Sing Street

Sing Street

A boy growing up in Dublin during the 1980s escapes his strained family life by starting a band to impress the mysterious girl he likes.

In 1985, a Dublin teenager (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) forms a rock 'n' roll band to win the heart of an aspiring model (Lucy Boynton). The film shows us a world where music has the power to take us away from the turmoil of everyday life and transform us into something greater. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler J (kr) wrote: Yep This Movie in my opinion Is The Worst One in the franchise People Useally Say Child's Play 3 I Thought of that To But when I saw Child's Play 3 I Actually Loved It It was really good But this movie sucked There Wasn't Much Chucky To Me Like And Also woman Being Gay or something hope I didn't talk sexiest or anything But Really I hated this movie a lot!

Antwon B (it) wrote: A perfect comic book adaptation. It tells the Story of a young Bruce Wayne struggling to become the dark knight detective and Jim Gordon on his path to become the commissioner of the city. And how the two men learned to forge a bond with each other. The live action films, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight took many beats from this very comic. The fan boys really annoy me when they complain about the voice acting. They believe that only Kevin Conroy (BatmanTAS 1992)can voice Batman. And they say that animators need to stick to the source material. And if they meaning the filmmakers follow the source, now the complaint is, "my mind fills in the blanks when I read the comics, where the film does not." The film makers cannot win! This film closely followed the source material and it does a fine job. It's better than that dreck, Superman Dooms day animated film. They shoulda stuck to the source. I read the comics in 1986 and was greatly surprise. If you enjoy comic book action animated films, give this one a go.

Li K (gb) wrote: Perhaps not AS adorable as A Very Minty Christmas, but still pretty darn cute. Yay for cartoons that teach kids good messages and yay for pretty rainbow colored ponies.

Tor M (fr) wrote: Powerful slow pacer. The middle aged man, Adam feel that everything good in his life are falling apart. There are no super drastic or sudden happenings that torture his mind but things go downwards, no doubt about that.It's naturally realistic and it's also a well crafted film. The lack of music and few characters makes it minimalistic and that may be the negative factore here for me. It's a bit to flat and narrow, even if Adam's life is quite challenging. The last thirty minutes is better, now there is more stuff going on and you can tell that Adam is a man with many thoughts in his head.Ok film, but I honestly don't get the huge Cannes hype. The lead is great, the camera use is fine, but the slow start never ended up in something that will stay inside my mind for a long time.

Wahida K (de) wrote: Oh no! This was really boring Movie. I like disaster Movies but this was a disaster itself.

Michael L (fr) wrote: Sometimes you see a film and you think, "What's the big deal?" LOS ANGELES PLAYS ITSELF is exactly that. A barrage of clips from my great city. The film just ain't much.

Xana F (kr) wrote: Sexta-feira no sof.

Jorgen L (it) wrote: Fairly straight forward action movie, similar to UnderSiege without anyone "famous". Nothing too annoying, nor great so it did fine for what you expect. Interesting to see the "dad" of Psych.

Lone W (ru) wrote: i have to say i loved this movie and i thought damon wayans and marlon wayans work great together and it was funny from start to finish the sotry aint the most complex or the best ive ever seen but cant take away how funny it was cant wait to see it again

Dileep N (ru) wrote: Sanjeev Kumar's finest comical performance .Deven varma and the other actors hav gelled well with the movie, a must watch.

Joe V (br) wrote: As monumental as Woodstock was, Wattstax beautifully illustrates the lengths to which soul, R&B and gospel music are a life affirming part of the community hosting the concert.

Matt M (fr) wrote: The only two survivors of an attack on a Japanese island during World War II, a Christian and a Jew, must collaborate to ensure their survival. On the one hand, this war drama is intense; on the other there are plenty of faults, from a dull second part to the lack of psychological depth, which is mortifying for a film that should have been based around it.

Private U (au) wrote: This is a campy movie that is so fun to watch with friends. I would recommend getting your funny friends together and watching, adding your own commentary!

Ryan C (nl) wrote: It's the usual mediocre Sandler outing with some good laughs, plenty of charm and crude humor as he tries to adopt a little boy.

Marischa B (ca) wrote: Decoding Annie Parker is an amazing film that not only touches your heart with the core message of breast cancer awareness, but shows us our history of how far we have come in research and medicine to change the face of breast cancer. This amazing combo of Dr. Mary-Claire King's incredible non-stop life work research and with Annie Parker's brave untouchable determination and amazing spirit, they both shines through this truly master piece of a film for a resounding feeling of HOPE.It took a very serious sensitive topic and showed us the humanistic view of it all. We are people ... it could happen to any of us ... how wonderful is the human spirit when we work together and help each other! We can make a difference! Every person, no matter who you are, we have the ability to make a difference.Hats off and bravo to the amazing director Steven Bernstein for this labor of love and remarkable devotion to this project! More films like this should be produced! Such a great job everyone.What a fantastic actor/actress cast on this film! Helen Hunt just shines with a perfect recap of Dr. King. Samantha Morton was a true star as the warrior that Annie Parker really is. Rashida Jones was fantastic as always - love her BRAVE acting abilities! Aaron Paul was a classic perfect rocker fit!Take away point: A MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!!! Tell everyone you know to watch it!

bill s (es) wrote: Too foolish to be taken seriously as it so wanted us too.

Jake M (kr) wrote: The Muppets (2011) - brings back the beloved Jim Henson creations and puts them in a whole new batch of funny and surprisingly heartfelt situations. It's a perfect love letter to those who are fans of the Muppets and even if your aren't familiar or a major fan, don't worry because this movie still works as a stand alone film. The heart is probably what works the most as it shows what the characters have been going through since they went their separate ways. They keep this theme going of the world moving on and the fans forgetting about the Muppets for who they used to be which can have it's emotional moments that fans and no fans will surely empathize with. The movie also keeps it's campy style humor which is very common in the Muppet movies. I find it the most funny when they break the 4th wall or when the make fun of their own intentional inconsistencies. Your favorite Muppet pals are still the same as before and they still keep respect to what their personalities are. They also feature a new Muppet named Walter who is the main character and is a huge fan of the Muppets. He's very likable and his loyalty really helps bring the gang back together. Like many other Muppet movies, there are a lot of celebrities both main and cameos. In short, all of them do a great job and they really understand the feel of being in a campy movie. A lot of the cinematography is shot beautifully and it works the best during the emotional song sequences. It also works in when the characters finally get the show going in the third act which is a lot of fun. The overall feel of the film is so happy and bright, it almost feels like something that "Sesame Street" would try to replicate. The music is catchy and a lot of fun. A lot of the songs are bouncy and energetic like "Life's a happy song" which is my personal favorite. Other songs like "Pictures in my head can be very heartfelt and will surely have Muppet fans drowning in tears. The Muppets have come back in a whole new limelight and are even better than they ever were. If Jim Henson was still alive, I'm sure he'd be proud of Disney for respecting something that was special to him as it was special to millions of other people (A)

Grant T (ca) wrote: Kate Mara is in it need I say anymore.

Karsh D (au) wrote: There are some films that are bad which makes them good - this film is so bad that it remains so - Mr Price what were you doing.

Panayiota K (ru) wrote: I love witty parodies but this was a disgrace. Such a lazy writing.