Sini ada hantu

Sini ada hantu


Rama is a supervisor who is looking for a driver at the last minute to deliver out of town. He manages to get Ah Meng and Bakri to do the task with additional overtime and bonus. The only catch is that they have to deliver a Chinese-style large wooden coffin on time. For the extra money, the two men take on the job and travel in the van through the quiet expressway. During the journey, the delivery van's radio player gets busted. To kill time, both men begin to tell ghost stories which they declare as genuine. Bakri starts off the ghost stories from his kampung that involves a young man and a banana tree spirit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben B (nl) wrote: i got this by accident at redbox. i didnt even finish it it was so atrociously shitty.

Rodolphe F (gb) wrote: I am surprised how everyone seems to hate this movie. I have found it pretty realistic and never got bored till the end. Just imagine you would live that and think of what you would do. Then you start to live the movie and enjoy it.I agree it is not the best movie of all time but I actually have liked it.

Sebastian D (es) wrote: Hernandez is one of those directors who make the same movie over and over. He's also one of those who use their own cinema language. Unique camera work and lack of dialogues. Total focus on main characters and romantic sphere of their lives which moves everything what's in the background aside and which makes the movie a theater play like and very meditative. Off camera comments could be skipped most of the time since they're there to inform about obvious and therefore make a viewer dumb but on the other hand along with baroque music they make the story more universal, something that could happened centuries ago.What made me dislike his "Bramadero" was going to strongly into love scenes which made it all pornography to me. There is a lot of intimacy here too, the whole movie is very sensual but it's all tasteful, sophisticated and serves only as a tool to tell something more than that.

James H (de) wrote: Kids stuff, but it would be entertaining to a point with adults. It does have a good pace and Forrest Landis does a good job as Thomas. Not much of a budget, but it does pretty well. Not bad.

Simon T (ru) wrote: Shot in wide-screen B&W, this award-winning debut from Georgian director Gela Babluani has all the strengths and weaknesses you might expect. The performances - not least from younger brother Georges in the lead - are exemplary, the storyline fascinating. But it lacks catharsis and seems pointless, almost as if the director is simply demonstrating technique. The music is also very intrusive.

Nigel H (mx) wrote: If you liked the Babadook, you'll like this.

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