Sing Sing Thanksgiving

Sing Sing Thanksgiving


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Sing Sing Thanksgiving torrent reviews

Fabricio G (es) wrote: Watchable; the best movie Emmerich has directed in years.

Peter J (ca) wrote: Average college comedy with a mix of fresh debutants who make the best of their stereotypical roles and strong oldtimers like Rishi Kapoor (the butt of many gratuitous gay jokes) and Bomani Irani (in a small but funny role). A glossy waste of time with some light social criticism.Funniest line: Wonder why Coach Shah was using such complicated language, Attack!, Don't be defensive! He just should have said: Be Punjabi! The boys would have gotten it!

Gabriella F (ag) wrote: Arousing to my back.

CJ C (au) wrote: Cute movie, the elephant definitely was the star. Matthew McConaughey was hilarious.

Zayne R (es) wrote: I love this film and it's a shame that it seems to be out of print these days. You don't see very many moody, wickedly sexy vampire films that feature Peter Fonda as Van Helsing or that suggest Dracula is in his "Fat Elvis" period. That's a subgenre that needs to be explored further.

Karsh D (nl) wrote: two cannibals are released from an asylum but have not been totally reformed

Andrew W (es) wrote: man, warren oates does not understand women. and he is no noble savage either. he's just a douche who's petty. probably the film that made ed begley jr a vegetarian.

Bill B (gb) wrote: Another film from recent years playing into the idea of the Jewish Dibbuk legend, a malevolent spirit that is likely a dead person trying t find a way back into the world of the living. The victim here is a young girl who buys a strange box with no visible means of being opened from a garage sale, only to find that there's something in side that she wants to help release.Being a bit of an easy mark for Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I went into this one expecting to like it, and I dug it quite a bit overall.Give it a rental, it's a solid watch.