Single Room Furnished

Single Room Furnished

The fall of a blonde, Mansfield, from innocence to prostitution. Mansfield died before the movie was completed.

The fall of a blonde, Mansfield, from innocence to prostitution. Mansfield died before the movie was completed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher B (au) wrote: It has its moments, watchable.

Katelyn B (au) wrote: I flipping love this movie. It's so cute and funny and touching. Chris Pine plays an awesome blind person. :)

WS W (ca) wrote: An impressive opening, that's it.

WS W (mx) wrote: Average. But I really don't like its farce-handling.

Ryan C (au) wrote: How did this movie receive Academy nominations? The acting is awful and the storyline is just terrible. I remember starting to watch this when it came out on VHS and couldn't finish it. I gave it another shot 23 years later and hated it more the second time. I like William Baldwin and Kurt Russell, but this movie is just terrible. Predictable. Living in Chicago, I'm quite aware of the history of corrupt politics in the city. This movie is only embarrassment towards the real firefighters of Chicago. Pick another city have correct politics. Again, too predictable. The only positive thing I can say is that some of the special effects were decent.

Jeff L (ca) wrote: How could you not like a cop movie that has a psycho pimp named Ramrod and a hooker named Princess? It just begs to be watched. It's pretty darn good too. Violent and graphic in many ways. Suspenseful and thrilling in others. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

Robert F (jp) wrote: A movie called "Kung Fu Panda" with Jack Black voicing the main character shouldn't be this good. Kung Fu Panda has fantastic animation, a fantastic story, and an emotional thrill ride. It's so weird to call this movie wonderful

Alan H (gb) wrote: A sublimely silly take on the monster movie.I love this movie, simply put it has a hell of a lot of my humour in it(poor Bridget Fonda never really caught a break in this film). The supporting cast is brilliant with such heavy hitters as Betty White(who is still one of a the funniest people in Hollywood!) and the interplay between Oliver Platt and Brendan Gleeson was lovely.While it does have a few small niggles with the plot (how come NO-ONE ever saw two giant Crocodiles in Black Lake before now?) I can easily over look those and enjoy Betty White blindfolding a cow and taking it down to the lakeside with that joyful manner of hers.

Gem S (ca) wrote: I loved this movie. It was beautiful, it had a beautiful story line. The love interest was compelling. And the ending. Oh, the ending! I loved it. I did not expect it at all, and it was beautiful, just everything about this movie was beautiful. The only thing I didn't like about it, was the sex scene. It just kind of took away from the movie a bit, and while it didn't damage the movie that much, it does bring it down from my personal five star rating.

Scott E (ca) wrote: Brutal, so I would not recommend this to a weak stomach person.