Sinbad, the Sailor

Sinbad, the Sailor

Sinbad is a story teller who weaves great adventures about - himself. Whether they are true or not, no one knows. For this is the story of the eight adventures of Sinbad - as told by Sinbad... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristy P (br) wrote: Good point about the movie...Val Kilmer was in it. Bad point about the movie...just about everything else. I do admit it was VERY suspenseful, and definitely an interesting watch, but I can't call it good. I was distrustful of the main female character the whole time, so I couldn't really let myself like her. And all the other characters besides Val were pretty much pointless or weird (like the psychotic ex-boyfriend of the female character).

Kelsey M (fr) wrote: I've been waiting for Satrapi to make another one of her great stories into a visual feast. :)

Luke B (kr) wrote: A small group of really talented actors in nice little laid-back, mystery/suspense picture.

Matt R (es) wrote: laughable fun.... forgetful, laughable fun... no more...

Russell W (ca) wrote: great quality here just not as entertaining

Christopher D (it) wrote: Seen the 2nd 1 but not this 1.

Terri H (fr) wrote: Another snake movie. Not too bad.

Lee M (it) wrote: Disappointing, obvious and almost boring treatment of a fascinating historical figure.

Scott R (ca) wrote: I haven't seen this since I was a kid, but I loved it then despite being scared.

Michael B (es) wrote: Marvelous, gritty, sensitive portrayal of the immigrant experience. Essential viewing before opining on "the illegal problem".

Thomas D (gb) wrote: Martin Scorsese is one of the greatest directors of all time, but it wasn't always that way. Back in the early 1970's he was still finding his way and trying some techniques out. While Boxcar Bertha is nowhere near the quality of Scorsese's later efforts, you can tell there was talent there, just waiting to be exploited.Boxcar Bertha tells the fictional account of two lovers, a union leader and a loner, who find pleasure taking up crime to seek vengeance on what railroad management has done to them. David Carradine and Barbara Hershey star, as Scorsese directs his second feature length film. With plenty of similarities to Badlands or even Bonnie and Clyde, it's hard to figure out exactly what this film has to offer. In reality, it doesn't bring anything new to the genre, nor is the acting all that impressive.With that said, because of where Scorsese is today, it's worth watching. There are plenty of intriguing shots used by the famed director that he would use later on, or even just certain transitions from scene to scene. As a film geek, that was interesting to see. But as far as the film itself, I don't know that you would get anything out of this story. Just go watch Badlands again. That's a much more fascinating take on two young people taking up murder and crime in the west.+Scorsese trying things out-Nothing new added to this style of a story-Acting is sub-par4.6/10

Aron F (fr) wrote: Love love love this movie!

Lovro H (br) wrote: This movie feels more like a remake of the original, than the actual remake did. It has more similiarities with the original than the remake had, but it still isn't better than the original! This is supposed to be a prequel to the remake, and while we do get some answers for some things that we saw in the remake, this doesn't feel like a prequel. This could've been a sequel, as well, since the story is the same as in previous installments. A couple of kids going on a roadtrip, they get captured, tortured, eaten, all the usual things. The characters this time are okay, but again, careless. They made some very stupid decisions and for their outcome you don't even care. The atmosphere and the feel of this movie is great, though! It's really nasty and disturbing. It captures the atmosphere of the original really well. The acting is quite nice for this type of a movie. There is a lot of gory scenes, probably the most in the series. While it can be hard to watch sometimes, it's really cool at the same time! The ending is almost as in the original. The dinner scene is great, really loved that they decided to add that in this movie, since the remake didn't have that scene. The twist at the end is, well... It's quite lame. I wasn't really amused by it. All in all, a good horror film worthy of the name Texas Chainsaw Massacre and a must-see for fans!

Igor A (au) wrote: Simpaticno filmce za Michael "Eddie" Edwards, koj so samo eden mesec podgotovki, se prijavil i ucestvuval na Zimskite Olimpiski Igri vo 1988 vo Kalgari. Se raboti sekako za vistinska prikazna, a igra Hugh Jackman. Iako filmov ne stana hit, ocenkite se visoki...Nema da zgresite da go gledate...