A horrifying excursion into black magic and white-knuckled terror! A conjure man (Lucien Eisenach) has moved into town with a big bag of tricks and a short temper. Unwittingly, Emily (Donna Hamblin) crosses his path and provokes his wrath. As the nightmare of his curse progresses, Emily enlists the aid of her brother (Donny Versiga) to find out what's happening and try to reverse the hex before it's too late!

A horrifying excursion into black magic and white-knuckled terror! A conjure man (Lucien Eisenach) has moved into town with a big bag of tricks and a short temper. Unwittingly, Emily (Donna... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy Y (mx) wrote: Assumed it was going to simply be about the dollars the 'Pink Ribbon' movement has raised and question how much of the money goes to research... BUT it was actually a lot larger exploration- questioning the value or the movement. The larger questions seem to be 'what should activism look like', 'is this movement really targeting the root of the cancer questions (or just funding 'big pharm' endeavours)), 'have they just branded the cause', and 'is the movement too rosy given the reality of the disease and the brutal effects'. It's hard to not cheer for those that are finding some peace in their walk and feeling that they are making a difference (and maybe there's always a rationale to spread positivity...)- but this documentary does some pretty solid questioning of the Pink Ribbon culture (and there are some corporate examples in the doc that really convey how icky a capitalistic mentality can be when paired with a cause).

cum hear the things that nobody talks bout (gb) wrote: i liked the transition the mom and his relationship took. it was a beautiful movie.

Private U (it) wrote: Japanese Story was, at times, hard to relate to. It seemed that the depth of her emotions did not match up to the situation at hand. However, there was beauty to the movie as well. You begin to see how the relationship between Sandy and Tachibana grows into a companionship, and although it doesn't seem to be love, they certainly care about each other. They look past the language barrier and rely on their senses to carry them along. The film was exploding with nonverbal cues, and had it not been, it would have been absolutely terrible. The sex scene, for example, created the idea that they could communicate in ways other than speaking. This film was not one I would probably leisurely watch in my free time, but I do think it was well made and well executed.

James H (br) wrote: Rather talky and claustrophobic, and it's stage origins are a bit too apparent. Decent acting and it's a thought provoking story. Intense at times.

Blake E (gb) wrote: Clive Owen gives a great break-out performance in this real nice take on the casino genre. It's quite enjoyable to watch the journey he takes when dealing with his two alter-egos: Jack and Jake.

Chris M (it) wrote: This movie is mindless fun. It isn't deep, it isn't introspective and it isn't emotional. I enjoyed it for what it was, a simple action movie.

Emily R (jp) wrote: One of the best movies I've ever seen. For realz.

Scott J (ag) wrote: frigging awesome guys on a mission movie. up there with guns of navarone, dirty dozen and where eagles dare

joseph h (jp) wrote: A boring romance with a stupid end is somewhat overcome because of solid acting and great effects.

Greg W (it) wrote: 1 of my favourite horror classics

Katie D (es) wrote: Odd-ball... Love it :)

Dipika M (it) wrote: i was so so surprised!

Ky K (us) wrote: Formulaic story and predictable, however the movie has great visual effects and almost a compelling plot.

Stuart P (mx) wrote: Utterly bizarre, but weirdly compelling.

Brian S (it) wrote: A Scottish black and white version of The Blob. It's less entertaining than the Blob, and it's cheaper to,but it still has it's charm. The acting is good as well as the effects and the characters is this movie are likable. And a few graphics deaths that i enjoy and helped the movie in getting it's 3 stars. Recommended !!