Vijay forces his wife Laxmi to leave her house, suspecting an extra marital affair. Years later, Vijay and Laxmi come face to face and start meeting each other.

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Users reviews

Craig B (es)

As great as Laura (maybe better?) and a cut above Whirlpool. Script is so tight and sharp I was immediately drawn in. A compulsive watch

Dan E (mx)

But then the relieved laughter when a bad guy dies. After all, there are Nazis! There's the somber. But serious, too. It's lighthearted

Dax S (au)

This one was better than the others

DJ J (ru)

Happy watching. I was disappointed, but I hope someone else can receive some enjoyment from this movie. However, some people seemed to like this movie, so give it a shot if you think it might interest you. Everything like I said earlier looked amateurish and nothing seemed to come together well. The thought behind this could have worked, but nothing was convincing and it sounded like everyone was reading from a script. The way the movie is set up is the story moves along while some of the characters are interviewed. Also, there practically isn't any back story or decent reasoning behind the mayhem. There is no attachment to any of the characters whatsoever so I don't understand why any viewers would care about these obnoxious teens getting slaughtered. This would have been a decent movie had not everything had been done so amateurishly. Killer Movie is a movie about a small bunch of rich kids in a small town in North Dakota who are getting hunted down by a serial murderer

Evan D (nl)

great performances with a terrible storyline

Kyle G (ru)

The documentary interviews are thankfully very short, almost as spare as the music, which leaves plenty of time for footage of Sigur Rs concerts, Icelandic nature scenes, and other crazily random pretty things. If listening sightlessly to such pristine, ethereal music weren't already a transcendent experience, then accompanying it with beautiful images would probably make it so

Luke D (ca)

cast that all went on to be superstars and the loveable John Candy the cherry on top of the cake I love this film so much. ALL TIMEIf you don't fall in love with this film check your hearts still beating. . . Best comedy film of all time

Mike S (ru)

Very visually appealing film that successfully captures the awkwardness of reconnecting with distant relatives

Nathan M (ru)

The creator of Time of Eve shows he isn't just a one trick pony with this excellent movie. A charming, engrossing film with some genuinely clever plot twists

PierreHenri C (au)

Best Chuck Norris' action movie