are all memorable, and all people who love films will definitely appreciate it. For anybody who loves film noir like me, "The Woman in the Window" is perfect.

Matt R (fr) wrote: Damn fine Van Damme action movie about human trafficking. Young girl gets kidnapped and Jean Claude aka 'The Butcher' is asked to help out (having already given up 'the life'). Routine stuff, but well made and Jean Claude is good to watch for me. (Still not sure why they chose '6 Bullets' as an alternate title???)

Stuart K (mx) wrote: Written and directed by Bill Forsyth, who had made his start in film by making documentaries around his native Scotland, but with doing these, he had been able to get funding for his first feature That Sinking Feeling (1980), which the critics liked. After that, he got money from Scottish Television for another film, and it's a sweet, heartfelt romantic comedy about growing pains and love. Set in the Scottish newtown of Cumbernauld, Gregory Underwood (John Gordon Sinclair) is a socially awkward teenager who plays in the football team of his secondary school, but they're not doing too well, and he's hopeless as a goalkeeper. Things change when the team's Coach Phil Menzies (Jake D'Arcy) lets Dorothy (Dee Hepburn) onto the all male team, and Gregory falls for Dorothy. But, his awkwardness means he's not confident enough to ask Dorothy out on a date, however Gregory ends up getting advice from his 10 year old sister Madeleine (Allison Forster), of all people, on how to win Dorothy over and ask her out. It's a lovely little film with some amusing little details, like a pupil in a penguin suit wandering around the school, and it was made for little money, but it helped Forsyth get on the road to fame with the likes of Local Hero (1983) and Comfort and Joy (1984). But, it was the start of a good trio of films from Forsyth.

Logan M (ru) wrote: It's uncomfortably forced, like a television comedy sketch that's been stretched to movie length, but that's exactly what makes it original. "They Came Together" is a courageous little film that isn't afraid to laugh at itself.

Jess A (ag) wrote: This is one of the first times that we get to see just how talented Leonardo DiCaprio really is. He was just fantastic in this movie, and it didn't hurt that he had such great actors to back him up.

Tim C (it) wrote: Well made and informative.