Single White Female

Single White Female

Attractive Manhattanite Allison Jones has it all: a handsome beau, a rent-controlled apartment, and a promising career as a fashion designer. When boyfriend Sam proves unfaithful, Allison strikes out on her own but must use the classifieds to seek out a roommate in order to keep her spacious digs.

When a 'Single White Female' places an ad in the press for a similar woman to rent a room (to replace the boyfriend she's just left), all the applicants seem weird. Then along comes a level headed woman who seems to be just right. The new lodger has a secret past which haunts her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Navneet R (kr) wrote: Trailers are completely misguiding. SC had made the right choice by not letting Prakash Jha release this movie, don't know why they later decided otherwise. The movie is so stupid that it becomes hilarious after a point.

Bloodmarsh K (fr) wrote: I think the scariest moment in the film, and boy, were there many - was when the 'malevolent spirit' started playing with the slinky - I mean, really, how did William Friedkin miss out on that one back in 1973? His loss.

Andrew M (br) wrote: You can name just about any teen comedy clich there is, and Fun Size is almost guaranteed to feature it. A typical nice girl who doesn't realize that the perfect guy is right under her nose? Check. The best friend who realizes that friends are more important than social status? Check. The nerdy guy friend who breaks out of the friend zone and gets the girl of his dreams? Check. The pretty boy who the protagonist initially fawns over? Check. All of these characters following their by-the-numbers arcs while engaging in a typical "cover up the effects of the misadventure before mom finds out" plot? Check.Here is a film that so desperately wants to be a modern Adventures in Babysitting, or any of John Hughes' beloved 80s coming-of-age tales, or any 80s teen comedy for that matter. Unfortunately for Fun Size, it lacks what made all of those films so special: heart. The last act crams in as much heart as in can (including an oddly specific tie-in to The Beastie Boys, for some reason), but the rushed nature doesn't allow for any impact: the rest of the time, director Josh Schwartz is busy delivering jokes that just don't land (a character falls in love when another character fondles her breasts, and a giant mechanical chicken humps a car, among others). For a PG-13 Nickelodeon movie, the film is crammed with an odd mix of sexual humor and juvenile fart-joke humor. The film can't appeal to young viewers because of the former, and can't appeal to anyone much older because of the latter.The acting is consistently underwhelming, just another thing that separates this from the teen comedies it attempts to emulate. Victoria Justice is simply not a good actress; it doesn't help that she only seems capable of playing one type of character. Thomas Mann has proved that he is too good for this kind of film. Jackson Nicoll is just "there:" he has exactly one line of dialogue (excluding the post-ending pre-credits scene), so if smiling innocently is considered good acting, give this kid an Oscar. The highlight is Jane Levy, but even she, like Thomas Mann, is too good for this material.This film may be called "Fun Size," but there's not much fun to be had here.

Jinnie M (us) wrote: This film has the lot. Fantastic actors, good direction and a shocking but true story. I am horrified that barnados would have done things so horrific to little children in their care. Saying that after trying to access my own adoption records and them being virtually non existent., like 3 lines of writing on a scrap of paper, I am not too shocked. This is why I find it difficult to understand those people who are religious, excusing the behaviour of the people who commit horrendous crimes against innocents in the name of God or Allah or whatever. All those little children shipped out to Perth unaccompanied and then dumped in orphanages after being told that their parents have died when in most cases it was untrue . I can't put into words how much these actions disgust me. This film should be watched because as people that care we should acknowledge this happened and that thousands of children's and parents lives were shattered as a consequence. The Australian and British government should hang their heads in shame for this crime and the fact it took them 40 years to admit it and for a meandering Gordon Brown to apologise. I could go on because as an adoptee the story enrages me. Do social workers do good things? well if it hadn't have been for the one in Nottingham and for the funding from Nottinghamshire social services, none of these adoptees would ever have been acknowledged or helped. So yes social workers rock and if you wanna watch a good film watch this one. Go get it

Andy H (ag) wrote: A mature performance from Shu Qi, and my hat off to good-hearted, righteous and honest cop played to perfection by Liu Ye. Touched me indeed.

Jacob B (es) wrote: If you have Tom Green in your movie, give him a role that he can be more funny. C

Bernie F (au) wrote: Silly, Camp, imaginative, great musical numbers and such awesome costumes and scenery for a shoestring budget! Ms. Tebbit 's character is as awesome as she is mysterious and mystic, and a lot of good looking blokes in the cast help! And it's a good ending, and doesn't leave me disappointed!

Dana A (gb) wrote: The one and only thing this movie had going for it was suprisingly Mickey Rourke and even that managed to be screwed up by lack of exposure. This movie was simply boring and underwhelming. Its a prison and its not a bad one to go to. Seriously, there's hardly ever fighting, people for no reason at all take you under their wing, fights are minimal and inmates get away with everything. Not too shabby. There was no drama, intensity, storyline or anything that made me want to continue watching. Mickey Rourke as the cross-dresser was actually not bad, I wished the movie was more about his character. Maybe then, I would have not had to force myself to finishe watching this. Steve Buscemi let me down.

Justin M (ag) wrote: TV movie I saw on UPN a few years back. Absolutely hilarious, with a killer robot on the loose, out to kill Ethan Embry. Worth watching solely for how unabashedly awful it is.

Bill B (kr) wrote: A surprisingly watchable blind buy from Warner Archives, this one turned out to be a pretty well-shot slasher/thriller type of film that's always flown under my radar.Worth a rental if you have the chance.

John W (de) wrote: One of Bogie's best (yet small) performances.

Dylan G (es) wrote: Certainly not as good as it's predecessor, but it still offers some of the same innocent laughs! B-

Eric S (br) wrote: a good deal less interesting than its trailers

Ash D (it) wrote: This is probably the bravest movie I've ever seen, and while I probably didn't enjoy it (for long stretches of time) I really respect it.I just really disagree with every word Andre says. So when Wallace chews him out, it was great.Watch it. I reference it all the time.