Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage

Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage

When the Sultan's first born is taken by an evil sorcerer, Sinbad is tasked with traveling to a desert of magic and creatures to save her.

When the Sultan's first born is taken by an evil sorcerer, Sinbad is tasked with traveling to a desert of magic and creatures to save her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohamed A (br) wrote: This movie is legit, it made my friend want to cry a bit (he was going to cry but then he only managed to watch it in segments) so in conclusion if he were to watch it whole he would cry!

Ben V (kr) wrote: Not often that I fall asleep to a movie with John Cusack in it.

Brogan R (it) wrote: It gets a star for being a western. That's how bad it is.

Susan K (nl) wrote: The first piece is fantastic - basically a gorgeously shot love story told mostly through song. I got really excited, then, when the second piece actually was silent, but it didn't live up to the first piece. By the third, the film lost me. It was weirdly angsty and already technologically outdated. It reminded me of what my students said when I was teaching a film and the internet class: "this sounds like it was written by my grandparents."

Theresa J (es) wrote: Horrible documentary, not only because I the topic really pissed me off (to imply that 9/11 was anything but what it was is like saying the holocaust didn't happen) but it was a poorly done documentary.

Nate T (au) wrote: Uneven love story is nothing less than riveting. While one won't learn too much about the Syndrome, one can enjoy a different kind of love story. Should be on Blu-ray.

Erik D (ag) wrote: Perhaps stylish, but non of the characters choices make any sense. Not a fan of the acting either, nor the rest of the plot. Swing n a miss at film noir. Watch M or The Maltese Falcon instead.

Billy M (br) wrote: This movie is a pretty good example of how they could do "chick flicks" all the time. They should include elements that more audiences will enjoy. I really enjoyed Rhys Ifans goofy character, he is a great actor for comedic relief.

Rodney E (ag) wrote: Post Beetlejuice and pre Batman, this is one Michael Keaton movie that I never saw and wasn't totally sure if I wanted to. This actually is a really good movie that Keaton is awesome in. He plays a yuppie cokehead who embezzles money from his work and is caught up in a shady situation with a girl who overdosed. Maybe I thought that this would be a typical and cliched story of someone overcoming drugs and being all sitcom and preachy but it comes off as realistic and inspiring. One of the problems that I had with this was Keaton's pursuit of Kathy Baker's addict character but that has a resulting payoff that is effective. The supporting cast including Morgan Freeman as a counselor and M Emmett Walsh as a sponsor are good but this is Keaton's show. He has a lot of memorable scenes in this but the ending scenes may be the best.

Moni K (jp) wrote: A little bit over than 3 hours is just WAY too much for avarage Bollywood viewer like me. Although the story was interesting and I enjoyed costumes also. Great performances made it very entertaning.

Jim B (de) wrote: Hilarious B movie from the seventies.

Veronique K (gb) wrote: "autumn leaves" is one of the best pictures for joan crawford's career in the 1950s with the patron of robert aldrich whose noirish masterpiece is ralph meeker's "kiss me deadly"..but this movie inevitably encounters the doom of oblivion due to the misogynistic assumption of crawford's screen persona...mostly people misconceive "autumn leaves" as another campy crawfordian feminist piece of mature woman romancing young lad then suffering from the evil fruit of her manipulative trifling with the younger man. BUT "autumn leaves" is actually a romantic drama interwoven with a grim scent of psychological thriller. it's about a spinister called milly, who sacrifices her youth attending her invalid dying father, now she's self-sufficient with an assured career working at home, but she's secretly wretched with solitude until she meets a jolly young man named burt whose freewheeling sense of innocent humor enlightens her sorrowful life with a gleam of rosiness. hesitated by their span of age, milly tries to resist burt's boyish charm but in vain since she welcomes his proposal of marriage...but is everything too good to be true? please don't mistake it, "autumn leaves" is NOT a film noir piece of sordid doublecross despite incest is indeed an essential element within its scenarios.the twist would be burt's psychotic crackup over his father's unbearably unethical revelation (i shall leave the reader to find out) which has torn his composed sanity into pieces, and his obsession with milly might be a symptom of neurosis for the solace of maternal attachment. dismayed by the shattered happiness, milly has to confront the issue of whether she should commit burt into sanitarium, if she does, would his love for her be also cured off for good? or should she bath in the diseased love as the matriarch at the cost of mutual ruin? undetected by most, "autumn leaves" is a whispering romance of pathos and unconditional love addled with mental illness, and it's supposed to be a tender tale of an old maid's yearning, foreshadowed by nat kind cole's "autumn leaves" as theme that is the metaphor of a late-blooming love of longing since this lady's life is at the stage of autumn, and she craves for the lover who has departed to let her alone in the chilling autumn when her light of hope could only deteriorate into the frosty winter as if dream has been diminished for good. cliff robertson, who has made distinguished performance in "the twightlight zone" episode "the dummy" as the deranged ventriloquist whose identity has been thieved by his dummy, plays burt, and robertson's accomplished portrayal of schizophrenia might be a parallel to joan crawford's oscar-nominated performance in 1947 "the possessed" which is about a young nurse's decline into insanity and her redemption from her patriarch-alike husband..this could be a satiric irony as crawford's roles vary for the adjustment of ages, and it might be wondrous to observe a young actor in the similar niche of her former career milestone.nat king cole's "autumn leaves" is a beautiful elegy of lyricism and the movie has a good casting of competence. also, robert aldrich's direction is well-tuned with its melodramatic paces, and definitely far from campiness. what hinders its nowaday popularity? the heavy cosmetics of over-sized eyebrows and over-smeared lip-gloss. perhaps the only campy moment in "autumn leaves" would be its imitation of "from here to eternity" when cliff robertson does the burt lancaster/deborah kerr gesture to joan crawford as the splashing sea waves submerge the kissing couple on the beach.

Chris D (gb) wrote: It's just a dumb doll-murderer movie that's not really scary and has terrible acting.

Matt R (kr) wrote: It's not like it's boring, it just doesn't feel very fresh. When the credits rolled, I felt nothing but indifference towards the picture.